There is never a dull race in this division! 5 from 5!
The Mckeon division is proving to be incredibly unpredictable this season and Miami was no different. In qualifying it was a return to form for crispy, who claimed pole with his banker lap in q3. SLR Ogween started in p2 behind him after Crowding made a mistake in his final run, with the ETE driver starting in p3.
Lap 1 was…interesting…
Crispy got a poor start and so was side by side with ogween going through turn 1, however a slight moment on the turn 2 inside kerb meant that crispy understeered into the Aston Martin driver, causing both of them to spin out. Crowding had absolutely nowhere to go and so all 3 of the top 3 crashed! Crispy and crowding were able to box for front wing damage but ogween was out. This promoted snypz to p1, raceroller to p2 and Corey to p3. 3 laps later and Corey lost it himself in sector 1. He obviously liked the wall that ogween ended up in and was jealous of the Aston Martin driver for hitting it so early in the race. Corey’s crash brought out the safety car, crucially allowing crispy and crowding to catch back up on their hards. Ham on his return made a risky call to box for mediums under the SC and would play into the race later on
After the SC came in, the state of play was the following. Snypz was in p1 and raceroller in p2, both on mediums, and Elire and midzy were in p3 and p4 on the hards. Elite however had a 5s penalty for hitting roller under SC, which would prove important later on.

Snypz was able to gain on roller immediately after the SC came in, building up a 3 second lead over the red bull driver, who was looking backwards more than forwards. Roller was the first to pit out of the medium runners, giving elite and midzy clear track to work together and make their alternate strategy work. A few laps later the two alt strat runners did come in. Midzy came out ahead of Jito, who was having a decent race, and a couple of seconds behind raceroller. Elite came out in traffic a few seconds further back due to his 5 second penalty.
Therefore the state of play seemingly was snypz in a net p1, roller in a net p2 and then midzy in a net p3. However, crispy, crowding and ham had both made a pit stop and were p1, p2 and p3 ahead of all of these drivers. They were trying to go to the end!
A couple of laps after he came in, the Aston Martin on midzy closed up and then passed raceroller, setting after snypz and the top 3. Meanwhile, elite was making his way through the traffic ahead of him. The Alfa Romeo cleared everyone up to and including jito very easily and set after roller.
With a few laps to go, crispy and crowding were still in p1 and p2. However ham’s meds had hit the cliff and he was passed easily by Snypz and midzy. Midzy had got past snypz in all this too, so was the lead driver trying to catch up to crispy and crowding! Crowding had a 3s pen so crispy was in a net p1, until he spun with 2 laps left! A real shame for the pole sitter as he was having a very strong recovery drive. This left midzy in a fairly comfortable net p1, although Snypz had stayed in his drs. The reigning champion wanted the win on track though, passing crowding on the final corner. Therefore it was midzy in p1, snypz in p2 and crowding in p3 with his pen.
Further back, ham somehow managed to hold onto p4 with his mediums. Elite had got past raceroller for p5 but picked up a final lap penalty to drop to p6.
Onto Spain next week. 6 winners from 6 incoming?

Pole Lap: 01.26.659

1. Crispy2001
2. SLR Ogween77
3. CrowdingDor994
4. rcaeroller22
5. Snypz SB
6. ELiTE x Riskz
7. SLR Corey
8. BMidzy
9. bezzas1
10. SLR Jam40
11. ETSR Jensen2508
12. SemmF1
13. Jito DV
14. SLR Stann
15. SLR Ham18
16. V2 x Combat
17. ConnorW1537

Fastest Lap: 01.28.658 SLR Jam40

1. BMidzy
2. Snypz SB
3. CrowdingDoor994
4. SLR Ham19
5. raceroller22
6. ELiTE x Riskz
7. ETSR Jensen2508
8. bezzas1
9. Jito DV
10. ConnorW1537
11. Crispy2001 +10 sec
12. V2 x Combat
13. SLR Jam40
14. SemmF1 (DNF)
15. SLR Stann (DNF)
16. SLR Corey (DNF)
17. SLR Ogween77 (DFN)

Incident 1 involving RaceRoller and Elite Risks – Warning to RaceRoller.

