Imola was the venue of the first European race of this season, and also the first sprint weekend. Would this mix things up?
Firstly qualifying, where pre race favourite Corey got an excellent pole position (his third in a row) with his first lap of the session. Reserve driver f1xdriverx2018 would get p2 behind him. Championship contenders crispy and ogween were low down though! Crispy had a mare and ogween had a quali ban
Now for the sprint, where there was chaos on lap 1. Semm, crowding and jam made contact at turn 1 causing multiple people to get damage. Crispy was one of these people, severely hampering his hopes of a recovery to get a good starting position for the main race. At the front it was Corey who won fairly comfortably, with f1driver behind him and midzy with an excellent race in p3. Championship leader raceroller also had a strong race in p4.
Now for the main race, where there was chaos in the midfield once again, this time helping ogween gain about 10 places before the end of s1. Also, from the front row, F1driver had a mare at the start! He didn’t get seated in time after the break and so didn’t move off the line, getting disqualified. This allowed midzy to get past him and look to challenge corey. Last season’s champion had some very strong race pace but seemed to be prone to mistakes, with a spin at turn 2 halting his charge. Midzy’s spin meant raceroller and elite x riskz moved up into podium places, although Corey looked to have the measure of them. Nothing could possibly halt Corey’s quest for a first win of season 9, right? Oh how wrong we were. A safety car came out on lap 13 as Corey was passing the pit Lane. He got caught up behind the safety car and lost out massively, dropping down to 8th. Racing can be cruel sometimes.

After the race restarted it was elite in p1, with raceroller keeping a close eye on him in p2. Ogween was also looking strong in p3, albeit with a penalty. Elite also had a pen so it was advantage roller. This advantage would get even stronger once the red bull took the lead of the race and from that moment onwards he controlled things, getting his first victory of the season and extending his championship lead. Crowding would end up in p2 as he had no pens, a strong recovery drive after his incident in the sprint. Elite would get p3, making it back to back podiums for the division 1 champion. An excellent start to the season with more to come from Elite I’m sure. Shoutout to ogween as well who came in p4 after being forced to start the sprint race from last position.
With there being 4 winners from 4 races and a new track coming up this weekend in Miami, will the Mckeon division continue its unpredictable streak this weekend? This season is certainly looking like a very exciting one!

Pole Lap: 01.15.120

1. SLR Corey
2. F1xDriverx2018
3. ELiTE x Riskz
4. raceroller22
5. WTrn3r
6. BMidzy
7. Snypz SB
8. SLR Jam40
9. SLR Stann
10. SemmF1
11. Jito DV
12. Arb0n EPA
13. Crispy2001
14. PaRa Quickz
15. CrowdingDoor994
16. V2 x Combat
17. II Division II
18. Huts n Buts
19. bezzas1
20. SLR OGween77


1. SLR Corey
2. F1xDriverx2018
3. BMidzy
4. raceroller22
5. ELiTE x Riskz
6. WTurn3r
7. Jito DV
8. Snypz SB
9. SLR Ogween77
10. SLR Jam40
11. bezzas1
12. SLR Stann
13. Huts n Buts
14. Arb0n EPA
15. PaRa Quickz
16. CrowdingDoor994 +10 sec
17. V2 x Combat
18. SemmF1 (DNF)
19. Crispy2001 (DNF)
20. II Division II (DNF)

Incident 1 – Crowding vs Semm vs Jam (Lap1) – 10s & 2LP for Crowding added to Sprint Race.

The stewards are in agreement that Crowding is the driver at fault for this incident due to the late reaction of braking and positioning the car on the apex of Turn 1 resulting in Jam and other cars being affected.


1. raceroller22
2. CrowdingDoor994
3. ELiTE x Riskz
4. SLR Ogween77
5. bezzas1
6. SLR Stann
7. SLR Corey
8. Jito DV
9. Huts n Buts
10. Snypz SB +10 sec
11. V2 x Combat
12. BMidzy
13. II Division II
14. Arb0n EPA
15. Crispy2001 (DNF)
16. WTurn3r (DNF)
17. PaRa Quickz (DNF)
18. SemmF1 (DNF)
19. SLR Jam40 (DNF)
20. F1xDriverx2018 (DNF)

Incident 2 – Snypz vs SLR Stann (Lap29/32) – NFA – The stewards came upon this decision after watching the footage given & seeing that for both incidents SLR Stann can not do much more than he has done. The first clip we saw shows two cars going into Turn 1 and racing for position which we did not think was deserving of a penalty. The second clip Snypz turns into the corner with a car already there, hence we came to this decision.

