Hungary plays host for round 10 of the Season 7 championship, the Monaco without the barriers, a tight, twisty and technical circuit with a high demand for driver composure, as well and skill, to deal with the never ending barrage of corners, narrow track, and excruciating punishment in tyres, fuel and the driver.

With track position being of high value, qualifying was important, and it was championship leader Midzy15 setting a 1:14.432 to secure the pole position at the death, with a late challenge coming from the McLaren of KlutzyWinter, who set a 1:14.543, just over a tenth shy of the eventual pole time, and it was Bezzas to secure a Williams 1-3 on the grid, with a 1:14.879 With the starting tyres being mixed throughout the field, the start was crucial for the soft runners to make some early inroads on the grid as the top 4 qualified on Mediums, and planning to go long, with ZyDRAD, Cech and Jibjab all making ground, and Bezzas going down to P6 early. Action at the back also saw PaRa get involved in a spin at T5 making UKBeastAssassin and Riggs take avoiding action as cars would get caught up at the back

Midzy was looking to check-out early and by lap 3, was already enjoying a 1.5s buffer to KlutzyWinter in P2, who looked to focus more on management early on rather than chase the Williams. The soft runners would see their tyres overheat extremely early on the session as Jito would plummet from P9 after suffering a lack of grip and the tyres just not communicating and giving the purchase the Haas would need to prolong the stint, pitting on Lap 5
With KlutzyWinter reeling the gap in to just over the second mark by lap 5, it was 3rd place ZyDRAD looking under pressure, and would soon concede the final podium position to Cech who was looking punchy on the Softs and wanting to make the strategy work early and get into early rhythm

Lap 7 would see UKBeastAssassin and Riggs have a tight battle before the Alpine would make a mistake on the kerb of T3 and lose time to the Haas ahead, and almost into retirement, eventually losing out to V2 and slotting in between the Ferrari and the Red Bull of FRA Jam

With all the soft starters pitting by Lap10, KlutzyWinter would be back in the DRS and the slipstream of Midzy15, as a battle for the lead would begin to boil, and with an enjoyable 5s gap to ZyDRAD in P3, looked to have some comfortable pace
Cech would have some clean air to try and eat into the gaps up at the front and being on the soft-medium strategy, he looked to try and get into a sustainable position when the leaders pit

Yologamer and Race roller would be side by side as they battled for P4, with the former maintaining position until their pitstop for hards on Lap 14, giving the Red Bull clean air to pursue the sister Aston in P3, and as we approached the midway period, the strategists would be getting their money’s worth as everyone ought to pursue something different in the hope of track position

While Raceroller would have the clean air to chase ZyDRAD following Yologamer pitting, the red bull was more inclined to be looking in their rear view mirrors as Bezzas would continue heaping pressure and keeping close company as the thought of tyre wear or fuel management would come into play. The Williams and the Alpine of Riggs looked to be a bit more aggressive at this period, as the gaps for P4 would close.

The battle for the lead would remain as is as the pit window neared, and hard runners PaRa and Yologamer eventually got their hards into a good window, would begin making their way through the traffic, with a fastest lap by the Aston, and the McLaren making moves and back into the points

The pit window for the long-running medium starters would open on lap24 from 3rd down to 6th, all anticipating an undercut, and the pitlane for the front runners would burst into life in the final third of this race, and Midzy15 and KlutzyWinter going again, being vulnerable to losing their cushion, and as they all pit and onto fresh softs, it would give Yologamer the lead of the race, and a change of leadership would come 26laps in

The soft runners looked to be in prime position with fresher faster rubber, but the early stopping Mercedes and Aston had track position, and it wouldn’t take too long for the Williams and McLaren to make their move, passing Cech for P2 in turn 1, and KlutzyWinter going for the move on the Williams on the outside, but would be shown the door as Midzy would hold position

The same would happen again the next lap, but the McLaren would misjudge his braking and go for a late and brave move up the inside, but the gap was always going to close, and was thrown into a half spin, giving the Williams breathing room for the first time since lap 3

The battle for the final podium places would be between 2nd and 10th as the top half of the grid were battling it out, new softs, used mediums and used hards, all different tyres being utilised in the final stages, and heartbreak as penalties would slowly creep in and change the dynamic

Battling would then see chaos as Raceroller made the move on the outside of Cech, but slight contact would throw the Mercedes into a spin at T3

PaRa Quick would come under fire from the Williams of Bezzas in Lap 32 as the Williams would go round the outside the McLaren at Turn 1, and as para would get some traction off the corner conceding the position, would come under pressure from the Alpine of Riggs, who looked round the outside of Turn 2, and made the move stick by securing the inside of Turn 3. In the space of two corners, the McLaren was part of two brilliant race moves by the Williams and the Alpine, with determined grit to keep the position, and strong racecraft from all involved