After consideration regarding both clips, we see that the move is completed in enough time before the braking zone and RaceRoller does go through the back of risks. Luckily, risks does not get affected too much by this incident and it could be argued that Roller comes out worse. We are all in agreement that it is only a warning to Roller rather than a time penalty.

Incident 2 involving Crispy, Crowding & Ogwen
– 10s & 2LP to Crispy for terminal damage to Ogwen.
The stewards agree that, though unfortunate, Crispy is the main fault here and is the main factor to causing this incident by having his car up the inside and riding the curb which inevitably leads to contact between drivers. Following the penalty guides, we have to give this penalty to keep consistent throughout the division.



Division 1

Round 5 for SLR Divison 1 and Welcome to Miami!

A new circuit to the calendar this year and it sure has its traits and difficulties to bring a new challenge to all the drivers in the division.

Qualifying was an interesting session as UKBeastAssassin, could only manage P14 but SLR Quattro would take his second pole position in a row closely followed by Leviking16, and a mixed up grid would bring some great entertainment to the race.

Onto the race now, off the start Leviking16 is able to jump SLR Quattro before the first corner! All is well until Quattro takes the first corner and is spun by Evoke Replay, dropping the Ferrari driver to the back with a lot of work to do. Meanwhile, the spin does cause some chaos with drivers avoiding the spinning Ferrari but all get through mildly unscathed.

Lap 2 now and a collision between Evoke Replay and SimbarocksONE with the former being spun around which causes a large crash behind as drivers try to avoid the carnage with VR46 being tagged from behind giving damage to many drivers involved.

Lap 8, and the first retirement of the race is the Williams of SLR Barlow who was involved in the carnage at the chicane and decided to call it quits and retire. Meanwhile, the drivers have settled into the race and the key battles were 3rd and 4th being separated by half a second, and the battle for 7th place. The battle for 3rd is made easy as Riggsey x makes a mistake out the last corner and SimbarocksONE is able to get through easily down the main straight.

Lap 17 SimbarocksONE is into the pits to go onto the mediums and a lap later SLR Quattro is in for his stop, the gap for Simba is 7.2 seconds at the end of lap 17 can he find the time he needs to take the lead and win this race? Lap 25 now and SimbarocksONE is within touching distance of the Aston Martin of Leviking16 with a gap of 1.5 seconds could he really pull this off and win his first race of the season? On the last lap, LP Smoke took the risk to take Mediums to the end and unfortunately entering the final lap he gets a puncture which ruins any chance for points for the Aston Martin driver.

But to the finish line and Leviking16 takes the win here in round 5 at Miami! He held off the charging Alfa Romeo behind him excellently to win with SimbarocksONE finishing P2 who keeps getting closer to the win every week and I’m positive by the end of the season he will have multiple wins to his name. To finish the podium was SLR Quattro who did a great job to recover from the back of the grid at Lap 1. Another notable drive is from the McLaren of UKBeastAssassin who finishes in P6 from P14 giving him good points towards the championship fight.

Compared to races prior, not the most entertaining but that’s some high bar to hit, but next week a track which brings high importance for a good strategy, and is a tricky track for all Catalunya, Spain next week which I’m sure will bring some Safety Cars as there are a few corners which will easily cause terminal crashes but until then have an awesome week all!

Pole Lap: 01.27.061

1. SLR Quattro
2. LeviKing16
3. SimbarocksONE
4. SLR Liamm
5. SLR Vandoorne
6. Evoke Replays
7. MeRkz47
8. KevinGT9389
9. Riggsey x
10. IVR46I
11. ShutMedal
12. SLR Barlow
13. ZachIsBeast25
14. UKBeastAssassin
15. LP Smoke

Fastest Lap: 01.29.365 MeRkz47

1. LeviKing16
2. SimbarocksONE
3. SLR Quattro
4. Riggsey x
5. SLR Vandoorne
6. UKBeastAssassin
7. IVR46I
8. ZachIsBeast25
9. KevinGT9389
10. ShutMedal
11. SLR Liamm
12. MeRkz47
13. LP Smoke
14. Evoke Replays (DNF)
15. SLR Barlow (DNF)

SLR Quattro vs Evoke Replays – Lap 1 – Spinning Another Car

Verdict: 5 Second Penalty + 2LPs to Evoke Replays

Evoke Replays went straight into the back of SLR Quattro into Turn 1 causing him to spin



Division 2

In division two this week a Debut appearance at Miami in SLR saw a dry qualifying. SLR Morgan took pole but unfortunately had a 5 place grid drop for an incident during qualifying. So SLR Charlie lined up on pole. Joining him on the front row was WOR AndrewF1. LSW legend and badotter locked out the second row.