Incident 3 – WTurner vs Snypz vs RaceRoller22 – 10s & 2LP for Snypz added to Full Race.

This decision is alike incident 1 & we had to go with the 10second rather than a 5 to keep consistency throughout the season. Another turn 1 incident which we agree the fault lies with Snypz for putting his car into a position which affects the race of WTurner. The late braking and dive bomb like manoeuvre from Snypz we believe is not because of any other factors which were possibly mentioned beforehand.




Division 1


Time for Round 4 at Imola for Division 1 on a Monday night. Unlike last week, an unchanged track in the new game, but still holds the same difficulty and is always one that catches people out. First of three sprint weekends this season so this means it’s Short Quali to determine the grid for the Sprint. Qualifying went smoothly with all 14 drivers finishing the session without any crashes but the quickest time in the session was set by the Ferrari of SLR Quattro with some help from his teammate ShutMedal giving a small tow down the back straight helping him claim the pole position. With the championship leader, UKBeastAssassin down in P7 this race could blow the championship wide open. The start of the Sprint gets underway and SLR Quattro doesn’t get the best start and gets overtaken by both Aston Martin’s even before Turn 1. And talking about UKBeastAssassin being in P7 he spins at Turn 1 and drops to the back of the grid, a lot of ground to make up to score any points. From Lap 1, not a lot of action as the drivers hold station waiting for an opportunity to pass the drivers ahead of them but SLR Quattro still trying to find his way past the Aston Martin’s, and on Lap 6, he is able to find a way past one of the Aston’s off LP Smoke going into Turn 1 and can now set his eyes on Leviking16 for P1. Meanwhile, the battle for P3 heats up with SimbarocksONE, KevinGT9389, and LP Smoke with them being side by side through the second sector, and at Turn 13, LP Smoke spins and hits the wall! This gives KevinGT9389 P3 and SimbarocksONE P4. On Lap 10, SLR Quattro is able to find his way past the Aston Martin of Leviking16 to take the lead of the Sprint. Lap 11 now, and SLR Quattro takes the chequered flag and takes the Sprint race win with Leviking16 in P2 and KevinGT9389 taking the final spot on the podium.

Time for the Race now with 32 more laps of action ahead, and it starts with SLR Quattro getting another poor start and dropping down to P5! Leviking16 gains from his loss and takes the lead on the first lap and sets his sights on dropping the drivers behind him. Lap 4 now and all the drivers begin to settle into their races, into the first corner though the Haas of KevinGT9389 takes the lead from Leviking16 into Turn 1.

Lap 7 now and the first retiree of the race is LP Smoke who has spun off the track out of Turn 4 and ends his weekend prematurely. SLR Quattro has caught up to the top 2 and begins to try and pressure them into a mistake but on Lap 8 the second retirement of the race, SLR Sam crashes on the exit of Turn 6. This causes a flurry of stops with all current Medium tyre runners going onto the Hard tyre compound apart from UKBeastAssassin going onto the Soft tyres and he’ll be very quick on the restart.

The end of Lap 10 is when the safety car comes back into the pits and on the restart, there is contact at Turn 1 and SLR Quattro has spun taking him to the back of the pack! A few corners later and there is another retiree of ZachisBeast25 who spun coming out of Turn 7 after contact with SLR Bennett3810. Lap 12 now and another retirement at Turn 7 is the Williams of SLR Barlow and this brings out the second Safety Car.  

The end of Lap 15 is when the second Safety Car is back in the pits and on the restart, almost all drivers get through cleanly apart from SLR Bennett3810 who misses his braking point and goes off through the Turn 1,2 and 3 complex and ShutMedal spins at Turn 2 and drops down to 10th. Lap 21 now and the drivers getting into a rhythm now and the battle for the top 4 is heating up as SimbarocksONE is into 2nd place getting past the Haas of KevinGT9389. And on the start of Lap 23, SLR Quattro is up into P3 getting past KevinGT9389, but later that lap, the Haas makes a mistake at the final corner and spins around but only loses 2 positions down to P6.

At the end of Lap 31 now a lot of the field is unchanged but most of the action is with the front 3, all battling from Lap 23 trying to get past and Leviking16 controlling the race beautifully so far with SimbarocksONE and SLR Quattro both breathing down his neck. But the Alfa Romeo of SimbarocksONE makes a mistake out of the Chicane of Turn 14 and 15 and SLR Quattro gets a lot closer to the Alfa Romeo and is able to get past him out of Turn 13 on the last lap to take P2.

