Zandvoort would host round 12 of the Season 7 championship and with track position being vital around the tight, twisty circuit known to be difficult to overtake, early stages of qualifying saw lots of drivers making mistakes and crashing out. However the top 2 in the championship standings were on fine form with Midzy15 taking his 4th pole of the season setting a 1:09:989 and his title rival Raceroller22 starting alongside him just over a tenth off. ZyDRAD would be starting P3 5 hundredths off a front row start, whilst the only driver starting on the soft tyre Jito DV hoping to make early moves from P4. T

With most drivers on the medium tyres to start, the lights went out and they all stormed to the long right hander of turn 1 which saw raceroller22 brave it down the inside and take the lead into the next section of corners with Jito DV on the soft tyres also making up a spot to P3 putting his softer tyres to good use off the start. Further back saw action even before the lights went out as SLR Cech, after crashing out in Q2, jumped the start making a poor qualifying for the Mercedes’ driver even worse. However all drivers would get through lap 1 cleanly with Cech taking his Drive through penalty demoting him to the back of the grid.

As drivers got into their rhythm, it was clear to see Jito DV was struggling to keep pace on his soft tyres compared to the top 2 of Raceroller22 and Midzy15 as they had already pulled a 1 second gap by lap 3. ZyDRAD in P4 saw this lack of pace probably down to troubles with tyre temperatures and chose to strike straight away into turn 1 of lap 4 going down the inside to complete a good move on a tough track to overtake. Further back, SLR Jam40 after a strong start gaining 2 positions on lap 1, was also struggling with pace in P9 and was defenceless to a move from new Mercedes driver II Monkey II who made his way back up the grid.

Lap 10 would see the first driver into the pits as the mclaren of Para Quickz opted to go for the undercut on the cars ahead of him after struggling to make moves up the grid in the first ten laps. Further up the field saw Ferrari driver II Monkey II make an optimistic move around the outside of turn 3 promoting him up to P7. On the same lap SLR Ham19 would bring out yellow flags with a spin and then a retirement in the pits, a shame after a first Q3 appearance of the season.

The first exchange for the lead would happen on lap 13 as Midzy15 would power past Raceroller22 with DRS, as contact between KlutzyWinter830 and II Division II in the battle for P5 would see both drivers spun around at turn 1. Both opting to pit at the end of the lap for the hard tyres.

The first Safety Car of the race was brought out on lap 17 as II Monkey II spun out of the last banked corner causing an instant retirement, disappointment for the Mercedes’ driver after a strong drive so far. All drivers who had not pitted yet had a big decision to make, starting on the mediums meant either softs or hards in the pit stop under the SC. This decision saw a split all the way through the grid, especially at the front as the top 4 split their strategies, with Raceroller22 as well as JibJab both choosing the Hard tyre from P2 and P4 respectively and Midzy15 along with ZyDRAD both opting for the Soft tyre for the last 18 laps.

The restart would lead to the soft runners having far superior pace on the opening laps, with Midzy15 opening up a 1.7 second gap after the restart on Raceroller22, prompting ZyDRAD on the softs to make a move around the outside of the red bull into turn 1. R1ggs8 was the big mover making up 3 positions off the restart on the softer tyre compound.

Bezzas1 and Jito DV would both spin out of the long right hander of turn 7 as both were in the top 6 it promoted drivers from the back up the grid, notably R1ggs8 and SLR Cech were up to P5,6 respectively after starting P14 and P17. On Lap 25 Midzy15, after leading the race comfortably keeping ZyDRAD at arms length after the restart, would prove he does make mistakes as he taps the inside curb of turn 13 which instantly puts him in a spin and into the gravel. This promoted everyone up a spot as Midzy15 would slot into P5 looking to make up the positions he had just lost.

With ZyDRAD leading the race and having a 3.5 second gap on lap 31 his worst wishes came true as SLR Jam40 crashed out causing a second Safety Car to come out with only 5 laps to go. Only drivers further back chose to pit for fresh softs as the race would get under way again with ZyDRAD leading the way.

