The SLR Elite Championship stops in the Ardenne forest for the Belgian Grand Prix at the iconic Spa circuit, a drivers favourite, and a fan favourite circuit. Drivers feel the elevation, the length and the unpredictability in every turn of the wheel, and a perfect lap involves mastering every bump, dip and turn, which SLR Dylan done, setting a blistering 1:41.790 in the Red Bull, with Crispy reserving in the Mercedes setting a 141.884, and championship leader Midzy15, a 1:41.990 The race start would see all drivers stampede into the tight LA Source Hairpin, and it would result in a tangle for Raceroller22 on the exit, leading for many to take avoiding action on the wider part of the track, and in the chaos, would see UKBeastAssassin go from the back of the grid, to just outside the points after 1 turn Spins would come again for the red bull of Roller pushing him further down the grid, SLR Alfie would spin on the steep rivage turn and spin into the path of Riggs, giving both damage, and similar spins for Jito, Arbon and ZyDRAD early on seen some drivers begin running their own TT sessions in empty space, and others stick into the slipstream as DRS trains formed

The safety car would come out on lap 6 following Division spinning his Ferrari on the exit of Stavelot and into the wall, triggering a slightly early pit window, being a blessing for some, and devastation for those who double stacked YoloGamer would lead the grid away on Lap 9 and have jibjab, also not pitted, on his tail as the net leaders would settle in to the train and manage their tyres during this phase, and once they would be in their operating window, would see the top three jostle around for the net lead of this race The safety car would be recalled on Lap 19 after Sillybunny would have an incident up the steep and risky Eau Rouge corner, and posed a question to the drivers, whether to stick it out on their old rubber, or pit for new rubber, and the majority would choose to stay put, and a handful would pit for fresh softs. Crispy would lead the grid away on the final sprint to the chequered flag, with PaRa Quick in second for McLaren, and Midzy15 continuing the podium streak on P3



Pole Lap: 01.41.790

1. SLR Dylan
2. Crispy2001
3. Midzy15
4. bezzas1
5. II Division II
6. PaRa Qucikz
8. raceroller22
9. Arb0n EPA
10. SLR AlfieDK
11. Yologamer666one
12. Riggs9
13. SLR Jam40
14. V2 x Combat
15. SillyBunny47711
16. Jito DV
17. SLR Ham19
18. gho3t COLT
19. JibJab325
20. UKBeastAssassin

Fastest Lap: 01.44.065 gho3t COLT

1. Crispy2001
2. Midzy15
3. raceroller22
4. SLR Jam40
5. PaRa Quickz +5 sec
6. V2 x Combat
7. UKBeastAssassin
8. JibJab325
9. gho3t COLT
10. SLR Ham19
11. bezzas1
12. Yologamer666one
13. ZyDRAD
14. R1ggs8
15. SLR Dylan (DNF)
16. Jito DV (DNF)
17. SillyBunny47711 (DNF)
18. II Divison II (DNF)
19. SLR AlfieDK (DNF)
20. Arb0n EPA (DNF)

Arb0n EPA vs Yologamer:
Reason: Arbon goes quite deep into turn 1 himself and gets sandwiched between raceroller and yologamer. We don’t feel yologamer can be pinned as the main cause of this incident and so no pen will be awarded

Yologamer vs silly bunny
Decision:racing incident
Reason: bunny makes a fair move on Yologamer and although he doesn’t leave him much room on exit we feel like bunny was far enough ahead for that corner to be considered his. It’s a tight corner that’s very difficult to go side by side and with bunny braking late to make the move we feel it would have been very difficult for him to leave room on exit and as the initial move into the penultimate corner was fair no penalty shall be issued.

UKBeastAssassin vs v2:
Decision: racing incident
Reason: the gap is there for v2 to go for the move. We feel that the contact they make into the bus stop is just hard racing. On exit they’re going side by side and although v2 then passed beast off track he doesn’t really have anywhere to go due to beast’s line through the final corner and bezzas appearing on the inside of the pair of them. Hence no penalty will be awarded

Bezzas1 vs 5s pen
Decision: penalty removed
Reason:bezzas gets a pen for being hit under the SC. This isn’t his fault and he doesn’t serve the pen (evidence is provided to prove this) therefore the pen is removed

Midzy15 vs SLR Dylan
Reason:Dylan goes for a gap on Midzy into the bus stop that’s always closing and has to get out of it. We don’t feel this move was ever on as the gap to the right was never any more than a full car width so we can’t blame Midzy for moving over. The two of them have no real significant contact with each other for the rest of the clip therefore we don’t feel like there’s any need to penalise Dylan.