Holding off the charging McLaren early on and for the most part of this race, it would be Midzy15 to break his run of second places to take victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix, with KlutzyWinter securing P2 following his half spin, but devastation for Yologamer, who ran out of fuel, with less than 2 corners to go, and this in turn, would promote his teammate ZyDRAD, up to the final podium position with the skin of his teeth

Pole Lap: 01.14.432

1. Midzy15
2. KlutzyWinter830
3. bezzas1
5. SLR Cech
6. Jib Jab325
7. ArBon EPA
8. yologamer666one
9. Jito DV
10. rcaeroller22
11. PaRa Quickz
12. R1ggs8
13. gho3t COLT
14. UKBeastAssassin
15. V2 x Combat
16. II Division II
17. FRA Hma19
18. FRA Jam40
19. SLR AlfieDK
20. SillyBunny47711

Fastest Lap:

1. Midzy15
2. KlutzyWinter830
4. raceroller22
5. R1ggs8
6. PaRa Quickz
7. bezzas1
8. yologamer666one
9. II Division II
10. UKBeastAssassin
11. Arbon EPA
12. V2 x Combat
13. SLR Alfiedk
14. SLR Cech
15. JinbJab325
16. FRA Jam40
17. Jito DV (DNF)
18. SillyBunny4771 (DNF)
19. FRA Ham19 (DNF)
20. gho3t COLT (DNF)

We kicked the weekend off with a dramatic qualifying session! The top 10 drivers had one lap to do as it had started raining meaning the drivers out first would have a big advantage which Sf1 moley took full advantage of, the driver who had never made it out of q1 managed to put his car p2 on the grid an incredible effort! Elite x riskz was the man to put it on pole! LP smoke and Darren locked the second row out.

5 lights went out and the front two got away well, smoke had overtaken Darren to promote himself to p3 and Allan had jumped bennett and sotierclock110 as he started on the softs.
The drivers knew the rain was coming later on in the race so strategy was going to be important here!

Lap 6 and the drivers who started on the softs had been given a chance to stop at the perfect time as the safety car had come out! This meant they they would all put for hards until the rain but most of the medium drivers also pitted for the hards. Darren clock bennett and BadOtterTV in that order were the front 4 now after not pitting hoping to long their tires out until the rain.

Lap 23 the rain was now falling! The drivers pitted for intermediate tires BadOtterTV who started p15 was in the lead! Incredible pace from him meant he was on course to take the win, SLR Allen was in p2 but had picked up a time penalty! Bennett was behind but him and his team mate had swapped positions as smoke seemed to have better pace in the wet.

The checkered flag waved which saw BadOtterTV take the win an absolutely incredible effort from p15 making the hards work, SLR Allen crossed the line p2 but penalties would drop him to p4 as he was overtaken by both Aston martins, a double podium for bennett and smoke for the first time this season smoke finishing p2 bennett in p3 they have increased their constructors championship lead to 60 points can they be caught?

Join us at 8pm this Friday as we head to Belgium!

Pole Time: 1:24.085

1. ELiTE x RisKz
2. SF1 Moley
3. LP Smoke
4. Darren l 22
5. SotierClock110
6. SLR Bennett3810
7. SLR Allen
8. SLR Connor
9. l VR46 l
10. OwenHowell36
11. SLR Morgan
12. SLR Sam
13. rockamad73
14. BadOtterTV
15. SLR Semm
16. EIIis 37
17. SLR Liamm
18. legendarydannyd
19. WOR Peanut 07
20. DPT Paul

Fastest Lap: 1:18.475 – SLR Connor

1. BadOtterTV
2. LP Smoke
3. SLR Bennett3810
4. l VR46 l
5. SLR Allen
6. SotierClock110
7. OwenHowell36
8. Darren l 22
9. SF1 Moley
10. EIIis 37
11. DPT Paul
12. SLR Morgan
13. SLR Connor (FL) (RET)
14. ELiTE x RisKz (RET)
15. legendarydannyd (RET)
16. SLR Sam (DNF)
17. SLR Semm (DNF)
18. SLR Liamm (DNF)
19. rockamad73 (DNF)
20. WOR Peanut 07 (RET)

SLR Connor
Outcome: Qualifying ban
Reason: Retiring on track

In Division 2 this week initially the weather radar said no rain in qualifying until the end of Q1 when reports of rain coming meant in Q2 it was a case of get out and get on with it. This proved difficult for a couple as invalidated laps cost ARL Tooman a spot in Q3 as well as AWRL Kevin.
Q3 then saw everyone go out on a set of intermediates but half way through Q3 drs became enable so it was back to the pits to throw on a set of softs as the track dried.
AG ll Panther took pole in the final seconds but contact earlier on in qualifying meant a 5 place grid drop unfortunately for him. Masseyf1 would line up on pole with SLR ALE alongside him who had his best qualifying.

