March 22, 2023

Forever Racing in memory of Callum McKeon


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Race day 3 brought us to China and it was one to remember for Division 2 Driver SotierClock110 – after finishing 2nd in the first two races of the season the bridesmaid finally became the bride in China!  There were some chaotic scenes running into the first corner including both St2oH and  b33n 3motional in the Force India’s running into trouble and falling to the back of the grid after some early repairs.  In Division 3 we also had a new winner with JH199 dethroning DJ Drieberg from the top podium that he had made his own in the two previous races with an utterly dominant display in the wet and overcast Chinese GP.

*Division 1 will race China this weekend*

Div 2

Qualifying Results

Pole Lap: 1:32.441

1. G1SubZ1G
2. SotierClock110
3. STR JezZA
4. icallum76
6. B33n 3motional
7. ConstantSine56
8. St2oH
9. DaredPaul1986
10. SeveredDragon88
11. Harrison1611995
12. Im the GOAT Bro
13. Yorrin91
14. EmotiveEthor
15. MacVeich

Incidents and Outcomes:

B33n 3motional v Im the Goat Bro
Outcome: Racing incident
Reason: No turning of Goat’s wheel. The proximity arrow was behind the game HUD and this inhibited Goat’s ability to see where b33n was. Goat then retiring from the race was enough of an outcome from that particular incident.

SeveredDragon88 v Emotive Ethor
Outcome: +5 second penalty for Emotive Ethor

Reason: Dragon had front wing damage and broke earlier for the corner. Emotive outbreaks himself and spins Dragon around.
St2oh v ConstantSine56
Outcome: +5 second time penalty to ConstantSine56
Reason: Constantsine wasn’t aware of other cars around him and went into turn 1 way too aggressively. He hit St2oH, span him around and gave him minor wing damage

Race Results
1. SotierClock110
2. STR JezZA
3. TYR 1A1N
4. Yorrin91
5. AMGkosha
6. MacVeich
7. G1SubZ1G
8. icallum76
9. ConstantSine56 (+5 secs)
10. b33n 3motional
11. SeveredDragon88
12. EmotiveEthor (+5 secs)
13. St2oH
14. DaredPaul1986
15. Harrison161995 – DNF
16. KvKDylan2808 – DNF
17. Im the GOAT Bro – DNF

Division 3

Qualifying Results

Pole Lap: 1:31.021

1. JH199
2. ViggoLitoo
3. SLR Schumacher
4. DJ Drieberg
5. GeneralMarrow69
6. SLR Epix
7. random rexy
8. Ryan Pilfoot
9. dragonsneimisis
10. snoozer720
12. x Die Wand l19l
13. Stevobrick
14.  FlavorfulHorse3

ViggoLitoo v GeneralMarrow69

Outcome: -10 seconds off race time for both for unfair corner cutting penalties.
+15 to Viggo’s time for taking out Marrow when under VSC.

Reason: Taking out drivers under safety car is an unacceptable offence. This should serve as a lesson for drivers in all divisions now that all drivers should be aware of cars around them, especially under any form of safety car. Further incidents like this will face steeper penalties

SLR Epix v Stevobrick

Outcome: +10 second time penalty to Stevobrick

Reason: Blocking qualifying lap. This has happened too often in all divisions so far. Drivers need to become more aware of other cars around them on track during qualifying.

random rexy

Outcome: Qualifying ban and final warning

Reason: Inappropriate language in the stream chat. As stated at the top of the rules and regulations, language like this will not be tolerated.

Race Results

1. JH199
2. SLR Epix
3. GeneralMarrow69 (-10 secs)
4.  random rexy
5.  Snoozer720
6.  Ryan Pilfoot
7.  DJ Drieberg
8.  ViggoLitoo (+5 secs)
9.  Stevobrick (+10 secs)
10.  x Die Wand l19l
11.  dragonsneimisis
13.  SLR Schumacher – DNF
14.  FlavorfulHorse3 – DNF

Next stop – BAKU!

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