March 21, 2023

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Appeals report, Hanoi

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Appeals report from Vietnam, enjoy.

Results on the original report have been adjusted to suit the appeals.


C0w3n vs Baggiefan
C0w3n Appealing the 30 seconds and 5 LP`s awarded to him for terminal damage.
Outcome – Stewards decision stands.
Reason – The appeals panel have decided to stick with the decision made by the stewards because we feel Baggie has gone for a gap that was clearly there. C0w3n has closed this gap whilst baggie has his nose and front wheel alongside. C0w3n fails to leave sufficient space and should be more aware of the red arrows shown on screen and take more care when they are shown as it means a car is sufficiently alongside. As it’s on a straight the rule about being at least half way alongside to warrant space doesn’t apply. Regardless of the racing situation drivers should always leave each other space and be aware of their surroundings.

Hicklin vs Nealix
Hicklin appealing the severity of the 20sec and 5LP penalty awarded
Outcome – Stewards decision stands
Reason – Due to a lack of evidence and incorrect format of the appeal we were unable to accurately review the incident.

Connor vs SillyBunny
Connor appealing the 10sec pen and 2 LP’s awarded for causing wing damage.
Outcome – Stewards decision stands
Reason – Lack of conclusive evidence to suggest that it should be overturned.

St20h vs JGeddes
Scott appealing the 10sec pen and 2LP.
Outcome – Penalty Overturned
Reason – The appeals panel feel that there’s a slight squeeze however this is not the cause of the incident. Scott leaves enough space between him and the wall for Geddes to fit. We don’t believe Scott is a fault for the damage as it’s Geddes that goes into Scott causing the damage.

Apologies for not putting this incident in the Appeals under investigation section on discord. This appeal was sent to me before the deadline but I forgot to send it in ~ Beast

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