Zandvoort appeal report

Barlow vs Tooman – Barlow appealing 10seconds and 2 LP
Outcome: Stewards Decision Stands
Reason: under braking Barlow cuts across the front of Toomans car, resulting in contact on the rear of Barlow and front of Tooman causing Tooman to spin.

Clock vs Adrian – Clock appealing 3seconds + 1LP
Outcome: time penalty and license point removed.
Reason: Clock simply loses the car on his own and unfortunately collects Adrian. As mentioned by the stewards this isn’t anybody’s fault as such a penalty can not be awarded. It’s just unlucky Adrian was where he was at the time Clock spun.

Morgan vs Adrian – Morgan appealing 10 seconds and 2LP
Outcome: Stewards Decision Stands
Reason: Lack of supporting evidence provided

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