The F1 grid lands at the Temple of Speed in Milan, Italy, for the Italian Grand Prix, and it was a damp qualifying session in the top division, but it didn’t dampen the excitement as we got the Aston Martin of Yologamer666one claiming pole position with a 1:27.555, ahead of SLR Cech who set a 1:27.594, and Raceroller22 in P3, who set a 1:27.623. A damp Italian Qualifying kept the top 9 within two tenths of the pole time, which is an extremely insane feat in the top tier

It would however, be a dry event and the sun would shine in Monza, and with a wet quali, it brings a diverse approach to the strategy and the tyres, and with a split in majority favour of mediums, it didn’t prevent a strategic element being involved, at least for the start.

The start would see Yologamer666one maintain his lead off the start, but good starts from Raceroller22, and a lightning start from Crispy in P7 up to P3 off Curve Grande, but sustaining damage in the process meant all the hard work was immediately wiped off. SLR Ham and SLR Niki got involved in an incident at T1 in the midfield and both rejoined the back of the forming DRS snake. Later on the lap SillyBunny and Bezzas collide at the Ascari chicane, putting the Williams further back down the order.

Lap 3 saw Jibjab325 spin on the parabollica curve and V2 x Combat make a mistake at the second chicane just before the first of the two Lesmos on Lap 4, as the chicanes and sweeping bends began claiming some drivers, and with the cars sensitive to the monza kerbs, it would set in to the rest of the grid to be cautious during their stints

The first change for the lead happened on Lap 5 when Raceroller22 got the slipstream off the Aston Martin and with a smooth move into the first chicane, and with PaRa Quicks getting cleaner air to drive in, pushed the McLaren on the softs to clutch onto the back of the leading duo

The McLaren would get the chance on the Aston Martin for P2 on lap 7, and with smoother traction on the exit of the first chicane, allowed PaRa to make the move on Yologamer666one and chase after the Red Bull. Midzy15, after starting 15th was up to P7 after a move in the Haas of JitoDV. SillyBunny would get the Haas on the following lap and PaRa would get the lead of this race after making a similar move on Raceroller22, only to lose the position again, as they jostled for the lead

PaRa would pull the trigger for the undercut at the front on Lap 10 and onto a fresh set of Mediums, but with Raceroller and Yologamer666one on Mediums, they will be running longer in this race and looking to go on softs for their final stint

Yologamer666one would clip the exit kerb off Ascari a little too aggressively and clip the left wall, losing his wing and his position in the leading battle, and in turn, forcing an early stop and a compromised strategy. SLR Ham would make a similar mistake, except a bit earlier on the corner and into the right wall. The Alpine being less fortunate, would retire on the spot due to the sustained damage and an early halt to his running

Raceroller22, ZyDRAD, Midzy15 and SLR Jam would all pit simultaneously on lap 15 for their soft tyres, and with the alternate strategy, would see the quartet lose track positioning to the McLaren’s, but on different tyres. SLR Cech would pit the following lap, with the Mercedes driver slotting in behind ZyDRAD. Riggs was the only driver not to have pitted, and inherited the lead off the Mercedes when Cech pit

The battle for P4 was heating up with ZyDRAD looking to make the move on PaRa, and with SLR Cech clipping on the heels, the battle was looking lively. Lap 18 would see it peak and boil over as the Aston Martin and McLaren collided on the entry to Ascari on lap 18, and with PaRa being pushed down the order, SLR Cech was the biggest casualty as his Mercedes would clip the back of the spinning McLaren, and into the wall leading to his imminent retirement. This would bring out the safety car and a lifeline to the Alpine leading, who was losing at most, 2seconds per lap on old mediums

The race would go green on lap 22 and Raceroller22 was immediately looking to bolt and break away from the rest of the pack, and leave them all to squabble. By lap 24, the gap was 2s at the front as Midzy15 would make his way past ZyDRAD, and Riggs would make a late braking move up the inside of JitoDV for P5, both into the first chicane.

