Appeals Report: Italy

AWRL Kevin vs JackMullCGFC
Decision: Stewards Decision Stands
Reason: We believe that there was not enough evidence provided by Kevin to revert the pen, as we can’t really use these photos to prove that Kevin did not hit Jack to cause the spin, it would have been a lot easier if a clip was provided.

ARL Tooman vs MasseyF1
Decision: Stewards Decisions Stand
Reason: Even though it is an unfair penalty from the game, we cannot take away the penalty given to Tooman by the game. Secondly, we feel that Massey does not deserve more than 5 seconds for that collision.

ELiTE x RisKz vs SLR Semm
Decision: Stewards Decision Stands
Reason: We believe that in this case Elite should have backed off, and that Semm did not do anything wrong, and was entitled to move to the racing line. Because Elite did not back out and spun round Semm, his penalty is deserved.

l 21 l Maxwell vs ChicknRosery
Decision: 1LP to ChicknRosery
Reason: this is a clear block in qualifying, however this was not deserved of the full penalty as it was on the straight, rather than a corner.

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