But going over the finish line, the Aston Martin of Leviking16 takes the win and is the 4th different winner from the first 4 rounds of this championship! SLR Quattro comes home in P2 after a great recovery from his spin earlier in the race. And the final podium spot goes to SimbarocksONE who was close to winning but just couldn’t find the opportunity he needed and lost another position to the Ferrari of SLR Quattro. Another notable drive, SLR Liamm finished the sprint in P12 and gained 5 positions in the race to get P7, a good race for the Alpine driver.  
More racing laps over the whole weekend did bring a lot of action, and the nature of the track made the side by side action that much more entertaining. Sure next week will bring the same kind of action as we head to a track new to the calendar of Miami. A brand new street circuit with the wall always looming large should any mistake be made. But until then, tune in next week for Round 5 at Miami and until then have a great week!

Pole Lap: 01.15.507

1. SLR Quattro
2. LP Smoke
3. LeviKing16
4. SLR Liamm
5. KevinGT9389
6. SimbarocksONE
7. UKBeastAssassin
8. ShutMedal
9. Riggsey x
10. IVR46I
11. SLR Bennett3810
12. SLR Sam
13. ZachIsBeast25
14. SLR Barlow


1. SLR Quattro
2. LeviKing16
3. KevinGT9389
4. SimbarocksONE
5. Riggsey x
6. IVR46I
7. ShutMedal
8. SLR Sam
9. ZachIsBeast25
10. UKBeastAssassin
11. SLR Barlow
12. SLR Liamm
13. LP Smoke
14. SLR Bennett3810


1. LeviKIng16
2. SLR Quattro
3. SimbarocksONE
4. Riggsey x
5. KevinGT9389
6. ShutMedal
7. SLR Liamm
8. IVR46I
9. SLR Bennett6810
10. UKBeastAssassin
11. SLR Barlow (DNF)
12. ZachIsBeast25 (DNF)
13. SLR Sam (DNF)
14. LP Smoke (DNF)

Division 2

In division 2 this week we had the honour of getting the first ever sprint weekend under way in SLR. In qualifying was great to see so many cars on track with the shorten qualifying session but it was Nathyboywinner took pole from j Lee menz by just .093 of a second. Familiar sight of GoldenEggFryer and SLR Jack would line up on the second row.

To the sprint race then and early drama as Jack jumped the start, GoldenEggFryer AI didn’t move causing a huge pile up which saw two drivers retire. And we had a safety car.

It wasn’t til lap 5 of the 11 we had ahead of us that we got racing again. Nathyboywinner made a great restart and built up a solid lead.

Big battle for some minor points in the sprint race throughout with SLR moley and badotter battling it out. He did get the move done on lap 8. As Leah spun allowed drivers through.
Soiterclock got passed Charlie for P4 with drs assistance.
Adrian had a late move on the last lap to take the final point of the sprint making up 9 places in the short race.

Nathyboywinner was clear out in front and the first sprint race winner in SLR. SLR Morgan took 2nd and j Lee menz 3rd.

So on we went to the Grand Prix with the grid now set after the sprint race. Rain was predicted for the end of the race so tyre choice was interesting.

A very much cleaner start from all in this one a few picking up damage.
But Nathyboywinner remained in front and there was no change in order of the top 3.

The race settled straight away but mcloughlin was the early mover making up 11 places in 5 laps having chose to start on the soft tyres. As menz and Charlie swapped positions a couple of times fighting for P3 at that stage.

Lap 8 saw the soft runners become in for a change of tyres.
Meanwhile There was a huge fight for P3 going on between Charlie, menz and clock, came to a sudden end. On lap 14. As menz spun out and then the unfortunate SouthRaptor went in to menz which meant he was out and we had our first safety car of the Grand Prix. This allowed the field to pit and close up again.

We got going again and with 10 laps to go clouds gathered and rain started to come down. As clock was right there fighting he ran wide and as he came back on track lit up the rears and spun out into the wall. A safety car was required and won’t the rain coming down the Field pit for intermediates.

Cscmorris was going to lead us away at the restart followed by Adrian in 2nd. Nathyboywinner who was cruising out in front now found himself in 3rd. The three of them had a great battle on the restart.

Nathyboy did reclaim the lead on lap 28 as Adrian was going backwards as Morgan and menz got passed then Charlie as well as a little mistake was made.

Lap 30 saw championship leader menz spin out and that was his chance of points this weekend over.