Later on the lap, Sillybunny and Klutzywinter had contact at the second chicane, leading to the Alpha Tauri retiring immediately, and Bezzas retiring later round the lap under unusual circumstances, with no definitive view of his incident. The William’s retirement lead to the return of caution and a safety car once again, bringing the rest of the pack together

The race would resume for a 2 lap sprint on Lap 26 and Raceroller22 looks once again to break the pack, but the eye-catching statement on the restart was the movement from his teammate Crispy2001 who was back up to P5 after having to put early and compromise his strategy early, with a daring move on the outside of Riggs at T1.

A major incident off camera at Ascari pit three drivers into retirement, the Haas of JitoDV, the AlphaTauri Of NRX Stenner, and the Ferrari of Division

The final lap would see chaos in the leading battle, as ZyDRAD would outbreak himself into the final corner, on the final lap, and hit the rear wing of Midzy15 and sent him spinning on the outer part of the circuit, and a 15th to 2nd was gone in a flash, and ZyDRAD lost positions and valued time in the incident as well, and whilst it all went up the wall in the battle for P2, it would be Raceroller22 claiming the victory in Monza for Red Bull after controlling both restarts and showing extreme pace on the softs, and SLR Jam, after being on the back row in qualifying and on the start, was able to recover and pounce on the last corner mayhem to claim P2 for Alfa Romeo, with ZyDRAD, at the time of writing, maintaining P3 at the time of writing this report

Pole Lap: 01.27.555

1. yologamer666one
2. SLR Cech
3. raceroller22
5. KlutzyWinter830
6. II Division II
7. CRISPY2001
8. PaRa Quickz
9. SLR Niki
10. V2 x Combat
11. bezzas1
12. SLR Ham19
13. Jito DV
14. NRX Stenner
15. Midzy15
16. SillyBunny47711
17. R1ggs8
18. SLR Jam8
19. JibJab325

Fastest Lap: 01.21.042 SLR Niki

1. raceroller22
2. SLR Jam40
3. R1ggs8
4. KlutzyWinter
5. Crispy20001
6. PaRa Quickz
7. SLR Niki
9. ZyDRAD +15 sec
9. yologamer666one
10. V2 x Combat +20 sec
11. Midzy15
12. II Division II (DNF)
13. NRX Stenner (DNF)
14. Jito DV (DNF)
15. bezzas1 (DNF)
16. SillyBunny47711 (DNF)
17. SLR Cech (DNF)
18. SLR Ham19 (DNF)
19. JabJab325 (DNF)

Division vs ham
Decision: 5s+1LP to ham
Reason: even though ham makes the corner makes contact with 2 drivers which causes a bit of carnage into T1. 2 of Ham’s wheels are on the kerb showing he didn’t fully have enough space to try the move.

Division vs Jito
Decision: 5s+1LP for jito
Reason: the gap is there for jito to make a move on division into turn 2 but he goes in too hot and uses division as a brake a bit, giving him damage. Hence a small penalty has been awarded to jito

Division vs para
Decision: 2LP to para
Reason: hits division under a safety car. As para got a pen for the game for this action an additional 2 licence point penalty has been given to para for this incident.

V2 x combat resets to track
Decision: 20s+6LP to V2 x combat
Reason: resets to track twice. Hence 10s+3LP have been given to v2 for each reset to track as per the penalty guide.

Stenner vs division
Decision: Racing incident
Reason: Stenner has lost it on his own. Division has nowhere to go and limited time to react. It’s an unfortunate collision that has led to Stenner retiring.

Jito vs Niki:
Decision: NFA
Reason:jito and Niki make a minor amount of contact. This contact sends jito wide onto the kerb and unfortunately he understeers wide and ends up retiring on the exit of ascari. The minor amount of contact made and the fact that jito just about has a cars width have led us to the decision that it’s not really niki’s fault and so no penalty will be given

Jito vs crispy
Decision: No penalty given
Reason: F1 rules clarify that you can overtake after safety car line 1 if the leader has crossed the start finish line. Crispy does this (overtaking between SC line 1 and the finish line) therefore no penalty will be given.