To the race then and a wet race at that was in store. With a predictability of the rain stopping towards the end of the race. The atmosphere was building, Adrian was heard on radio complaining how he couldn’t hear his race engineer over the frantic Miami crowd.

Andrew made a better start and got the lead. Badotter followed him through. As Charlie went from P1 to P4 in the opening lap. J Lee menz gained 8 positions on the opening lap!

The race settled after the opening lap as drivers looked to get in to a good rhythm in the tricky conditions. As GoldenEggFryer had a the first of a few spins shall we say.

Lap 4 saw division debutant active jmc crash out and a safety car was required. This allowed some of the drivers to pit and repair some minor damage. It was lap 8 when we got going again a third of the way through the race already.

Badottertv made a move on Andrew for the lead on the restart and made a stick. As SLR Morgan and Charlie also swapped positions.

Lap 12 Charlie made a small mistake and then a couple seconds up the road LSW legend lit up his tyres and lost the car and was now out. This meant a safety was required once again. The two leaders at that stage badotter and Andrew pitted for fresh intermediates however the rest of the field stayed out so they had some work to do.

SLR Morgan lead the way on the restart. SLR Jack crashed on the main straight and he was out. Badotter did make up a couple places on the opening lap of the restart with some nice fresh inters. As we were now over half way through the race.

Lap 17 saw McLoughlin take P2 from SLR Leah. As badotter made another move sending down the inside of soiterclock.
A couple laps later Andrew also on the fresh tyres got passed clock. Further back ARL predatorz and SLR mash we’re getting there elbows out battling for P11

The rain had stopped on lap 21 so it was a case of waiting for a dry line to appear. And have a sprint for line. The decision on when to pit for drys got made a lot easier as a 3rd safety car of the race came out. After a huge crash between Andrew and a helpless cscmorris.

McLoughlin and badotter stayed out behind the safety for an extra lap but this was a mistake and they lost out the track position.

SLR Morgan was going to lead us a way for the last two laps. He had a 3 second time penalty so had to absolutely bolt it when we got racing again and he did just that and claimed the victory.
SLR Leah and SLR Charlie were side by side down the back straight for P2, Leah just keeping his nose ahead. And that was your podium for the first Miami GP.
J Lee menz had a noticeable drive from the back of the grid taking P4.

Pole Lap: 01.27.818

2. WOR AndrewF1
3. LSW L3G3ND44
4. BadOtterTV
5. M Mcloughlin x
6. SLR Morgan
7. SLR Leah
8. CSCMorris
9. GoldenEggFryer
10. SLR Jack
11. SLR Moley
12. SotierClock110
13. ARL PReDaToRZz
14. SLR Mash
15. Adrian VIII
16. Active JMC
17. J Lee Menz

Fastest Lap: 01.29.841 SLR Morgan

1. SLR Morgan
2. SLR Leah
4. J Lee Menz
5. GoldenEggFryer
6. SLR Moley
7. BadOtterTV
8. M Mcloughlin x +5 sec
10. SLR Mash
11. Adrian VIII
12. SotierClock110 (DNF)
13. CSCMorris (DNF)
14. WORAndrewF1 (DNF)
15. SLR Jack (DNF)
16. LSW L3G3ND44 (DNF)
17. Active JMC (DNF)

M McLoughlin x illegal overtake on sc restart – 5s and 1LP.

M McLoughlin clearly overtakes before the start/finish line.



