June 6, 2023

Forever Racing in memory of Callum McKeon


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Midzy15 wins the Chinese GP in dominant fashion, pole position and a lights to flag victory saw the Alpha Tauri driver win his first race of the season and he closes the gap at the top of the championship. Reserve driver Ryan Jones had a brilliant drive on his first start of the season coming home in the same position he qualified in, P2. ZyDRAD rounded out the podium putting up a solid defence from Hoopolicious behind who charged through the field on the alternate strategy to take 4th after starting P11. Jam came home in 5th after battling ZyDRAD for the whole second half of the race followed by Crispy who continued his strong start to the season and Ham who regained some form after 2 consecutive non-points finishes only finishing a few seconds off of the podium places. Merkz came home 8th to claim more points for the RedBull team with another exhibition in consistency. Newly named ABR Freeman came home 9th after getting disqualified in quali after he lost control of his McLaren and rejoined onto the track backwards, this fate would also meet Bezzas, the only retiree from the race. Raceroller rounded out the points after BDunk was handed a post race penalty for an overly-ambitious move on Beast. Ghost Colt came home 12th followed by the aforementioned Beast who unfortunately fell back from his qualifying position after getting into Q3, the same could be said for Darnell and Southerner who after both making Q3, the latter for the first time in his Elite career both unfortunately dropped back, largely in part because of tyres. VR46 came home 14th on debut for Haas and Para was 16th as he stepped in for Niki again at Renault. Kevin came home in 18th followed by Smoke who was running no line for the first time in 19th. So Hoop maintains his championship lead as we head to the Netherlands, however Midzy is on a charge after a strong start to the season, the likes of Jam, ZyDRAD and Crispy also cannot be forgotten as they themselves aren’t too far adrift.


Pole Lap: 01.28.858

1. Midzy15
2. Ryan Jones123
3. bezzas1
5. HamJam2002
6. Crispy2001
7. gho3t COLT
8. UKBeastAssassin
9. SLR Southerner
10. SLR Darnell
11. Hoopolicious
12. MeRkz47
13. xX JamHam Xx
14. I VR46 I
15. BDunk
16. PaRa Quickz
17. raceroller22
18. SLR Smoke68
19. KevinGT9389
20. ABR Freeman

Fastest Lap: 01.31.622 KevinGT

1. Midzy15
2. Ryan Jones123
4. Hoopolicious
5. xX JamHam Xx
6. Crispy2001
7. HamJam2002
8. MeRkz47
9. ABR Freeman
10. raceroller22
11. BDunk +5 sec
12. gho3t COLT
13. UKBeastAssassin
14. I VR46 I
15. SLR Darnell
16. PaRa Quickz
17. SLR Southerner
18. KevinGT9389
19. SLR Smoke68
20. bezzas1 (DNF)

UKBeastAssassin vs BDunk
Outcome: 5s + 1LP to BDunk
Reason: despite the move was on, BDunk does hit UKBeastAssassin even tough UKBeastAssassin left space. Therefore BDunk is awarded a 5 second time penalty


Division one kicked off the weekend with the Chinese Grand Prix, out of favour to some, but a good track nonetheless. In qualifying we saw a clear session which saw the championship leader, SLR Dylan, out in q1 starting in 17th for the race. This opened a few eyes and many perked up and saw an opportunity to recoup some points on the leader. In Q3 the grid was alerted to rain heading in towards the end of the session and saw a flurry of drivers swarming out on track to set in the laps. Eventually we saw Bennet628 take pole position with SLR Semm locking off the front row. The race start was very clean, with bennet holding onto his lead with the top 4 drivers remaining in position and seeing the first few laps out patiently. Unfortunately after gaining a position of the start Cechthisout lost traction coming out of t3 and unable to continue in the race. As the race progressed SLR Semm took over the lead from bennet and pushed to open a slight lead from the remaining front runners. With Lil wiggy making a mistake and bennet feeling the pressure of SLR Semm for the start of the race, SLR McKeon took advantage and jumped into P2 and started to chase down the leader. As drivers started to jump into the pits the chase continued with SLR Semm struggling getting caught up in traffic, with championship leader SLR Dylan not giving him an easy pass and battling him as every driver with a winners mindset would. This allowed SLR McKeon to continue the chasing and close down the gap to within a second. From the later stages of the race we saw a brilliant chase which last the last third of the race. With SLR Semm controlling his ers superbly and having the pace to keep SLR McKeon behind without the slightest of changes of an overtake. A brilliant first time win in division 1 for SLR Semm managing to control his race from start to finish. SLR McKeon finished p2. With brindyboi67 finishing in the final podium spot. Having started from p11 he was able to show the superb pace he has and fought his way through the grid. China again showed the clean and exciting racing division 1 does posses after a few scrappy races. Hopefully this continues onto the rest of the season with what is building up to an exciting season. Honourable mention to Riggsey x who started from p18 to gain 13 positions and eventually come home in p5 along with tooman3sweets starting p12 and gaining 5 position within the race as just two of the high gainers throughout the race. DOTD – Riggsey x