Midzy vs ZyDRAD
Decision: 15s+3LP to ZyDRAD
Reason: goes far too hot into parabolica and rear ends midzy, causing the Williams driver to spin out.

SillyBunny retire on track
Decision: QB+3LP to sillybunny
Reason: retired on track in the race

We kicked off the weekend with qualifying and SLR Semm took his second pole of the season followed closely by LP Smoke in p2 and SLR Connor in p3 Elite X Riskz joined Connor on the second row starting p4

The lights went out and instant drama in the race as polesitter semm and Elite X Riskz collided sending semm to the back of the grid! after such a good qualifying, he would be very disappointed but with the whole race ahead he could hope for a safety car or two.

A safety car was exactly what Semm got! The soft runners all pitted for mediums leaving the guys who started on mediums (Danny predz and clock) in the lead but they’d have to take a pit stop at some point in the race.

The safety car came in and ARL predatorz had a nightmare restart falling to the back of the grid whilst Elite X Riskz chased down clock and Danny, he looked on a very good position to win the race. Lap 23 and the front 7 were all in a drs train and struggled to find a way to overtake but as VR46 made a mistake Bennett managed to find his way past and a lap later SLR Liam back in a full time seat in the red bull also made a little mistake which gave Bennett an opening, they found themselves side by side which resulted in Bennett spinning down to p8 which allowed Semm through to p7 after such a disappointing start he’d be happy with his recovery.

The checkered flag waved and our winner after in game penalties was SLR Connor! His first of the season but he finds himself under investigation so would have to wait until the stewards report to find out, Elite X Riskz followed him in p2 who was also under investigation. LP smoke would round out the podium in p3.

Join us next week as we head to Imola for the first time in the history of SLR!


Pole Time: 1:20.215

1. SLR Semm
2. JoshS04
3. LP Smoke
4. SLR Connor
5. ELiTE x RisKz
6. SLR Allen
7. MasonGammon05
8. SLR Liamm
9. rockamad73
10. SLR Bennett3810
11. Darren l 22
12. l VR46 l
13. EIIis 37
14. ARL PReDaToRZz
15. SLR Morgan
16. DPT Paul
17. SF1 Moley
18. legendarydannyd
19. SotierClock110
20. Adrian VIII


Fastest Lap: 1:21.738 – ARL PReDaToRZz

1. SLR Connor
2. LP Smoke
3. l VR46 l
4. SLR Semm
5. SLR Liamm
6. ELiTE x RisKz (+5s)
7. JoshS04
8. SLR Bennett3810
9. legendarydannyd
10. Adrian VIII
11. SotierClock110
12. SF1 Moley
13. MasonGammon05 (+5s)
14. ARL PReDaToRZz (FL)
15. EIIis 37
16. rockamad73 (DNF) (+3s)
17. Darren l 22 (DNF)
18. DPT Paul (DNF)
19. SLR Allen (DNF)
20. SLR Morgan (DNF)

SLR Semm Vs ELiTE x RisKz – collision (lap1)
Outcome: 5 secs + 1LP for Elite
Reason: This was quite close, however we feel elite potentially could of lifted off the throttle when in contact with Semm’s rears. Had he done that then Semm likely wouldn’t of been spun.

EIIis 37 V rockamad73 – Squeezing ( lap 16)
Outcome: Racing incident
Reason: Nothing much in this, Rockamad maybe could of left a tiny bit more room but there was no squeezing involved.

EIIis 37 V rockamad73 -Squeezing ( Lap 17)
Outcome: 3 secs + 1LP for Rockamad
Reason: Rockamad brakes late, goes very deep and forces Ellis completely off track going into turn 1.

SLR Connor Vs SLR Allen – collision (lap 10)
Outcome: Racing incident
Reason: With the POV we had, it was very hard to tell what properly happened between the 2 drivers. Going into the 2nd lesmo, Connor makes a move up the inside of Allen and both go wide on the exit. Allen then seemingly loses the car on his own and crashes into the wall.