Midzy15 used his better tyre temps on the softs compared to JibJab325 on the hards to make his move around the outside of the Alfa Romeo into turn 1, getting back into the podium positions of P3 behind his title rival Raceroller22 in P2. R1ggs8 once again used his fresh softs at the restart to make his way through the field and was challenging for the top 6. Back at the front though ZyDRAD was doing his best to hold off Raceroller22 as his tyres were in much worse condition than racerollers hard tyres, but with only one straight with drs to defend against, ZyDRAD came against the line to take the win in Zandvoort and his first of the season. Raceroller22 came home P2 only 0.106 behind the race winner, and Midzy15 would round off the podium with a good recovery after a late spin from the lead.

Pole Lap: 01.09.989

1. Midzy15
2. raceroller22
4. Jito DV
5. KlutzyWinter830
6. JibJab325
7. Arb0n EPA
8. II Diviosion II
9. SLR Ham19
10. II Monkeyy II
11. SLR Jam40
12. PaRa Quickz
13. gho3t COLT
14. SLR Cech
15. bezzas1
16. SLR Dylan
17. R1ggs8

Fastest Lap: 01.11.570 PaRa Quickz

2. raceroller22
3. Midzy15
4. JibJab325
5. KlutzuWinter830
6. SLR Cech
7. II Division II
8. ArBon EPA
9. bezzas1
10. R1ggs8 +5 sec
11. PaRa Quickz
12. Jito DV
13. SLR Dylan
14. SLR Jam40 (DNF)
15. gh03t COLT (DNF)
16. II MOnkeyy II (DNF)
17. SLR Ham19 (DNF)

Gho3t c0lt vs r1ggs8
Outcome: 5s+1LP TO r1ggs8
Reason: Riggs and ghost are going side by side in S1 and into turn 2 and turn 3 Riggs doesn’t quite give ghost a cars width on the inside, causing ghost to spin off.

This week we headed to Zandvoort. The drivers didn’t have much time to think about it after loading into Q1 rain was imminent. With only 16 drivers taking part in qualifying only 1 could be eliminated. The 1 driver failing to set a quick enough time was LP Smoke. As Q2 started the rain was extremely heavy but eased off towards the end. The top 10 that advanced to Q3 all set times on the intermediate tyres with the 5 drivers dropping out setting times on the full wets. Q3 saw MasonGammon claiming his first SLR pole. ELiTE x RisKz completed the front row with VR46 starting p3.

With the race being dry everyone had a free tyre choice which resulted in mixed strategies throughout the grid. After a couple of early incidents the safety car was brought out on lap 5. This triggered some action in the pit lane with most soft runners stopping. A second safety car later in the race saw the drivers that stopped under the first safety car move to the front of the field. DPT Paul lost it on the final corner promoting LP Smoke to p1. This was the beginning of a brilliant defensive drive from SLR Semm in p2 holding off the drivers on newer tyres for 10 laps before VR46 finally got passed. Unfortunately Semms race went downhill from here resulting in a DNF. Semms defence gifted Smoke a 5 second lead but VR46 was now on the charge but only reduced the gap to 1.5 seconds when they completed lap 36.

Smoke and VR46 were joined on the podium by Ellis 37. Congratulations Ellis on your first SLR podium.

This result was a big one for the championship battle with Smoke taking home 25 points and main rival SLR Vandoorne failing to finish. Smoke now retakes p1 in standings.

Well done to everyone and we hope to see you at Monza in a few days time.