Pole Lap: 01.29.521

1. bennett628
2. SLR Semm
3. Lil Wiggy
4. SLR McKeon
5. CechThisOut
6. SLR Rando
7. SillyBunny47711
8. JH199
9. SLR Connor
10. Lewisod
11. BrindyBoi67
12. tooman3sweets
13. SLR Gooner
14. ARL PReDaToRZz
15. SLR Liamm
16. SotierClock110
17. SLR Dylan
18. Riggsey x
19. JibJab325
20. TazFW

Fastest Lap:

1. SLR Semm
2. SLR McKeon
3. BrindyBoi67
4. bennett628
5. Riggsey x
6. SLR Rando
7. tooman3sweets
8. SillyBunny47711
9. SLR Gooner
10. SLR Dylan
11. Lil Wiggy
12. ARL PReDaToRZz
13. SotierClock110
14. JibJab325
15. JH199
16. SLR Liamm
17. TazFW
18. Lewisod +10 sec
19. SLR Connor (DNF)
20. CechThisOut (DNF)

Tooman vs Game
Outcome: No Further Action.
Tooman was awarded a warning for a stupid reason. However league rules dictate we cannot remove penalties that are corner cutting penalties.

Connor vs Lewis
OUTCOME: 10 Seconds and 2 LPs to Lewis For an obvious collision under formation lap resulting Connor and Lewis’s DSQ from said Formation lap.

Predz vs bunny
OUTCOME: Racing incident. To begin with, we do not believe that bunny moved twice under braking. So that will be a racing incident. Then coming into the final corner, we believe that the move was unorthodox from predz given the positioning of his car and Bunny gave sufficient room. This means we put the collision down to predz’ cars position on track and the games contact system being flawed.


This week across all divisions we paid respects to a close relative to SLR FemPest, who recently passed away. Everyone in Div 2 sported pink and black helmets, along with the number 32; SLR FemPest’s race number. And he definitely raced for him. He took Pole position by 0.017s over rockamad73, and hoped to continue this good pace into the race. A poor start saw rockamad73 take the lead, and 4th place qualifier OwenHowell36 take P2, and it became a right slog fest between the 3 fighting for the lead. An early pit from OwenHowell36 saw him try the undercut, for it to fail drastically with a safety car coming out before the others pitted. SLR FemPest had the lead from rockamad73 and SLR iCallum, with OwenHowell36 just behind, until on the final lap under the safety car a lag spike meant SLR iCallum was sent down to P6. The top 3 would remain with SLR Barlow not far behind in P4, until a spin from rockamad73 saw him go down the order. The gap to SLR FemPest from OwenHowell36 was closing, until a surge from SLR Barlow saw him put the former under serious pressure. One of the happiest podiums was the end with SLR FemPest taking the win in honour of his late relative, followed by OwenHowell36 taking his first ever SLR podium! On his 39th race, he was the third longest standing driver without a podium, and finally that curse had been broken. SLR Barlow finished 3rd taking his second podium of the season, ahead of the other 2 Div 2 admins, SLR Panther and SLR iCallum respectively. rockamad73 still managed P6, whilst SLR Leah finished P7 after his timing glitch was amended. ZachIsBeast25 finished P8 for Ferrari, whilst Cal M Smith made up for only lasting 1 lap last week to getting P9 on his first finish. Coupe a Benz finished off the points scorers after a night he would have liked to forget. That’s all for China, so on to next week in the Netherlands!


