Mckeon report
To put it quickly, lots of people crashed. Firstly semm. Imagine being so dumb that you unpause your game in the middle of a braking zone at a street track. Really impressive. Some may even call it inspirational. Then the other alpha tauri of Bulbeast crashed. Rumour has it Helmut Marko has considered scrapping both drivers from the RB programme, although Bulbeast would recover well in the race.
Another casualty in Q1 was Jam. The two time champion binned it in the castle so had an uphill task to continue his record of back to back podium finishes and his bid of reclaiming the top division title.
And finally for q1 crashes, Jito. The haas driver was through yet somehow totalled his car at pit entry on his inlap at the end of Q1!
Now onto q2, which was a bit more calm as jam and Jito’s laps would have got them into q2 if they were eligible to participate. This session was a lot more calm. Moving on to more chaos!
Q3 brought that chaos. Mckeon division quali specialist Corey was the q2 pacesetter. He put in a decent banker lap but then decided to get a bit too intimate with the castle. He was out! Who would capitalise on this error? BMidzy looked pretty quick, with his banker lap being the quickest banker out of anyone in q3. However he would spin on his final run. Championship leader ogween would also make a mistake, waving goodbye to his front wing with just 2 major corners remaining on his final lap. Crowding also looked pretty quick, although couldn’t quite hook it up and lined up on the second row. This left WTurn3r as one of the last people to challenge for pole. He beat midzy by less than a tenth and got it! The alpine driver wasn’t happy with his lap but they all count! He was able to get a solid lap in and was the only driver who beat midzy’s lap.

Now onto the race, where most of the top drivers started on mediums. The noteable exception would be crowding on the hards. Lights out and away they went! Turner kept the lead from midzy. Crowding kept a solid position in third on his hards although the top 2 were able to pull a little bit of a gap initially. Behind crowding was several drivers. These included Corey, ogween, the two red bulls of roller and ham and the Mercedes of F1driver, who was also on the hards.
Turner looked to have solid pace although disaster struck! He picked up damage and had to pit for a new wing. Behind him corey also did the same! This left midzy with a bit of a buffer over crowding in p2, with midzy’s teammate of ogween having a solid race behind. Crowding himself then also picked up damage!
Onto the pit stop phase where ogween was one of the drivers to go for an undercut. Ham and midzy elected to go long and were rewarded with a safety car! This allowed those who sustained wing damage to catch back up (about half the grid including many many drivers I didn’t mention before, including myself). It also helped ham move up into p2 ahead of ogween. I have no doubt that the RB driver will have been fired up by his brother’s 2 victories this season, looking to get himself some solid results as well after missing quite a few races at the start of the season. This certainly looked like a good place to start challenging for a podium or maybe even a win. However it would be incredibly tough to live with midzy and with ogween in p3, the two Aston martins would also be able to work together if needed.
The main battles happened in the midfield after the SC came in. The now medium runners of crowding and F1driver were able to fire their tyres up a lot more effectively and were looking to make up some places, although at this stage of the race they weren’t challenging the podium runners. In fact they were able to pull away a bit if anything. This was until there was another safety car!

Under this safety car, the top 8 stayed out and everyone boxed for fresh softs. This would be sure to bring more chaos and, to the surprise of absolutely nobody, it most definitely did! Corey and jam were looking to recover and had put on the softs, as had raceroller, who had lost his championship lead after a less than ideal Monaco race. Once again the top 3 pulled away, with f1 driver in no man’s land in p4. The battle for p5 was intense though, with Bulbeast another who had made a good recovery. He was battling with crowding but the two of them made contact! Both were in the wall! This then made what was a crazy fight between elite, turner, para, Corey, jam and roller a fight for a top 5 place!
Unfortunately though, this fight for a top 5 became a fight for a top 4. Ham was having an excellent race however made one single mistake at the end of s2. His punishment: hitting the wall and retiring from the race. Almost a carbon copy of another driver retiring right near the end of the race at Monaco last week. I have no doubts that ham will get on the podium at some point soon. The Azerbaijan race was certainly a big step in the right direction compared to F1 2021.
Ham’s crash nearly caught out championship leader ogween too, who was looking to have a last lap battle with the red bull driver before the DNF. Ogween thankfully avoided it but this allowed F1driver to close up massively. The reserve would then pass the Aston Martin to claim an excellent p2 and a first podium of the season. This came only 3 hours after F1driver messaging the chat wondering if a podium would even be possible this season. How things can change quickly eh!
The final spot on the podium I haven’t mentioned is the top spot. He’s not been mentioned much in the report because he was largely uncontested at the front after turner’s damage. A great victory for midzy, properly adding another injection to his bid to retain his title.

Jam would get p4 and Corey would get p5 after the Ferrari driver won a drag race to the line, rounding off the top 5. Both drivers would be happy given where they were halfway into the race.
And that’s that from baku folks. 8 races into the championship and things are beginning to take shape. Ogween has quite a healthy lead, with Roller, Jam and Midzy all within 6 points of each other in p2-p4. Through a mixture of consistency and strong pace these 4 have established themselves as a few names who could go the distance in the title fight, but they are certainly not the only 4 contenders.
Next week we have Canada, also a very narrow, very tricky track. One look at the Canada TT leaderboard to the third placed (at the time of writing) name tells you the standard is going to be high, so it is certainly not one to be missed!