Pole Time: 1:18.520

1. MasonGammon05
2. ELiTE x RisKz
3. l VR46 l
4. Adrian VIII
5. DPT Paul
6. SLR Vandoorne
7. SLR Connor
8. SotierClock110
9. Darren l 22
10. SF1 Moley
11. BadOtterTV
12. DPT Alfie
13. EIIis 37
14. SLR Morgan
15. ARL PReDaToRZz
16. LP Smoke
17. SLR Semm (DNQ)

Fastest Lap: 1:12.090 – MasonGammon05

1. LP Smoke
2. l VR46 l
3. EIIis 37
4. SLR Connor

5. SotierClock110

6. DPT Paul
7. SLR Morgan (+10s)
8. Adrian VIII
9. MasonGammon05 (FL)
10. ARL PReDaToRZz
11. SF1 Moley
12. SLR Semm (DNF)
13. Darren l 22 (DNF)
14. SLR Vandoorne (DNF)
15. DPT Alfie (DNF)
16. BadOtterTV (DNF)
17. ELiTE x RisKz (DNF)

Ellis Vs Otter (Lap 5)
Outcome: 1LP to Otter due to DNF
Reason: Ellis is entitled to go for the move as Otter leaves a gap open. We don’t think Otter left Ellis sufficient space as the move is attempted and that’s why contact is made and Ellis then loses a position to smoke aswell.

Adrian Vs DPT Paul (Lap 1)
Outcome: Racing incident
Reason: Paul is just ahead of Adrian going into turn 2. Adrian is on the inside and his space is becoming limited and ends up clipping the kerb and hitting into Paul. It’s always quite risky going 2 wide into turn 2 and we think Adrian could of backed out.

Adrian Vs Clock (lap 11)
Outcome: 3 secs + 1LP to clock
Reason: Coming onto the start/finish straight, clock simply loses his car and collects Adrian with him as he’s spinning. This was nobody’s fault, clock just simply lost his car on his own. We have decided to give a small penalty purely because Adrian received major wing damage from it and immediately had to box.

Adrian Vs SLR Morgan (Lap 36)
Outcome: 10 secs + 2LP for Morgan
Reason: Morgan out brakes himself and dives very late up the inside of Adrian. Morgan then loses the back end coming out of turn 1 and connects with Adrian as he’s correcting his car spinning Adrian around and hitting the wall.

Otter Vs SLR Vandoorne (Lap 14)
Outcome: 2LP to Otter due to DNF
Reason: Although this was sent in on Vandoorne, we believe Otter is at fault for this particular incident. Vandoorne has a run on Otter and otter moves across when he doesn’t have to and causes the contact between the two drivers.

SF1 Moley Vs SLR Vandoorne (lap 14)
Outcome: No action taken
Reason: Although we don’t understand how Vandoorne ends up off the track the way he does, we don’t think the rejoin was dangerous. The drivers behind managed to react and slow down and no contact was made between anyone so we think a penalty in this situation would be harsh

In Division 2 this week a wet race in store meant in qualifying drivers could use all of there allocated dry tyres without any worries.
Q1 saw a couple Early exits as Zanvoort’s testing track with not much run off proved difficult.
Q2 saw everyone go out on the softs and it was almost like a Q3 with everyone trying to get that chance of a pole shootout.
The fight for pole was between the two Mclaren drivers but it was AG ll Panther who came out on top from ARL Tooman. SLR Leah was joined on the second row by SLR EVVO who had his best qualifying.

To the race then and it was wet to say the least everyone was on the wet tyres. A very sluggish start from SLR EVVO meant he dropped back. Wouldn’t take long for our virtual safety car quickly followed by a full safety car, as a couple loss wings meant some sweeping up had to be done.
ARL Tooman span from the lead. And then teammate Panther exceeded Time delta and got a drive through penalty. This meant Leah was in the net lead but he didn’t fancy having the lead for to long as he spun in the same place as Tooman so that meant AWRL Kevin was now in the net lead as the safety car came out as SLR ALE hit Leah’s spun car.
Further crashes meant another safety car and Panther was yet to serve his penalty. He eventually did on lap 11 having picked up the penalty on lap 3.