Dylan vs PaRa
Decision: 5s+1LP to PaRa
Reason: blocks Dylan in the bus stop on his quali lap

After an eventful quali which saw the weather go from dry to wet then back to dry the driver who came out on top was championship leader SLR Vandoorne followed by SLR Allen a driver in fine form recently. VR46 and EliteXriskz would start from p3 and 4 occupying the second row of the grid

5 lights went out, vandoorne got away well and VR46 had jumped Allen after opting to start on the softer tyres but soon after, drama! Legendarydannyd and BadotterTV collided and brought out the safety car! This would cause a lot of the drivers to pit, some choosing mediums, some choosing hards. The safety car came in and SLR Allen had crashed! The man starting p2 was out, bringing his recent patch of strong form to an end. Another driver to do so was SLR Bennett who has 4 podiums in his last 5 races, he selected to pit for the hards that turned out to be the wrong choice as he spun multiple times and eventually crashed out of the race bringing the safety car out yet again.

The safety car came in again and DPT Paul who was running high up crashed! Sending him out of the race then moments later WOR peanut running second crashes out! Then seconds later Masongammon05 crashed out! 3 drivers in half a lap chaos! The safety car was now out for the third time of the night!

DPT Alfie who started 14th on the hards now found himself p1 after choosing the perfect strategy and would have himself Fresh softs to the end. Darren was in p2 with smoke p3 as the safety car came in championship leader SLR Vandoorne was keen to make moves on his fresh softs and managed to climb up to p2 and was chasing leader DPT Alfie to the checkered flag

That checkered flag had waved after 22 laps and it was a surprise maiden win for DPT Alfie who withstood a charging Vandoorne to win the belgium Grand Prix, EliteXriskz would round out the podium with LP smoke finishing p4 and ARL predatorz finishing p5

Congratulations to the podium finishers and join us next week as we head to Zandvoort for the Dutch Grand Prix

Pole Lap: 01.42.887

1. SLR Vnadoorne
2. SLR Allen
3. IVR46I
4. Elite Riskz
5. SLR Semm
6. SLR Bennett3810
7. BadOtterTV
8. MasonGammon05
9. Ellis37
10. LP Smoke
11. SF1 Moley
12. Josh04
13. WOR Peanut
14. DPT Paul
15. DPT Alfie
16. LegendaryDannyD
17. ARL PrEdAtOrZz
18. Adrian VIII
19. OwenHowell36
20. Darren I 22

Fastest Lap: 01.44.832 Adrian VIII

1. DPT Alfie
2. SLR Vandoorne
3. Elite x Riskz
4. LP Smoke
5. ARL PReDaToRzz
6. Adrian VIII
7. SLR Semm
8. OwenHowell36
9. Darren I 22
10. I VR46 I +10 sec
11. SF1 Moley
12. Ellis 37 (DNF)
13. MasonGammon05 (DNF)
14. WOR Peanut (DNF)
15. DPT Paul (DNF)
16. SLR Bennett3810 (DNF)
17. SLR Allen (DNF)
18. Josh04 (DNF)
19. BadOtterTV (DNF)
20. LegendaryDannyD (DNF)

SLR Semm Vs SF1 Moley – Collision (lap 13)
Outcome: Racing incident
Reason: Although Semm was having issues with his breaks, we don’t think Moley really does anything wrong here. When coming onto the straight, Moley cannot go right as there is not enough space so has to try and overtake Semm on the left. Semm’s car drifts over to the left ever so slightly and makes contact with Moley causing the collision between the two

ELiTE x RisKz Vs JoshS04 – Collision under SC (lap 3)
Outcome: 1 LP and quali ban for Josh due to DNF
Reason: Under safety car conditions, you should always be aware of fellow drivers around you and the speed you are going at. Unfortunately Josh was driving too quickly and had no awareness of cars Infront slowing down to match the speed of the safety car ultimately causing him to smash into the back of elite and retire from the race

SF1 Moley Vs l VR46 l – Collision (lap 18)
Outcome: 10 secs + 2LP for VR46
Reason: VR46 is over his delta under VSC conditions and has to slow down to reduce it. As he’s slowing down the VSC ends and VR46 gets a drive through penalty. However VR46 then comes to almost a complete stop on the penultimate corner and this catches Moley by surprise ultimately crashing into VR46 and receiving minor wing damage.