To the race then and a damp drizzling track meant intermediate tyres were on for the start of the race and the whole race in fact spoiler alert
Very clean get away from everyone unlike in the real F1 at Hungary this year.
SLR ALE made a better start than Massey but some late braking meant he regained the lead. ARL Tooman gained 4 places as well dRaSt1k bLazE.
Scar B0rga gaining 5 places so great starts from those guys.
Lots of close racking earlier on as guys tried to find ways of overtaking which was proving really difficult. ARL Tooman made a great move on SLR Charlie on the penultimate turn of the lap around the outside. JackMullCGFC also on SLR Dosser a lap later.
SLR Charlie and AWRL Kevin were then battling over P7, with fantastic wheel to wheel racing but Charlie would lose a couple of positions in as many corners as Kevin and an opportunistic SLR Leah got past.
The race then settled down and no one could really find a way past.
The pit window opened half way through the race and ARL Tooman and SLR Leah were first to pit and try and get the undercut on those in front.
The race seemed to settled down again here after and laps were ticking by.
JackMull made a move on SLR Leah in to turn 1 to take P6.
But then with 6 laps to Scar b0rga lost it and a safety car appeared with the top two in the running with penalties and the field now closed up it was leading to a thrilling last couple of laps.
On the restart JackMull lit up his tyres. And dropped a couple of positions.
All eyes out front though and whether Zachisbeast could keep within 3 seconds of Massey.

And he did it…. Just by a staggering .085 of a second Zachisbeast is beast took the win. Masseyf1 would be 2nd after his penalty was applied and ARL Tooman would just miss out on pipping him but would take the final podium spot which landed him driver of the day after making up 10 places in the race. SLR ALE would just miss out on a podium after being up there all race but P4 still a great amount of points. SLR Leah took P5. AG ll Panther P6. AWRL Kevin P7. SLR Jack P8. dRaSt1k bLazE P9. And SLR Charlie rounding off the points.

Pole Lap: 01.15.651

1. MasseyF1
3. SLR Jack
4. ZachIsBeast25
6. MasseyF1
7. OG James 96
8. dRaSt1k bLazE
9. GoldenEggFryer
10. SLR Leah
11. Scar BOrga
12. AWRL Kevin
13. ARL Tooman
14. JackMullCGFC
15. SLR Hicklin
16. SLR Dosser

Fastest Lap: 01.26.958 JackMullCGFC

1. ZachIsBeast25
2. MasseyF1
3. ARL Tooman
5. SLR Leah
6. AG II Panther
7. AWRL Kevin
8. SLR Jack
10. OG James 96
11. SLR Hicklin
12. dRaSt1k bLazE +10 sec
13. JackMullCGFC
14. GoldenEggFryer
15. Scar BOrga (DNF)
16. SLR Dosser (DNF)

Incident – Massey vs Drastik Blaze
Outcome – 10 Seconds and 2LP to blaze
Reason – Blaze isn’t paying attention and blocks Massey on his qualifying lap.



Welcome back to Division 3 round 10 Hungarian GP.
As we go into this weekend division 3 has lost a few drivers and only a few reserves were able to race. That means only 15 drivers to take part. NEDKLAW and ChichnRosery both have Qualifying bans.

As we go into qualifying only 13 were to qualify properly so division 3 got under way in Q2. As we go into Q2 the weather was meant to change to wet conditions near the end of the session so drivers all rushed out. As we go into Q3 it was still wet so inters will be used but near the end of the session the conditions will change back to dry so it’s whoever can time the slicks will get pole.

The qualifying results are as followed; DRT Andrew take pole, LSW L3G3ND44 P2, UnrealSalmon P3, Cxmzn P4, Gregers P5, EAAidsDan P6, GEDDES P7, Maxwell P8, Baggiefan P9, Vision P10.

As we go to the famous five light for the tenth time this season for division 3. DRT Andrew gets a great start of the line and so did Cxmzn pressurising LSW L3G3ND44 into T1. UnrealSalmon is going slowly from an issue but will be able to continue. As now Vision goes down the inside of SLR Kiara just before the last corner.