Kevin now leading the race ahead of the Aston Martin team or Barlow and Charlie. Where not to many team orders seemed to be taking place as they were wheel to wheel racing swapping positions as gaps started to appear.
SLR Hicklin lost it on the exit of turn 4. SLR Jack then did the same a few corners later.
Another safety car a couple laps later meant a few drivers pitted for fresher tyres. Leader Kevin only one not to pit now still held the lead with 16 laps left.
On the restart SLR Jack was struggling with conditions. And SLR Barlow and SLR Leah swapped positions a couple of times as both made small mistakes.
Very tough to overtake on such a tight track and in these conditions all drivers remaining were doing a brilliant job and all seemed to have mastered it.
After our 4th and final safety car Tooman made a move on Barlow to take P6 and then quickly got teammate Panther to move to P5.
Further forward a couple laps later Leah, Zach and Tooman went to wheel to wheel as Leah muscled into a podium position. Tooman picked up damage in the fight. And would struggle to keep pace.
On the last lap Barlow and Tooman would make contact fighting for P5. Tooman would spin dropping him to last.

It was AWRL Kevin who took the chequered flag without pitting the entire race and showing some great pace in the wet, so well done to him. dRaSt1k bLazE held on to 2nd in a first podium for him since Spain coming from 17th on the grid. SLR Leah took 3rd. Zachisbeast is 4th making up some points on Masseyf1 who missed this week. SLR Charlie 5th, AG ll Panther 6th, OG James 96 P7. SLR Hicklin 8th. SLR Barlow 9th and ARL Tooman 10th.

Pole Lap: 01.10.372

1. AG II Panther
2. ARL Tooman
3. SLR Leah
5. AWRL Kevin
6. ZachIsBeast25
7. Scar Borga
8. SLR Jack
9. SLR Barlow
11. DRT Andrew
12. Alpeh
13. SLR Hicklin
15. SLR Dosser
16. OG James 96
17. dRaSt1k bLazE
18. GoldenEggFryer
19. JackMullCGFC

Fastest Lap: 01.22.987 AWRL Kevin

1. AWRL Kevin
2. dRaSt1k bLazE
3. SLR Leah
4. ZachIsBeast25
6. AG II Panther
7. OG James 96
8. SLR Hicklin
9. SLR Barlow +10 sec
10. ARL Tooman +10 sec
11. DRT Andrew (DNF)
12. SLR Dosser (DNF)
13. GoldenEggFryer (DNF)
15. JackMullCGFC (DNF)
17. Scar Borga (DNF)
18. Alpeh(DNF)
19. SLR Jack (DNF)

Incident – original vs dosser
Outcome – Racing Incident
Reason – dosser loses control of his car by himself, original is just unlucky to be behind him when his spinning car comes across the track.

Incident – Charlie vs Panther
Outcome – Racing Incident
Reason – panther gets beaches on the curb which leaves him unable to turn and understeer across the track, fortunately Charlie was unaffected by it.

Incident – Charlie vs tooman
Outcome – 10 seconds and 2LP to tooman
Reason – tooman tries a late lunge up the inside which wasn’t on, Charlie doesn’t have any time to react to his move and is avoiding a separate incident in front which results in tooman spinning Charlie.

Incident – tooman vs Barlow
Outcome – 10 Seconds and 2LP to Barlow
Reason – Barlow cuts across tooman going into the corner and spins him out.

Welcome back to Division 3 round 12 Netherlands GP.
As we go into this weekend Gregers has a big gap lead for the championship from the guys that are behind him. Only 14 drivers would take part in qualifying and 1 more hopefully would join before the race.

As we go into qualifying LSW L3G3ND44 got DSQ for facing the wrong way after a spin they had. So they will be starting from the back of the grid. The qualifying results are; Swinners takes pole, Gregers P2, Warhead P3, Xhaka P4, Whyte P5, Maxwell P6, ChicknRosery P7, EAAIDSDAN P8, Geddes P9, Cxmzn P10.