SF1 Moley Vs MasonGammon05 – Collision (lap 20)
Outcome: 5 secs + 2LP for Gammon
Reason: Going into the first lesmo, Moley was on the inside and was the car ahead. However Gammon turns in for the corner normally like Moley isn’t there and wipes Moley out.

JoshS04 V SLR Connor – Squeezing ( Lap 27)
Outcome: Racing incident
Reason: Connor doesn’t do anything wrong here and we don’t think the move was ever really on for Josh. Going 2 wide through turn 4 is almost impossible especially with the kerbs the way they are.

In Division 2 this week a slightly earlier start time saw a full grid of 20 drivers take to Monza.
It was an all dry weekend which hadn’t happened in Division 2 for what felt like a number of weeks.

Qualifying would be cut short after a lobby glitch and as we were slightly pushed for time as the real life sprint race was on very soon the head admin called for the grid to be set from the Q2 results. That meant JackMullCGFC took pole from Masseyf1 who with not racing for a couple of weeks lost the championship lead to Zachisbeast but Zach could only manage a 12th place start here so he’d be looking to make up positions in the race.

To the Race then very difficult first corner as guys look to take advantage of some early and late braking for the most part fairly clean with a few losing some wing pieces. Masseyf1 and ARL Tooman both getting passed pole man JackMull in the opening corners.
Lots of close battling in the early laps meant as that was happening gaps started to appear and Drs trains started to form.
On lap 5 battling for P3 AWRL Kevin and JackMull came together at turn 2 which sent JackMull round and he’d drop to 10th. This allowed Barlow to move up to run P3 and he was the one that had made up the most positions from his starting position at this point.

Lap 9 saw SLR ALE take a spin, well the two leaders Tooman and Massey picked up a time penalty for track limits. Going on to Lap 10 JackMull fighting back from an early spin and SLR Leah both swooped round AG ll Panther going into turn 1.

The end of Lap 10 saw drivers starting to pit for fresh tyres. ARL Tooman took his softs an extra few laps out in front. The medium tyre starters of DRT Andrew, Zachisbeast and SLR Dosser were now out front.
Lap 14 saw Kevin and JackMull come together again with Jack coming off worse.

Out front the battling between the guys yet to pit meant Tooman and Massey were being held which allowed others to close in.
3 wide going into turn 1 of Lap 16 with some great battling for lead.
However Lap 17 saw one of the overtakes and great pieces of driving all round from the top 3 in the division 2 championship. ARL Tooman, Massey and Zach going 3 wide heading up towards turn 4, tooman with two wheels on the grass reminiscing Vettel and Alonso in 2011. As he makes a double overtake to take the lead.
Somewhere in the next couple laps Tooman managed to pick up a couple of penalties however.
Lap 20 saw Kevin go down the inside of Massey to take P2 with 8 laps left.
Lap 24 saw Massey go up the inside of Kevin which forced a little mistake from Kevin that saw Barlow take advantage. Kevin would take Barlow back again the next lap.
Last lap saw some fighting on track between the top two which allowed those behind to make up some crucial time with penalties being added at the chequered flag. Tooman took the win on track but it would be Kevin that looked to take the win after in game penalties were applied.

HOWEVER after incidents went to the stewards your top 10 from Monza are P1 SLR Barlow the winner with a DOTD worthy performance, well done to him. AG ll Panther took 2nd. Masseyf1 kept 3rd. SLR Leah P4. ARL Tooman P5. SLR ALE P6. SLR Charlie P7 rounding off a great points haul for Aston Martin. DRT Andrew P8. AWRL Kevin drops to P9. And Zachisbeast picked up the last available point.