On the last lap Adrian and Charlie battling out they had contact and Charlie lost it the rear a bit but did recover. But this allowed SLR Jack through.

No catching nathyboywinner though and he took the sprint and the feature well done to him. SLR Morgan came home P2 and cscmorris picked up the final step on the podium just ahead of Adrian in P4

Pole Lap: 01.15.734

2. J Lee Menz
3. GoldenEggFryer
4. SLR Jack
5. SotierClock110
6. SLR Morgan
7. Scar Borga
9. M Mcloughlin x
10. BadOtterTV
11. legendardannyd
12. SLR Moley
13. CSCMorris
14. SLR Leah
15. ARL PReDaToRZz
16. SLR Marsh
17. Adrian VIII
18. SouthRaptor


2. SLR Morgan
3. J Lee Menz
4. SotierClock110
6. BadOtterTV
7. CSCMorris
8. Adrian VIII
9. SLR Moley
10. SouthRaptor
11. ARL PReDaToRZz
12. SLR Jack
13. SLR Mash
14. SLR Leah (DNF)
15. GoldenEggFryer (DNF)
16. ScarBorga (DNF)
17. legendarydannyd (DNF)
18. M Mcloughlin x (NDF)


2. SLR Morgan
3. CSCMorris
4. AdrianVIII
5. SLR Jack
7. SLR Moley
9. SLR Leah
10. M Mcloughlin x
11. legendarydannyd
12. J Lee Menz
13. GoldenEggFRyer
14. SLR Mash
15. SotierClock110 (DNF)
16. SouthRaptor (DNF)
17. BadOtterTV (DNF)
18. Scar Borga (DNF)

Incident 1:

SLR Jack Vs BadOtterTV – racing incident

Jack is entitled to room through the first few corners but due to the nature of the first few corners (especially at the start of the race) it is difficult to go side by side. Both drivers have to take some of the blame for the incident but neither are solely or wholly at fault.

Incident 2:

SLR Morgan reporting the SC restart – NFA

It is up to the leader of the pack to dictate the pace. There is no evidence provided that shows the nature of the incident which is described in the report, therefore without further evidence we cannot penalise anyone for this incident.

Incident 3:

Adrian Vs SLR Charlie – NFA

Adrian is ahead going into the chicane and there is contact made which forces him off track. Whilst the move is completed off track it was Adrian’s corner and the contact is what sent him off. We felt that penalising Adrian for this would be unfair as while he does gain an advantage going off track, this is only because he was forced off the track due to contact.

Incident 4:

SouthRaptor Vs Menz – QB and 3LP to Menz for multiple incidents.

We felt that due to the nature of the incident the applied penalty was fair. Not only did Menz rejoin the track in a dangerous manner, but his rejoin also lead to SouthRaptor retiring from the race.

Incident 5:

CSCMorris Vs Nathy – NFA

Nathy was ahead going into the corner and whilst there is slight contact, Morris remains on the track and so it is nothing more than a racing incident.

Division 3

Pole lap: 01.16.270

2. Josephhhhhhhh
3. THATGUY691244
4. Alpeh
5. FatTed24
6. SLR Allen
7. ZH acidz
8. BigBag92
9. SLR Xhaka
10. bl3in5121
11. SSR Halo
12. RRT AdamLee
14. skullkiller1014
15. dRaSt1k bLazE
16. F1 Warhead


2. THATGUY691244
3. BigBag92
4. ZH acidz
7. bl3in5121
8. Fat Ted24
9. Josephhhhhhhh
10. dRaSt1k bLazE
11. skullkiller1014
12. SLR Xhaka
13. Alpeh
14. F1 Warhead (NDF)
15. SLR Allen (DNF)
16. RRT AdamLee (DNF)


1. bl3in5121
2. BigBag92
3. THATGUY691244
4. dRaSt1k bLazE
5. Fat Ted24
7. F1 Warhead
9. RRT AdamLee
10. SLR Xhaka +5 sec
11. SSR Halo +5 sec
12. ZH acidz (DNF)
13. Alpeh (DNF)
14. Skullkiller1014 (DNF)
15. SLR Allen (DNF)
16. Josephhhhh (DSQ)

Alpeh vs bl3in: Blain makes a late move down the inside of alpeh making contact causing a spin, however alpeh can see the red arrow and continues to turn in and not leave the space on the inside for blain.
Racing incident

Xhaka vs acidz: acidz clearly cuts across xhaka causing them both to spin out.
10 second penalty 2lp – as acidz dnf quali ban for next race.

