Appeals Albert Park

Dodgy and Marsh
Stewards Decision – 5s Dodgy
Panel Decision – NFA

With the evidence provided, the panel have decided to remove the Applied Penalty after receiving sufficient evidence that Dodgy was not made aware by the game that there was a safety car out on track, that the full track was under yellow flag and everyone had to slow down. This was a game error

Appeal 2 (F2)
Crispy / Merks / Bennett
Stewards Decision – 5s Crispy
Panel Decision – 2lp to Crispy

The panel reviewed the evidence provided and concluded that Cripsy did overtake before the safety car line, which on the game is the start/finish line. By overtaking before this point, Crispy had completed an illegal manoeuvre as this move was completed under yellow flags and before the green line. As Crispy did not finish the race, the penalty has been changed to 2 licence points

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