In Division 2 this week we had a dry start to qualifying with rain on the way. A few drivers you expect to be up struggled to get a lap together but did scrape through to Q2 in the final stages.
In Q2 it saw all drivers head out to get laps in before the showers came. A few were caught out by the end of Q2.
A wet and getting wetter Q3 saw all drivers head out on intermediate tyres ARL Tooman took pole by 7 tenths ahead of SLR Barlow who had his best qualifying of the season .

To the race then and it was a wet start but early on Jeff was on the blower telling the drivers he wasn’t sure what tyres were faster anymore. After a clean start in tricky conditions there wasn’t to much change in the order AG ll Panther making up 3 places however after qualifying p11.

An early safety car on lap 3 meant most of the field came in to the pits. With a few different strategies now on the cards. Tooman out in front on soft tyres. SLR Leah now 2nd on mediums after SLR Barlow span going into the pits meant he dropped down the order. AG ll Panther was now 3rd continuing his brilliant start. That was until the restart.
the ones that selected the soft compound looked to have a big advantage with lots more grip.
Wasn’t long until our next safety car which seems and ever occurring theme in Division 2. A few chose to stay out this time.
A few great battles and overtakes on the restart, notably from SLR Jack, SLR Leah and DRT Andrew making moves.
Tooman then took the lead from Zachisbeast using his fresher tyres.
SLR Leah then went out and caused a further safety car which allowed most of the field to pit for soft tyres. The Aston Martin team of SLR Charlie and SLR Barlow stayed out and looked for track position as well SLR Jack who was Leading on 11 lap old medium tyres

With 5 laps to go we were in for some action. Lots of drivers making moves on there fresher tyres. And gaining places on those that hadn’t pit.
Great move from DRT Andrew on SLR Jack. SLR ALE also with a lovely move to gain a place. And on to a podium spot.
Tooman took the win on track but it was DRT Andrew on debut in Division 2 after promotion from division 3 last week who won, a very well done to him. Tooman 2nd. After some penalties added by the stewards it’s SLR Charlie in P3 for his best result in Division 2 thus far. Zachisbeast P4, skullkiller P5, SLR Hicklin back in the points in P6, Panther P7, Alpeh drops to P8, SLR ALE P9 and GoldenEggFryer taking the last points paying position in 10th

Pole Lap: 01.55.853

1. ARL Tooman
2. SLR Barlow
3. SLR Leah
4. JackMullCGFC
5. ZachIsBeast25
6. SLR Charlie1
8. GoldenEggFryer
9. SLR Jack
10. AWRL Kevin
11. AG II Panther
12. Skullkiller1014
13. DRT Andrew
14. dRaSt1k bLazE
15. Alpeh
16. Blein5121
17. SLR Hyperz
18. SLR Hicklin
19. OG James

Fastest Lap: 01.45.376 AWRL Kevin

1. DRT Andrew
2. ARL Tooman
3. SLR Charlie1
4. ZachIsBeast25
5. SKullkiller1014
6. SLR Hicklin
7. AG II Panther
8. Alpeh +15 sec
10. GoldenEggFryer
11. SLR Barlow
12. SLR Jack +10 sec
13. AWRL Kevin +5 sec
14. Blein5121
15. OG James 96
16. SLR Leah (DNF)
17. dRaSt1k bLazE (DNF) +15 sec = qualifying ban due to DNF
18. SLR Hyperz (DNF)
19. JackMullCGFC (DNF)

Incident – Drastik blaze vs alpeh
Outcome – 15 Seconds and 3LP to alpeh
Reason – despite having a valid reason to use ai, it’s a clear rule that excessive use of ai is forbidden, and given alpeh was in ai for 5 laps this falls under this rule.

Incident – Kevin vs Jack
Outcome – 10 seconds and 2LP to Jack
Reason – Jack didn’t leave a cars width for Kevin in the inside which resulted in Kevin spinning out.

Incident – zach vs Kevin
Outcome – 5 Seconds and 1LP to Kevin
Reason – Kevin does leave a cars width but turns in slightly earlier than zach which causes zach to spin.

Incident – GoldenEggFryer vs Drastik blaze
Outcome – 5 Seconds and 1LP to Drastik blaze
Reason – while the contact is small, Drastik blaze then overtook fryer off the track which we feel is unsportsmanlike conduct.

