October 1, 2023

Forever Racing in memory of Callum McKeon


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Mckeon report
One word. Sweat. Spain is usually a track that is very close in league races and this race was no different. In q1, 2nd to 15th were separated by 3 tenths! Incredibly tight. In q2, the top 11 were separated by 3 tenths, with a 1:17.0 being required to get into the top 10 shootout. During this session Semm decided that Dylan’s red bull would be the best place for his car to end up at the end of his final q2 lap, retiring the Dutchman in an incident of pure driving excellence from the AT driver. In q3 it was also very very tight. The top 2 of ogween and Corey were quite a bit clear. A month or so ago Ogween had moved to a cave with an Xbox and a copy of the F1 game that only allowed him to do Spain TT and so has spent most of the game in the top 5 of the Spain TT leaderboards, whereas rumour has it that Corey actually has been living at the Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya in the metaverse this week with the amount of laps he’s done. The long and short of it: they’re both cracked at Spain and I’m Defo not envious that they dunked half a second on me in every quali session today (except for q3 as despite my best efforts to destroy the competition- both on track and with my car as a weapon- I still only started 11th so couldn’t partake in q3).
Anyway, Corey and Ogween both managed 16.4s in q3, with Ogween on pole. Absolute freaks. Behind them, it was incredibly close. Multiple cars managed a 16.6, the fastest of these being crispy. Jito, midzy and jam also managed this time. Then further behind them, f1xdriverx2018 was one of a further few drivers to manage a 16.7. 3 tenths separating the top 9, with championship leader raceroller the only one to not set a representative time in p10. With how close and how fast the field was, this was the perfect opportunity for a few people to assert themselves as a title challenger and close up to Roller.

Now for the race:
Off the line, Ogween and Corey both had good starts and held position over crispy. Personally I think Corey should be given some bonus points for actually having a good start for once. Further behind, midzy had an excellent start, making his way past jito for p4. In the first couple of laps, Ogween and Corey threatened to bolt away from the field. The Aston Martin driver gapped Corey, who in turn eventually gapped crispy by a bit. It then became clear that this was not a race for everyone. It was a competition to see who out of all of the drivers in the field would produce the most sweat. Nobody at the front had pens. Nobody at the front made any massive mistakes (at least for now). Just some very quick driving.
As the stint went on, Corey, was beginning to close in on ogween a bit. He got into the Aston’s DRS and then on lap 14 pulled the pin, going for an undercut. Crispy also chose to box this lap, hoping to use his strong pace from the end of the stint to close up to the top 2. Ogween would have to respond on the following lap, but received a massive blessing from the racing gods when Griffiths crashed, bringing out a safety car! This safety car would massively mix up the field as not only did ogween get ahead of Corey, but midzy and jam would as well! Crispy also lost out to jam and midzy, dropping down to p5.
Therefore, despite having to double stack under the SC, it was an Aston Martin 1-2.
Corey was understandably p***ed off at the SC, as that marked the third different safety car this season that had negatively affected a chance of him winning.
Jeddah: stays out for hards-lost p1
Miami: caught up behind the SC because he pit too late
And now Spain: losing 2 (maybe even 3) positions because of the safety car.
‘When will it end Robbie?’-SLR Corey, probably.

The answer to this question would be answered very shortly. For some reason, Corey span under safety car. Luckily for him, he was able to regain most of the places he lost as most of the drivers who passed him were given an illegal overtake warning. However, he still dropped down to 6th. Rumour has it this made Corey’s head decide to go on holiday to New Zealand with how gone it was, unsurprisingly. The safety car chaos was not over though! Midzy had his own moment under the SC, managing to save the car but losing a position to jam in the process.
In all of this championship leader roller was in p7, having a quiet race but on fresh mediums. Once the safety car came in he was of course looking to use these to make his way forward, although was unable to do so.
Back to the battle for the win. It was clear one of jam or ogween would win. Both drivers didn’t dare blink for the rest of the race. Firstly ogween tried to break DRS. This attempt was unsuccessful. He had to fight it on track. With just 5 laps remaining, jam made his move, braving it round the outside of turn 1. The Ferrari had managed his ERS excellently and had extremely strong pace. Ogween would try to fight back but couldn’t do enough. Jam crossed the line in p1 to become the first driver this season to pick up more than one victory. Some may have thought that australia was a one off, given that Jam hasn’t been at the top in the top division since season 6, but with such an incredible performance I think it’s very clear that Jam is in this title fight and getting back to his old form. Ogween is another driver who looks very strong, making a return to the podium in p2. Crispy would regain p3 after midzy made a mistake which dropped him to p4. Jito had a strong result in p5 and Corey would come home in p6.
What track do we have next week I wonder? Ah yes, everyone’s favourite track. Monaco. That should be fun.