1. JackMullCGFC
2. MasseyF1
3. ARL Tooman
4. AWRL Kevin
6. SLR Leah
7. AG II Panther
8. SLR Barlow
9. SLR Jack
11. GoldenEggFRyer
12. ZachIsBeast25
13. skullkiller1014
14. DRT Andrew
15. OG James96
16. SLR Dosser
17. SLR Hyperz
18. dRaSr1k bLazE
19. SLR Hicklin
20. Scar B0rga

Fastest lap:

1. SLR Barlow
2. AG II Panther
3. MasseyF1 +5 sec
4. SLR Leah
5. ARL Tooman
8. DRT Andrew
9. AWRL Kevin +20 sec
10. ZachIsBeast25
11. OG James 96
12. dRaSt1k bLazE
13. GoldenEggfryer
14. SLR Hicklin
15. skullkiller +10 sec
16. SLR Jack
17. JackMullCGFC (DNF)
18. SLR Dosser (DNF)
19. SLR Hyperz (DNF)
20. Scar B0rga (DNF)

Incident – Zach vs skullkiller
Outcome – 10 Seconds and 2LP to skullkiller
Reason – skullkiller rear ends zach which causes him to spin out.

Incident – JackMull vs Kevin – lap 5
Outcome – 10 Seconds and 2LP to Kevin
Reason – Kevin hits Jack on the exit of turn 2 which causes him to spin out.

Incident – Tooman vs Massey
Outcome – 5 Seconds and 1LP to Massey
Reason – Massey slightly missed his braking and forces tooman to cut the chicane, the game giving tooman an unfair time penalty as a result.

Incident – Kevin vs JackMull – lap 13
Outcome – 10 Seconds and 2LP to Kevin
Reason – despite the fact that Kevin sent in the incident against jackmull, the stewards believe that Kevin is at fault as he turns in as if JackMull isn’t there and the resulting contact means that JackMull is spun out.

Welcome back to Division 3 round 13 Italian Grand Prix. (Monza)
As we go into this weekend LSW L3G3ND will be trying to close the massive gap that Gregers has achieved in the Division championship so far. Only 15 drivers will take part in qualifying so they will be using Q1 as a warmup session.

As we go into qualifying we have lost Wolfshamen so that will be only 14 to qualify in Q2. The qualifying results are; ChicknRosery takes Pole, LSW L3G3ND44 P2, Kiara P3, EAAIDSDAN P4, Maxwell P5, Russell P6, Cxmzn P7, Gregers P8, SWFCFAN P9, GEDDES P10

As we go to the famous five lights, it’s lights out and away we go LSW L3G3ND44 doesn’t get the best of start but goes around the outside in T1 to claim P2 back but then I T4 Breaks a bit too late and has to take the escape road. ChicknRosery and Kiara both having amazing starts.

Lap 2; As we have Russell and Cxmzn having a battle for P5 as Russell try’s to go down the inside of Cxmzn but get the switch back and keeps the place for now. As they go up to turn 4 Russell gets a better line and takes P5. As now SWFCFAN has had a trip to the barrier and picks up some wing damage and comes into the pits to repair their car.

Lap 4; LSW L3G3ND44 is going for a move on Maxwell into T1 but Maxwell gets a better entry and exit but LSW L3G3ND44 has a better run into T4 and gets P3. Then next lap Maxwell takes the position back of LSW L3G3ND44. As Latifi has 10 seconds of penalties and they come into the pits to repair their car from a trip to the barriers aswell.

Lap 7; LSW L3G3ND44 makes a move on Maxwell again for P3 and this time looks to be keeping it to close the gap to the leaders.

Lap 9; ChicknRosery has spun some how by themselves and that’s looks like their race won could be over here as they had a comfortable lead over the others.

Lap 10; Kiara now spins on the exit of turn 5 and that’s let’s LSW L3G3ND44 into the lead of this race on the alternate strategy.

Lap 12; A full safety car is out after SWFCFAN has crash on the exit of Ascari. This gives LSW L3G3ND44 a free pit stop onto the softs till the end.

Lap 14; the safety car is in this lap and LSW L3G3ND44 is controlling the pace. Then he goes and the track turns green and back to racing speeds again. Looks like Cxmzn has perfectly timed the restart and off the go to T1 but oh no Cxmzn had to use the T2 run off and he ran out of road from cars overtaking.

Lap 16; we having a spinning Alpine of Latifi at Ascari.