Incident- JackMull vs Drastik blaze
Outcome – 10 Seconds and 2LP to Drastik blaze
Reason – Drastik blaze is starting a lap but blocks JackMull in the final chicane which causes him to lose a huge amount of time.

Incident – tooman vs Drastik blaze
Outcome – warning to Drastik blaze
Reason – drivers are reminded to be careful when rejoining the track, in this case it didn’t affect tooman so we feel a warning is reasonable.

Welcome back to Division 3 round 11 Belgium GP.
As we go into the weekend we welcome RF1 Warhead, Wolfshamen, Swinners and Rosco to SLR who will be making their debut race.

As we go into qualifying we only had 15 drivers that will be taking part. So these guys won’t need to push to much in Q1. Cxmzn, SLR Russell and Wolfshamen26 have terminal damaged in Q1 so that’s their qualifying over.

The qualifying results are; EAAidsDan takes pole, ChichnRosery P2, Gregers P3, LSW L3G3ND44 P4, Swinners P5, Rosco P6, Maxwell P7, Vision P8, Baggiefan P9, UnrealSalmon P10.

As we go to the fabulous five red lights. EAAidsDan gets a great start but started on the wrong tires so maybe a penalty coming their way. LSW L3G3ND44 gets a good start but find themselves in a sandwich between Gregers and ChichnRosery. With our first retirement of the race from Rosco it’s brings out a VSC.

Lap 2; the VSC changes to a full safety car as we lost Russell and Wolfshamen. EAAidsDan also pits to get on the right tires.

Lap 3; the safety car is in this lap. Lap 4; as Swinners goes for a move on ChichnRosery for the lead and gets it done after camel straight. LSW L3G3ND44 is watching these two battle.

Lap 5; Baggiefan is trying to defend against Cxmzn but hits a curb and send him off to the barrier and picks up a lot of wind damage.

Lap 7; We have lost Maxwell and UnrealSalmon and this brings out a safety car which helps baggie catch back up to the field.

Lap 9; safety car will be in this lap. Lap 10; LSW L3G3ND44 perfectly times the restart and gets a good run on ChichnRosery and they go side by side and some how don’t touch and LSW L3G3ND44 gets the move done and take the lead of this race.

Lap 13/14; Oh no we lost another driver but this time it’s LSW L3G3ND44. This some how doesn’t bring out a safety car or VSC. As now all the medium runners will be putting off the mediums and will be putting the Scots till the end of the race.

As we are approaching near to the end Gregers has shown some good pace that will see him win the Belgium GP due to penalties, followed by ChichnRosery in P2 and Swinners P3. Only 7 racers remained on this race.

This has been division 3 round 11, please make sure you join us next time where these drivers will tackle Zandvoort (Netherlands)

Pole Lap: 01.43.627

1. EAAidsDan53
2. ChicknRosery
3. Gregers UK
4. LSW L3g3nd44
5. Swinners28
6. xxxx Rosco xxxx
7. I21I Maxwell
8. Vision2614
9. Baggiefan 1995
10. UnrealSalmon590
11. RF1 Warhead
12. Wolfshamen26
13. SLR Russell
14. I Cxmzn I
15. RNG SWFCfan

Fastest Lap: 01.46.116 Swinners28

1. Gregers UK
2. ChicknRosery
3. Swinners28
4. Vision2614
5. RNG SWFCfan
6. I Cxmzn I
7. RF1 Warhead
8. EAAidsDan53 (DNF)
9. LSW L3g3nd44 (DNF)
10. Baggiefan 1995 (DNF)
11. UnrealSalmon590 (DNF)
12. I21I Maxwell (DNF)
13. Wolfshamen26 (DNF)
14. SLR Russell (DNF)
15. xxxx Rosco xxxx (DNF)

Cosmic Cameron9 vs SLR Russell – Qualifying

From the replays the stewards have received, the stewards notify that SLR Russell spins on his hotlap. However when he spins he then accelerates across the track and into Cosmic Cameron9. Therefore SLR Russell is in the wrong and he receives a 5 second time penalty and 1 License Point.

RF1 Warhead vs EaAidsDan53

Going into the busstop chicane, RF1 Warhead is well ahead of EaAidsDan53. However he still gets spun around by the Mercedes driver. A clear case of spinning another car round. Full blame on EaAidsDan53, he is awarded with a 10 second time penalty and 2 License Points

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