Pole Lap: 01.16.429

1. SLR Ogween77
2. SLR Corey
3. Crispy2001
4. JitoDV
5. BMidzy
6. SLR Jam40
7. bezzas
8. F1xDriverx2018
9. WTurn3r
10. raceroller22
11. SemmF1
12. ETE Crowding
13. SLR Griffiths
14. SLR Stann
15. SLR Dylan
16. JibJab325
17. ELiTE x Riskz
18. V2 x Combat

Fastest Lap: 01.18.394 SemmF1

1. SLR Jam40
2. SLR Ogween77
3. Crispy2001
4. BMidzy
5. Jito DV
6. SLR Corey
7. CrowdingDoor996
8. raceroller22
9. F1xDriverx2018
10. bezzas1
11. V2 x Combat
12. ELiTE x Riskz
13. SLR Stann
14. SemmF1
15. WTurn3r (DNF)
16. SLR Dylan (DNF)
17. JibJab325 (DNF)
18. SLR Stann (DNF)

Divison 1

Poel LAP: 01.17.197

1. LP Smoke
2. UKBeastAssassin
3. SimbarocksONE
4. Leviking16
5. SLR Vandoorne
6. MeRkz47
7. Pancakes no1
8. EVOKE Replay
9. ShutMedal
10. IVR46I
11. SLR Liamm
12. DPT Paul
13. KevinGT9389
14. ZachIsBeast25
15. Riggsey x
16. OwenHowell36
17. SLR Barlow
18. SLR ranga
19. FGE Alfie
20. SLR Sam

Fastest Lap: 01.19.352 SLR Liamm

1. SimbarocksONE
2. LeviKing16
3. SLR Sam
4. Pancakes no1
5. ZachIsBeast25
6. OwenHowell36
7. Riggsey x
8. ShutMedal
9. UKBeastAssassin +5 sec
10. Evoke Replay
11. SLR Barlow
12. KevinGT9389
13. SLR Liamm
14. FGE Alfie
15. SLR Vandoorne
16. MeRkz47 (DNF)
17. LP Smoke (DNF)
18. DPT Paul (DNF)
19. IVR46I (DNF)
20. SLR ranga (DNF)

Riggsey vs UKBeastAssassin – Lap 27 – Spinning Another Car
Verdict: 5 Seconds + 1LP to UKBeastAssassin

MeRkz47 vs DPT Paul – Lap 14 – Causing A Collision
Verdict: 10 Seconds + 3LPs to DPT Paul

Kevingt9389 vs UKBeastAssassin – Lap 26 – Spinning Another Car
Verdict: Racing Incident

UKBeastAssassin vs SLR Liamm – Lap 15 – Causing A Collision
Verdict: Racing Incident

Division 2

In division 2 this a dry qualifying and race awaited at the circuit de Catalunya M McLoughlin took pole by the finest of margins. Adrian pulled off his best qualifying and joined him on the front row. Championship leader j Lee menz was 3rd and SLR Jack 4th.with the top 4 separated by just .054 of a second!

To the race then, Despite Adrian being on the soft tyres j Lee menz got the better start and moved up to P2. Was a very clean get away and fair racing from all drivers in the opening laps. Morgan spun on lap 2 well cscmorris became the first retiree.

Lap 4 and 5 saw LSW legend and Leah swap positions a couple of times then a bit of contact sent Leah and badotter round. Meanwhile out front the two Ferrari’s were pulling each other along which nullified Adrian’s softer tyres.

Lap 8 saw the train for the lead have 6 cars in it. And there wasn’t much give. Adrian pulled into the pits after 11 laps on the softs. As SLR Charlie and GoldenEggFryer seemingly came together which cost them some time.

Once we hit the pit window lots changed with drivers now on hard tyres Adrian was in net P1 after pitting earlier.

On lap 22 a spun SLR Leah was unavoidable for SLR mash this brought out the safety car and brought the field together and allowed the field to pit on to soft tyres.

With 7 laps to go The order on the restart we had AndrewF1 leading followed by Adrian, active jmc and predatorz.it would not stay this way however and I think the less said about the final few laps the better.