Pole Time: 1:29.824

1. SLR FemPest
2. rockamad73
3. SLR Teddy
4. OwenHowell36
5. SLR Barlow
6. craigfk
7. SLR Panther
8. Original96
9. ZachIsBeast25
10. SLR Leah
11. SLR iCallum
12. SLR Scopezz
13. Cal M Smith
14. SPhh
15. Coupe a Benz
16. SLR Nealix
17. SSR Halo
18. LSW L3G3ND44
19. JAGOl
20. SLR Hicklin

Fastest Lap: 1:33.243 – craigfk

1. SLR FemPest
2. OwenHowell36
3. SLR Barlow
4. SLR Panther
5. SLR iCallum
6. rockamad73
7. SLR Leah
8. ZachIsBeast25
9. Cal M Smith
10. Coupe a Benz
11. SLR Nealix
12. LSW L3G3ND44
13. SLR Scopezz
14. SLR Teddy
15. Original96
16. SSR Halo
17. JAGOl (DNF)
18. craigfk (DNF)
19. SLR Hicklin (DNF)
20. SPhh (DNF) (+15s) (qualifying ban for next race)

LSW L3G3ND44 vs SLR Nealix vs SPhh
Outcome: racing incident
Reason: An unfortunate lap 1 incident

LSW L3G3ND44 vs SPhh
Outcome: 15s + 3LP to SPhh (qualifying ban)
Reason: SPhh takes the racing line despite the fact that LSW L3G3ND44 was on the inside of turn 1. Therefore SPhh is awarded with an 15 seconds time penalty.

SLR Scopezz vs SLR Panther
Outcome: no further action
Reason: SLR Scopezz drives into SLR Panther and not the other way around.

Race 4 in division 3 and despite a dry qualifying session the race was a complete washout from start to finish. It was the Mercedes pairing of Honeybadger56X and SLR Colden that claimed the front row with SLR season debutant C0w3n in the Afla Romeo picking up P3 on the grid with Baggiefan1995 in the Ferrari making up the second row. As the 5 red lights went out and the race go underway all drivers knew this was going to be an awful race in the wet conditions. The only casualty of the first corner was SLR Dodgy in the Alfa Romeo at the back who spun out dropping him from P17 to P20. All other drivers managed a clean start and get away around the early stages of lap 1. By the close of lap 1 Baggiefan1995 had made up 2 places into P2 with UK I Demonz and Lofty4794 in the Haas cars in P3 and P4 respectively with SLR Colden dropping into P5. Despite the rain and very wet conditions the race was very uneventful with no virtual or full safety cars in the session. All drivers despite the terrible wet conditions made for a very clean race. Honeybadger56X basically dominated the race from start to finish with UK I Demonz pulling out a big lead in P2 while the rest of the field were fighting for P3. The rain never seemed to let up all race and many drivers were struggling as SLR Dodgy decided to retire his car after 25 laps in P16. After 28 awful laps of a wet soaked China it was honeybadger56X that took a convincing win, UK I Demonz came home in an excellent P2 and SLR Colden made up the podium in P3. SLR J3st3r was P4, Lofty4794 P5, SLR Charlie was P6, SLR Gareth P7, SLR Stevooo P8, c0w3n P9 and Scot85laney made up the top 10

Pole Lap: 01.29.9781

1. HonryBadger56x
2. SLR Colden
3. c0w3n
4. Baggeifan1995
5. UK I Demonz
6. Lofty4794
7. SLR Gareth
8. Scott85Laney
9. SLR Stevooo
10. SLR J3st3r
11. DaredPaul1986
12. SLR Dolphin
13. I21I Maxwell
14. SLR Russell
16. SLR Charlie
17. SLR Dodgy
18. GrumpyOrange
19. Aflyinglemon318
20. SLR Hyperz

Fastest Lap: 01.46.421 HoneyBadger56x

1. HoneyBadger56x
2. UK I Demonz
3. SLR Colden
4. SLR J3st3r
5. Lofty4794
6. SLR Charlie
7. SLR Gareth
8. SLR Stevooo
9. C0w3n
10. Scott85Laney +15 sec
11. SLR Russell
12. I21I Maxwell
13. Baggiefan 1995
14. Aflyinglemon318
15. DaredPaul1986 +15 sec
16. SLR Hyperz
17. SLR Dolphin
18. GrumpyOrange
20. SLR Dodgy (DNF)

Baggiefan1995 vs Scott85laney Lap 13
OUTCOME: 15s 3LP Scott85laney
REASON: Laney slightly taps the back of Baggie however due to Baggie now accelerating out of the corner this
causes him to spin.

GrumpyOrange976 vs DaredPaul1986 Lap 19
OUTCOME: 15s 3LP DaredPaul1986
REASON: DaredPaul is going extremely slow at T1 and GrumpyOrange goes for a move on the inside. DaredPaul then tightens his line making contact with GrumpyOrange resulting in him spinning.

Lofty4794 vs SLR DOLPH1N Lap 28
OUTCOME: No further action
REASON: Although Lofty has lost a little bit of time DOLPH1N picked the safest position to let Lofty past.

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