As we go to the famous five lights, it’s lights out and away we go and everyone seems to get a good start around the first couple of corners. As Xhaka gets past Warhead for P3. And LSW L3G3ND44 up to 10 from P14.

Lap 2; Swinners has binned it going into the first banking and losses a lot of positions but to make his situation worse his own teammate crashes into him causing him to retire and be out of this race from leading it.

As we go into lap 3 warhead makes a move on Xhaka after him making a mistake but Xhaka is trying to pressure rise warhead for the place back as these two are fighting for the second step. Xhaka has made another mistake costing him in 4 position losses he is massively struggling with this track. To make it even worse for him he spins ChicknRosery around but to be fair to Xhaka Chicknrosery was a bit ambitious to try and make the move work.

Lap 6; As warhead DNF from this race after spinning into a barrier and ending their race. This brings out divisions 3 first safety car this race. Meanwhile this helps LSW L3G3ND44 to get even closer to Gregers which is their main championship rival he has done well from P14 to P3 at this point in the race.

Lap 8; the safety car is in this lap so Gregers will be controlling the pace until the safety car is in the pit lane. Gregers chooses the moment to go and he kinda catches his teammate napping behind but everyone looks to be having a great restart.

Lap 12; LSW L3G3ND44 is into the pits to make his first pit stop onto the hards till the end and trying to get an undercut on Gregers. Meanwhile maxwell is is second and Cxmzn are in P3 after LSW L3G3ND44 has pitted.

Lap 18; Gregers comes in for his stop after going 18 laps on his softs longer than any soft runner. He comes out P2 a few seconds behind maxwell but importantly stays ahead of LSW L3G3ND44.

Lap 21; Gregers has spun around T1 and LSW L3G3ND44 is closing in fast but oh no, the two championship rivals come together this has gone disastrous for LSW L3G3ND44 as they are struggling to get their redbull to race speed.

Lap 27; ChicknRosery is trying everything to get past Cxman who has disconnected form this race and is still sitting in P4.

Lap 33; this is the lap that LSW L3G3ND44 can see maxwell very clearly he can sniff the chance on second place here that will help some what to the championship fight with Gregers.

Lap 35; LSW L3G3ND44 gets the job done with a simple but nice overtake on Maxwell and puts themselves up into P2 from P14.

As we are approaching the end of this mayhem of a race Gregers have shown amazing pace all weekend and take him the victory in Zandvoort, LSW L3G3ND44 gets P2 after getting Maxwell and Maxwell will come in P3 with an excellent drive from them aswell. Join division 3 next time around Monza (Italian GP) the Temple of speed.

Pole Lap: 01.11.161

1. Swinners
2. Gregers UK
3. Warhead
4. SLR Xhaka
5. Whyte
6. I21I Maxwell
7. ChicknRosery
8. EAAidsDan
9. x J Geddes x
10. I Cxmzn I
11. wolfshamen26
12. SLR Russell
13. xxxx Rosco xxxx
14. LSW L3g3nd

Fastest Lap: 01.12.542 SLR Xhaka

1. Gregers UK
2. LSW L3g3nd
3. I 21 I Maxwell
4. ChicknRosery
5. I Cxmzn I
6. EAAidsDan53
7. x j Geddes x 
8. wolfshamen26
9. SLR Xhaka
10. SLR Russell (DNF)
11. C Whyte6182 (DNF)
12. xxxx Rosco xxxx (DNF)
13. RF1 Warhead (DNF)
14. Swinners28 (DNF)

x J GEDDES x vs SLR Russell – Lap 18

x J GEDDES x is going for a move on SLR Russell who’s tyres are overheating. SLR Russell loses the car and takes out x J GEDDES x. The stewards award SLR Russell with a 10-second time penalty and 2 LP as the stewards feel that this driver is fully blameable for the incident.

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