Lots of change from the restart but it was championship leader j Lee menz took the Win. Followed home by teammate M McLoughlin for a ferrari 1-2 LSW legend picked up a podium in P3 and ARL predatorz notable solid drive in P4. SLR Jack P5 and SLR Moley P6.

Pole Lap:

1. M Mcloughlin x
2. Adrian VIII
3. J Lee Menz
4. SLR Jack
6. Active JMC
7. LSW L3G3ND44
8. legendarydannyd
9. GoldenEggFryer
10. SLR Morgan
11. WOR AndrewF1
12. MasonGammon05
13. SLR Moley
14. SouthRaptor966
15. CSCMorris
16. SLR Leah
17. ARL PReDaToRZz
18. SLR Mash
19. BadOtterTV

Fastest Lap: 01.20.161 Adrian VIII

1. J Lee Menz
2. M Mcloughlin
3. LSW L3G3ND44
5. SLR Jack
6. SLR Moley
8. SouthRaptor +10 sec
9. GoldenEggFryer +10 sec
10. Adrian VIII +10 sec
11. BadOtterTV +10 sec
12. Active JMC (DNF)
13. WOR AndrewF1 (DNF)
14. SLR Mash (DNF)
15. SLR Morgan (DNF)
16. MasonGammon05 (DNF)
17. CSCMorris (DNF)
18. SLR Leah (DNF)
19. legendarydannyd (DNF)

Incident 1:

Andrew Vs Active JMC – Racing Incident

After reviewing the evidence provided by both drivers, the stewards agreed that the initial contact was instigated by Andrew and the secondary contact was made as a result of this, therefore we felt a racing incident was the right decision for this incident.

Reminder to all drivers to be mindful of what they say in clips that they are sending in, it cannot always be helped in the heat of the moment but certain derogatory terms are not appreciated under any circumstance. (1LP to WOR AndrewF1).

Incident 2:

SLR Charlie Vs Adrian VIII – 10s and 2LP to Adrian for spinning another car

Adrian hits the back of Charlie, causing him to spin.

Incident 3:

Active JMC Vs Adrian VIII – 5s and 1LP for spinning another car.

This incident is less clear cut than the previous one, but the contact is still initiated by Active and so 5s has been awarded.

Incident 4:

GoldenEggFryer Vs SouthRaptor – 10s and 2LP to SouthRaptor for spinning another car.

Raptor doesn’t leave enough room on the inside and spins EggFryer out.

Incident 5:

EggFryer – 10s pen remova – NFA

Nothing can be done about this as the penalty is for exceeding track limits.

Incident 6:

Andrew Vs Active JMC – Race ban for Andrew for dangerous/reckless driving.

Incident 7:

BadOtterTV Vs SLR Leah – 10s and 2LP to BadOtterTV for spinning another car.

BadOtter spins out Leah.

WOR AndrewF1 also has a Qually Ban due to accumulating 9LP’s.

SouthRaptor also has a Qually Ban due to accumulating 10LP’s.

Division 3

Pole Lap: 01.24.281

1. TIR Justhaze
2. THATGUY691244
4. Fat Ted24
5. bl3in5121
6. Alpeh
7. BigBag92
8. RRT AdamLee
10. ZH acidz
11. SLR Scopezz
12. dRaSt1k bLazE
13. SSR Halo
14. SLR Xhaka
15. F1 Warhead
16. SLR Allen

Fastest Lap: 01.20.727 RRT AdamLee

1. bl3in5121
2. TIR Justhaze
3. SLR Xhaka
4. SLR EVVO +5 sec
7. F1 Warhead
8. dRaStik bLazE
9. RRT AdamLee (DNF)
10. Fat Ted24 (DNF)
11. Alpeh (DNF)
12. SLR Allen (DNF)
13. SLR Scopezz (DNF)
14. ZH acidz (DNF)
15. THATGUY691244 (DNF)
16. BigBag92 (DNF)

Lap 1 Turn 3 incident involving SLR Scopezz, RRT AdamLee, ZH acidz & more
Outcome: No Further Investigation
Reason: Due to the lack of evidence for this incident we were unable to determine who instigated this crash. Because of this we were unable to investigate the incident further.

Lap 1 Turn 4 incident involving TIR JustHaze, SLR EVVO & bl3in5121
Outcome: 5s + 1LP to SLR EVVO, 1LP to bl3in5121
Reason: bl3in5121 tries to move into a gap which does not exist, which unsettles EVVO. However we believe that there was enough time for EVVO to slow down earlier for this incident and so we have deemed a 5 second penalty necessary.