Division 3

Pole Lap: 01.27.726

2. THATGUY691244
3. BRT AdamLee
5. BigBag92
6. SLR Scopezz
7. SLR Allen
8. SSR Halo
9. SLR Xhaka
10. F1 Warhead
11. Fat Ted24
12. dRaSt1k bLazE
13. bl3in5121

Fastest Lap: 01.30.528 SLR EVVO

2. THATGUT691244
3. RRT AdamLee
4. SLR Scopezz
5. dRaSt1k bLazE
6. SLR Allen
7. Fat Ted24
8. SLR Xhaka
10. F1 Warhead
11. SSR Halo (DNF)
12. BigBag92 (DNF)
13. bl3in5121 (DNF)




Division 4

South Beach, bringin the heat, uh
Haha, can y’all feel that

Welcome to Miami, as the drivers get ready to explore the new track in Formula One after our very own SLR Russell takes Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler on a Pirelli Hotlap of which the NBA Star described as “oh he fast fast” similar to his lap with Lando at COTA.

Onto the race though and 13 take the lights out as we go racing around the Miami International Autodrome.

Darkstorm starts from pole, with Lenbau, Pazuzu and reserve debutant Starsophan making up the top 4 as we’ll start in Intermediate conditions.

Cameron makes a crazy start, a gain of 7 places sees him up to P5 by the end of lap one and then the mega battle begins between 2 titans as Cameron and Russell seek to do battle.

Adnausium takes some wing damage in the tight section of the track on lap 2 as the top 4 four of Darkstorm, Lenbau, Pazuzu and Maxwell pull away due to the battles behind.

By lap 5, Harvey had made some great gains, the last of which a pass on Stevo for P7. This becomes p6 when Russell clips the kerb, spins and occurs front wing damage.

Russell would then DNF by the end of lap 6 bringing out the safety car and some drivers opt to pit due to the track starting to dry, but is it dry enough yet we ask?

Yes! As by opting to go the lap earlier Harvey jumps way up the order to P2. Giving us Lap 8 everyone bunched together and the 3 tyres compounds now on within the top 5.

It’s lap 10 and we go racing again as Bert Mylander enters the pits and the end of the lap see’s Starsorphan and Adnausium take positions from Stevobrick.

Lap 11 see’s Cameron retire in the pits and we are down to 10, all who finish will score points and out of nowhere race leader Darkstorm spins and Lenbau takes the lead.

Lap 12 has contact between Pazuzu and Darkstorm with the former losing a place to SmitHPDan aswell.

In an event of dejavu, Darkstorm repeats his lap 11 spin on lap 13 and drops to P7. Whilst this unfolds there’s a great battle between Dan and Pazuzu this lasts for a few laps as we head to lap 17 where leader Lenbau pits for fresh mediums and comes out 6th, with 12 to go!

Lap 19 see’s a lovely move by SmitHPDan on Maxwell for p2.

After using fresh tyres to his advantage, Lenbau is up to P3 right on the heels of Pazuzu on lap 23 and with everyone made their final stops we see a top 6 of Harvey, Pazuzu, Lenbau, SmitHPDan, Starsorphan and Maxwell.

Lenbau does get Pazuzu at the end of lap 24 and has 5 laps to try and catch the leader Harvey on his old hards.

It’s a feisty battle, it comes down to Lenbau DRS, ERS ,SLIPSTREAM he makes the move, but Harvey sends it their contact but both carry on fine, Lenbau has the grip and he peels away to take the chequered flag in the maiden Miami GP.

Before stewards penalties are applied… Lenbau P1, Harvey P2, Pazuzu P3, SmitHPDan P4, Maxwell P5(Fastest Lap) , Starsorphan P6, Darkstorm P7 Adnausium P8 Stevobrick P9, SLR Hicklin rounds out the top 10.

Adnausium did retire on the last lap, but had not been lapped hence the P8.

Till next we’ll see you for some (S)pain.

Pole Lap: 01.37.788

1. DarkStormQC
2. Lenbau04
3. Pazuzu8195
4. Starsorphan6
5. I21I Maxwell
6. SLR Russell
7. Stevobrick
8. richie chappell
9. SmitHPDanX01
10. SLR Hicklin
11. Adnausium
12. I Cxmzn I
13. HarveyDC

Fastest Lap: 01.30.382 I21I Maxwell

1. Lenbau04
2. HarveyQC
3. Pazuzu04
4. SmitHPDanX01
5. I21I Maxwell
6. Starsorphan6
7. DarkStormQC
8. Adnausium
9. Stevobrick
10. SLR Hicklin
11. I Cxmzn I (DNF)
12. SLR Russell (DNF)
13. richie chappell (DNF)

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