Lap 17; KIara makes their move on Maxwell in T1 and they are up to P2 after spinning on lap 10.

As we are getting near the end of this amazing race so far. LSW L3G3ND44 has been the temple speed king as they are zooming away lap by lap on those softs. Kiara has had an among come back drive from spinning from the lead. But all that matters now is that LSW L3G3ND44 will win at Monza, Kiara P2 and Cxmzn P3. What a unpredictable top 3.

Join division 3 next time as they will be taking on a new track and maybe more epic racing to come as it’s the Imola GP.

Pole Lap: 01.21.061

1. ChicknRosery
2. LSW L3g3nd44
3. SLR Kiara
4. AEAidsDan
5. I21I Maxwell
6. SLR Russell
7. I Cxmzn I
8. Gregers UK
10. x j Geddes x
11. Vision
12. RWSRL Latifi
14. Warhead
15. Wolfshamen

Fastest Lap: 01.22.626 ChicknRosery

1. LSW L3g3nd44
2. SLR Kiara
3. I Cxmzn I
4. EAAidsDan
5. I21I Maxwell
6. RF1 Warhead
7. x j Geddes x
8. Gregers UK
9. SLR Russell +10 sec
10. ChicknRosery
11. Wolfshamen
12. RWSRL Latifi +10 sec
13. Vision2614

I Maxwell I 21 vs ChicknRosery – Qualifying

I Maxwell I 21 is on a flying lap going into parabolica. ChicknRosery drives very slowly on the racing line presumably because of the low fuel mode. The stewards won’t hand out a penalty for ChicknRosery. However we do warn him that when fast drivers come up from behind to get off the racing line.

I Maxwell I 21 vs LSW L3G3ND44 – Lap 4

LSW L3G3ND44 passes I Maxwell I 21 going into turn 4. Just before braking LSW L3G3ND44 moves over a bit. This was unnecessary, and the stewards believe that LSW L3G3ND44 has misjudged it. No penalty will be given out.

I Maxwell I 21 vs LSW L3G3ND44 – Lap 8

I Maxwell I 21 tries to pass LSW L3G3ND44 into turn 1. LSW L3G3ND44 is very late on the brakes and tries to take the outside line which then leads to the inside line for turn 2. It’s a tight corner, I Maxwell I 21 clips the inside kerb of turn 1, which unsettles the car slightly and therefore hits LSW L3G3ND44. No damage was done, therefore the stewards won’t hand out a penalty to either driver.

NEDKLAW vs RWSRL Latifi – Lap 15

RWSRL Latifi tries to pass NEDKLAW into turn 4. NEDKLAW is ahead however since RWSRL Latifi was closing up the gap the stewards feel like RWSRL Latifi should’ve been given more room. It’s a very tight corner and collisions are nearly inevitable. Therefore the stewards believe this is a racing incident.

NEDKLAW vs RWSRL Latifi – Lap 15

RWSRL Latifi tries to pass NEDKLAW into turn 4. NEDKLAW is ahead however since RWSRL Latifi was closing up the gap the stewards feel like RWSRL Latifi should’ve been given more room. It’s a very tight corner and collisions are nearly inevitable. Therefore the stewards believe this is a racing incident.

NEDKLAW vs RWSRL Latifi – Lap 18

Again these drivers come together at turn 4. The stewards believe this is a racing incident as RWSRL Latifi clips the curb which disrupts his car and unfortunately clips NEDLAW

Vision2614 vs SLR Russell – Lap 20

Russell brakes later than Vision which comprises his line going in to Turn 1 however there is very minimal contact and stewards believe it’s a racing incident.

Vision2614 vs SLR Russell – Lap 21

Vision goes down the inside of SLR Russell into turn 4. The stewards feel Russell turned in slightly to early and caused Vision to spin therefore the stewards award Russell with 10 second time penalty and 2LPs

RWSRL Latifi – Reset to track

After a collision RWSRL Latifi uses the reset to track button. This is not allowed. Therefore he has been awarded a 10-second time penalty and 3 License Points

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