Lap 2; GEDDES loses a place to Maxwell but then SLR Kiara try’s to go for a move down the inside but contact was made and she’s was the first to terminal damage out of this race. That’s causes a VSC.

Lap 3; SLR Russell has had a spin at the fast right corner took slot of wing damage and should be able to get to the pits safely.

Lap 6; SLR Russell has had an off again at the same corner but this time will be the second driver to terminal damage. This causes a full Safety Car.

Lap 8; Safety Car is in this lap and Andrew is leading the pack and he goes and lead the pack to T1. Cxmzn is making a move on Gregers who didn’t get a good launch of the restart, Cxmzn puts him self into P4.

Lap 11; LSW L3G3ND44 has had a off and hit the barrier and broke their front wing. This cause division 3’s second Safety car. This might be LSW L3G3ND44 chance of a podium over. As everyone is now into the pits for their stops.

Lap 25; A train is forming for P3 the last podium place and it’s is being well defended by Cxmzn but he is under pressure from LSW L3G3ND44 as he’s try’s for a move into T1 and then T3 and Cxmzn still is the car ahead. Maxwell and ChicknRosery are not far behind one false move from one driver can end there chances.

Lap 26; LSW L3G3ND44 goes for a move in T1 try’s to get the switch back but ends up spinning his car around and that will be his chance over for a podium. Cxmzn stays in P3 but Maxwell is still behind him with ChicknRosery.

As we are getting closer to the finish Andrew has got a 11.3 second lead to EAAidsDan behind these to reserve have got some great pace. But as we go to the chequered flag DRT Andrew will take the win and the Hungarian GP, EAAidsDan P2 and Vision in P3 what a drive he has had to get a podium.

This has been division 3 round 10, please make sure you join us next time where these drivers will tackle DE SPA-FRANCORCHAMPS (Belgium).

Pole Lap: 01.16.003

1. DRT Andrew
2. LSW L3g3nd
3. Unreal Salmon590
4. I Cxmzn I
5. Gregers UK
6. EA AidsDan53
7. x J Geddes x
8. I 21 I Maxwell
9. Baggiefan 1995
10. Vision2614
11. SLR Kiara
13. ChicknRosery
14. SLR Russell

Fastest Lap: 01.17.596 Gregers UK

1. DRT Andrew
2. EAAidsDan53
3. Vision2614
4. x J Geddes x
5. I21I Maxwell
6. I Cxmzn I +5 sec
7. Gregers UK
8. LSW L3g3nd44
9. ChicknRosery +10 sec
10. Baggiefan 1995
12. Unreal Salmon590 (DNF)
13. SLR Russell (DNF)
14. SLR Kiara (DNF)

SLR Baggie vs Cosmic Cameron9 – Lap 18

SLR Baggie is slightly ahead going into the breaking zone of turn 1, however Cosmic Cameron9 had the inside line for this corner. SLR Baggie gets slightly pushed off, but not enough for a penalty. Hard and fair racing.

SLR Baggie vs Cosmic Cameron9 – Lap 19

SLR Baggie gets a better run out of turn 1 than Cosmic Cameron9. However going into turn 2, Cosmic Cameron9 is around a cars length ahead of SLR Baggie. SLR Baggie goes for the move on the inside, however doesn’t turn in like he should, but keeping the steering wheel straight, this causes him to spin. Not much else Cosmic Cameron9 could’ve done to avoid that.

I 21 I Maxwell vs Vision2614 – Lap 27

Going into turn 1 Vision2614 is behind Maxwell. Form Vision2614’s pov, there is a slight sqeeze noticeable, hence the contact on I 21 I Maxwell’s right rear tyre. Normally this would’ve been a small pen, however since the stewards believe that I 21 I Maxwell caused this tap, the stewards won’t reward any driver with a pen.

Vision2614 vs Cosmic Cameron9 – Lap 28

Going into the breaking zone of turn 1, Vision2614 is more than a cars length ahead of Cosmic Cameron9. However Cosmic Cameron9 breaks super late. Pushing Vision 2614 off the track. The stewards handout a 5-second time penalty and 1 license point to Cosmic Cameron9.

I 21 I Maxwell vs ChicknRosery – Lap 35

Going trough turn 10 ChicknRosery hits I 21 I Maxwell up the rear. Full blame for ChicknRosery who spins I 21 I Maxwell round. Despite it won’t change much to the outcome of the race, the stewards reward ChicknRosery with a 10-second time penalty for this incident, and 3 license points. The time penalty is not a heavy because Maxwell didn’t lose out on ChicknRosery.


Photo: SLR Leah

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