Lap 19 incident involving SLR Xhaka & RRT AdamLee
Outcome: 10s + 2LP to RRT AdamLee
Reason: Adam has lost traction due to the conditions and in doing so has caused a large collision, spinning both himself and SLR Xhaka.

Lap 27 incident involving RRT AdamLee & TIRCODZILLA
Outcome: 5s + 2LP to TIRCODZILLA
Reason: a slight loss of traction under the wet condition has caused a rather large collision as Cod has forced Adam off the track and onto the next corner at high speed, this could have been much worse if there was another car in this section of the track.

Division 4

———————– Division 4 report – Spain ———————-
A field of 15 took to Catalunya looking to win the Spanish grand prix, with Darkstorm and Lenbau on the front row who would come through the chaos to take the chequered flag.

Pazuzu greats a great launch of the line, the polar opposite of Imola and he takes Lenbau and challenges Darkstorm, till the backstraight where he makes the move up the inside to take the lead. Cameron has a great start as does Harvey, whilst Lenbau spins on the final corner and tumbles down the grid. Jewels would follow after spinning at the start of lap 2 at turn two. This brought a very short virtual safety car.

Lap 5 and we had a great battle between the front 2 that saw Darkstorm back out on top, whilst Lenbau’s recovery drive got him up to p7. Lap 6 saw a JPP spin and he dropped to P12.

Lenbau was now up to P5 by Lap11 and a 3rd of the way through we had Darkstorm, Pazuzu, Hicklin, Starsophan and Lenbau as the top 5. Maxwell had a spin and the solo hard runner dropped to P10.

Lap 16 saw a Cameron retirement under cold tyres after his pitstop but no safety car was called. Halfway through before our first DNF.

Lap 20 saw the retirement of Harvey leaving us 13 runners all on the hards with a varying degree of tyre wear.

Lap 24 saw the race continue to even out as Maxwell pitted from his starting hards to move to softs to copy a strat showcased in division 2, one night earlier.

Then suddenly the course of the race takes a dramatic swing, deep into one of the final corners, see’s Pazuzu out of shape, he gets the car back on track, but pushes, dips the tyre onto the kerb and with 5 laps to go the car spins round and into the wall and it’s a DNF and hows this for drama it’s a safety car.

It’s the end of lap 31, there’s been so much drama with pitters. The top 3 have stayed out on used hards, Hicklin in 4th down to 8th are all on softs and amongst the pack are lapped cars Jewels, Daze and JPP, this could be carnage but they have every right to fight respectfully as it’s for points paying positions.

We get ready to go green and through the confusion with lapped cars, Starsophan has been tapped and spun from behind, many cars do well to dodge him and we are racing.

Maxwell pushes too much alongside Hicklin and hits a sausage kerb and spins round to no damage, patience would have likely been better here.

That aside its stationary positions, as Darkstorm stretches away while the chaos ensues to take a win after 5 pole positions in a row and we have the following classification before stewards penalties are applied.
SLR Hicklin
Richie Chappell
21 Maxwell
SLR St2oh
DaZe FR34K

Fastest Lap – Maxwell Lap 23

Pole Lap: 01.17.800

1. DarkStormQC
2. LenBau84
3. Pazuzu8195
5. SLR Hicklin
6. Starsorphan6
7. I Cxmzn I
8. JPPGaming96
9. Adnausuim
10. richie chappell
11. Stevobrick
12. SLR St2oH
13. I21I Maxwell
14. DaZe FR3AK
15. HarveyQC

Fastest Lap: 01.20.139 I21I Maxwell

1. DarkStormQC
2. SLR Hicklin
3. richie chappell
4. Lenbau04 +5 sec
5. I21I Maxwell
6. Adnausium
7. SLR St2oH
8. Starsorphan6
9. JPPGaming96
10. DaZe FR3AK
12. Pazuzu8195 (DNF)
13. HarveyQC (DNF)
14. I Cxmzn I (DNF)
15. Stevobrick (DNF)

Incident 1: l 21 l Maxwell and Lenbau04 – Lap 32, Excessive Weaving
Outcome: No Further Action
Reason: Stewards agreed that Lenbau04 was not weaving excessively, and was trying to break the tow.

Incident 2: Starsorphan6 and Lenbau04 – Lap 31, Causing a collision
Outcome: 5 second time penalty and 2 License points to Lenbau04
Reason: Lenbau04 was too close under Safety Car to be able to react to another car moving and subsequently made contact spinning Starsorphan6.

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