Xhaka vs Halo lap 9: Halo and xhaka side by side into turn 1, halo rides the inside curb causing him to jump into the path of xhaka making contact causing a spin.
5 second penalty 2lp

Xhaka vs Halo unsafe rejoin: Halo cuts across the gravel into turn 1 very quickly which looks to be safe. Not enough evidence here to penalise.
Racing incident

Xhaka vs blaze not starting the race: Blaze was kicked from the session for the start of the race causing him to not move off the start. As it was his AI and not his fault he was kicked.
Racing incident.

Xhaka vs Bl3in pushing out wide: Nothing much in it, blain squeezed xhaka off track while fighting for position.
Racing incident.

Xhaka vs skullkiller: Xhaka sticks his nose in where he shouldnt have into turn 3 causing skullkiller to be spun around.
5 second penalty 2lp.

Blaze vs skullkiller: Skullkiller outbrakes himself punting into the back of blaze. Both dont lose too much time overall.

Blaze vs Joseph: Joseph was in AI for this incident however if he wasn’t this incident wouldn’t have happened.
5 seconds 2lp

Warhead vs Ted: Warhead outbroke himself going deep into the corner meaning Ted doesn’t have the time to react/slow down.
Racing incident



Division 4

Pole Lap: 01.16.736

1. DarkStormQC
2. c0w3n
3. Pazuzu8195
4. Lenbau04
5. Timole2511
6. richie chapell
7. I Cxmzn I
8. SLR St2oH
9. JPPGaming96
11. I21I Maxwell
12. Stevobrick
14. DaZa FR34K
15. Baggiefan1995
16. Adnausium
17. HarveyQC
18. SLR Russell
19. SLR Hicklin
20. SmitHPDanX01

IMOLA GP SPRINT——————————–

It lights out and away we go for the first sprint race in division four history.

Pazuzu gets horrible wheelspin off the line and Stevoo veers off to the left alongside an Aston Martin.

TNXBG has retired from the race and Maxwell has been punted off into the gravel. Hicklin has also retired as we have a lap 1 safety car.

This lasted till the end of lap 4, with a top 5 of DarkstormQC, Lenbau, c0w3n, l Cxmzn l and richie chappell.

l Cxmzn l gets the better of c0w3n to get into p4, whilst Pazuzu8195 keeps richie on his toes.

Lap 5 saw chaos, issues for Baggiefan, Adnausium, SL Russell, TOTOWOLFF, Richie Chappell spinning round aswell.

Lap 8 saw Timole take 10th after passing the Haas of Maxwell and Stevobrick.

Lap 10 saw Pazuzu take c0w3n for 4th, whilst Stevobrick moves up to 11th.

St2oh has a little issue at the final chichane to drop a few places and we finish the sprint with…

1. Darkstorm
2. Lenbau
3. Cameron
4. Pazuzu
5. Cowen
6. DaZe FR34K
7. JPPGaming96
8. HarveyQC
9. SLR St2oH
10. Timole2511
11. Stevobrick
12. I21I Maxwell
13. Adnausium
14. richie chapell
15. Baggiefan1995
17. SLR Russell (DNF)
18. SmitHPDanX01 (DNF)
19. SLR Hicklin (DNF)

Incident 4: St2oH and DaZe FR34K – Lap 11 (Sprint Race), Causing a collision/spinning another car
Outcome: 10 Second time penalty and 3 license points to DaZe FR34k (Time penalty becomes qualification ban due to reitirement in the race)
Reason: DaZe FR34K spins St2oh and then proceeds to give him wing damage as a result.

Incident 5: l 21 l Maxwell and Adnausium – Lap 11 (Sprint Race), Causing a collision
Outcome: Racing Incident
Reason: l 21 l Maxwell takes an awkward line through the 2nd part of the chicane, and has to slow to make sure the car does not spin, whilst Adnausium takes a better line with more speed, the closeness of both drivers means that neither driver in this situation could react in time to avoid the incident.

Incident 7: richie chappell and St2oH – Lap 5 (Sprint Race), Causing a collision
Outcome: 5 second time penalty and 2 license points to St2oh ( time penalty becomes 1 license point due to retirement in the race)
Reason: St2oh is not able to fully brake in time before making contact with richie chappell and spins richie chappell around.

IMOLA GP ————————————–

Overnight… the clouds appearing and let it rain, 32 laps around Imola in the wet and we go racing.

After a start in tricky conditons we see Lenbau, Cameron and Pazuzu leads us in lap 2 with Darkstorm down to p4 and Harvey pitting in p5.

Pazuzu and Darkstorm schuffle and Pazuzu falls to p11 after a trip through the gravel trap.

A JPP spin sees a few cars collide with him and get damage.

There’s a coming together between cameron and Darkstorm and it sends the rear of cameron round.

Lap 4 and Russell takes the George Russell grass route around Imola, spins the car, front wing and tyre goes and he is out! SAFETY CAR.

Lap 8 saw green racing again and we had a few driver pick up drive throughs that they’ll need to serve soon.

We then see a collision between c0w3n and DaZe FR34K which see’s c0w3n in the wall and it means SAFETY CAR…

Lap 11, we go green again…

Unlucky lap 13 and whilst not fully captured on screen an incident between Pazuzu, Daze Fr34k and SLR St2oh sees all 3 retire from the race and for the 3rd time SAFETY CAR.

Lap 15 under the safety car, and I’m not personally sure how but Hicklin has DNF’d but we get ready to go racing on lap 16.

With pitstops occurring we have a top 5 of Lenbau, Timole, Cameron, Baggiefan and Maxwell.

Lap 16 sees Darkstorm have contact into the wall after tangling with an opponent. We also had a cameron wiggle in sector one, and Baggiefan up in P2 like West Brom in the Championship in a bygone era.

Timole takes P2 from Baggie back on Lap 19.

Entering lap 21 and leader Lenbau pits for fresh tyres and comes out in P11.

As we enter lap 22, Maxwell sells baggie the dummy and the Aston Martin runs wide with JPP getting through aswell. Baggie pits at the end of the lap for fresh boots.

Lap 29 after a Trulli train, TNX goes into the back of Maxwell which halts his momentum and allows Darkstorm into p3.

Due to the difference in tyre wear and unwilling to battle Maxwell yields P2 to Darkstorm. A few corners later TNX makes his move for p3.

Lap 30 Maxwell gets a puncture and drops to the 2nd last after having to nurse it round and pit.

Darkstorm pushes and pushes but in the end Timole’s tyres last 30laps, he had the codemaster gods on his side to ensure no puncture as he wins the race around Imola.

3. Lenbau
4. c0w3n
6. StevoBrick
7. RichieChappell
8. Cameron
9. JPPGaming
10. Baggiefan
11. Adnausium
12. I21I Maxwell
13. HarveyQC
14. SmitHPDanX01 (DSQ)
16. SLR Hicklin (DNF)
17. Pazuzu8195 (DNF)
18. DaZeFR34K (DNF)
19. SLR St2oH (DNF)
20. SLR Rusell (DNF)

SmithHPDAN was AI for 99% of the race so DSQ from results.

Incident 1: c0w3n and DaZe FR34K – lap 8, causing a collision
Outcome: No further action
Reason: c0w2n appears to lose the rear slightly, and the evidence provided seems to show DaZe FR34K lag into the back of c0w3n.

Incident 2: SLR Hicklin and SLRTOTOWOLFF – lap 14, causing a collision
Outcome: 15 second time penalty and 3 license points to SLRTOTOWOLFF (time penalty becomes a qualification ban due to retirement in the race)
Reason: SLRTOTOWOLFF fails to react in time and drives straight into SLR Hicklin under safety car, pushing into a wall and retiring him from the race.

Incident 3: St2oH, Pazuzu8195 and DaZe FR34K – Lap 13, Causing a collision
Outcome: Race ban and 6 License points to DaZe FR34K
Reason: Whilst racing down the main start/finish straight, St2oh is sufficiently alongside to warrant space to be left. At the slight right bend, DaZe FR34K does not turn to follow the bend, and drives St2oh off the road retiring him immediately. The subsequent rebound of DaZe FR34K’s car then hits Pazuzu8195 retiring him also.

Incident 6: Adnausium and c0w3n – Lap 16, Causing a collision
Outcome: 10 Second time penalty and 3 license point to c0w3n
Reason: c0w3n is a little heavy on the throttle and this forces his car to step out and collide with Adnausium, giving him major wing damage. Although he does let him through the stewards do find this incident to be c0w3ns fault.

Incident 8: SLRTOTOWOLFF and SLR Hicklin , lap 1 – dangerous driving
Outcome: No further action
Reason: The stewards found no further action to be the correct response due to clip not providing sufficient evidence of any wrong doing.

Stewards note: DaZe FR34K has now accrued 11 license points and so receives an official warning for driving standards and a qualification ban from the stewards as per the SLR license point rules

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