Pole Lap: 01.38.836

1. WTurn3r
2. BMidzy
3. CrowdingDoor994
4. SLR Corey
5. ELiTE x Riskz
6. raceroller22
7. Snypz SB
8. SLR Ogween77
9. SLR Ham19
10. F1xDriverx2018
11. bezzas1
12. PaRa Quickz
13. Arb0n EPA
14. Jito DV
15. SLR Jam40
16. V2 x Combat
17. dreeteembn
18. BG BulBeast
19. SemmF1
20. SimbarocksONE

Fastest Lap: 01.41.459 CrowdingDoor994

1. BMidzy
2. F1xDriverx2018
3. SLR Ogween77
4. SLR Jam40
5. SLR Corey
6. ELiTE x Riskz
7. raceroller22
8. Snypz SB
9. V2 x Combat
10. Jito DV
11. CrowdingDoor994 +5 sec
12. BG BulBeast +3 sec
13. WTurn3r (DNF)
14. PaRa Quickz (DNF)
15. SLR Ham19 (DNF)
16. dreemteembn (DNF)
17. bezzas1 (DNF)
18. SemmF1 (DNF)
19. Arb0n EPA (DNF)
20. SimbarocksONE (DNF)

Incident 1: BG vs Crowding Lap22 – 5s & 1LP to Crowding for causing a collision.

The stewards agree that the two racers here are racing heavily for position come the end of the race and are side by side mostly throughout sector 1, before Crowding misses his braking point thus not allowing BG the space and forcing him into contact with the wall.

Incident 2: Jito vs BG – 3s & 1LP to BG for ca using a collision.

Coming straight off the previous incident, into the next corner Jito goes for a move on the slow moving BG. What we noticed firstly was that Jito went for a move under yellows, but as it changed to green flags the move was made. This was a borderline decision between the penalty being given the opposite way as we heavily reject the extent of racing under clear yellow flags. Coming into the next corner, it appears as though BG isn’t paying attention and does not leave racing room for Jito, thus contact between the two being made.

Division 1

Pole Lap: 01.39.412

1. LeviKing16
2. SimarocksONE
3. SLR Vandoorne
4. SLR Quattro
5. Evoke Replays
6. ZachIsBeast25
7. MeRkz47
8. ShutMedal
10. SLR Barlow
11. SLR Liamm
12. Riggsey x

Fastest Lap: 01.41.996 Riggsey x

1. SLR Quattro
2. LeviKing16
3. ZachIsBeast25
5. SimbarocksONE
6. MeRkz47
7. ShutMedal
8. SLR Barlow
9. Riggsey x
10. SLR Liamm
11. Evoke Repalys (DNF)
12. SLR Vandoorne (DNF)




Division 2

In division 2 this week a very tight qualifying saw SLR Charlie pip Scar B0rga to pole. LSW legend lined up on the second row alongside championship leader j Lee menz.

To the race then and SLR Charlie held the lead around the outside into turn 1. As there wasn’t to much change in the order in the opening laps.

Lap 5 saw GoldenEggFryer have a bit of a moment as he dropped down the order and force him into an early stop.

Lap 8 saw menz make an easy move down the home straight on legend to take over P3.

SLR Morgan fast approaching the half way stage of the race found himself now up in the top ten having started at the back.

The pit window was now open scar was the first to pit SLR Charlie put in another lap however and would come out behind scar and have to fight back and close the what was a 2 second gap.

Lap 14 saw cscmorris have a spin and that forced him out of the point paying positions.

Lap 20 a huge fight for P5 took place. Clock with a bit of damage meant McLoughlin, Adrian and Morgan all had a chance for that position as the cars were two and three wide around the streets. Morgan now on mediums after starting on hard tyres had the advantage and used it as he got the move done.

On the next lap Adrian also got passed the McLoughlin in what would be a fight til the end for p6.

Meanwhile out front with only a couple of laps to Charlie got the gap down to scar and was in the drs zone. The gap was fluctuating constantly less than half a second between them as we entered the final lap. Charlie deploying ers and would have drs down the straight.
Scar b0rga though saved a little extra battery for that last straight and wins the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. SLR Charlie in P2 with a great race between the top 2.
J Lee menz picked up the final podium spot. LSW legend P4 and SLR Morgan driver of the day gaining 13 positions in P5.

Pole Lap: 01.39.905

2. Scar B0rga
3. LSW L3G3ND 44
4. J Lee Menz
5. GoldenEggFryer
6. SotierClock110
7. CSCMorris
8. legendarydannyd
9. Active JMC
10. M Mcloughlin x
11. SLR Moley
12. ARL PReDaToRZz
13. Adrian VIII
14. SLR Leah
15. SLR Mash
16. WOR AndrewF1
17. SouthRaptor966
18. SLR Morgan

Fastest Lap: 01.42.270 legendarydanyd

1. Scar BOrga
3. J Lee Menz
4. LSW L3g3nd44
5. SLR Morgan
6. M Mcloughlin x
7. Adrian VIII
8. WOR AndrewF1
9. SotierClock110
10. Active JMC +5 SEC
11. ARL PReDaToRZz
12. SLR Moley
13. legendarydanyd
14. SLR Mash
15. CSCMorris
16. GoldenEggFryer (DNF)
17. SLR Leah (DNF)
18. SouthRaptor966 (DNF)

Incident 1:

Active JMC Vs Legendarydannyd – 5s and 1LP to Active JMC for causing a collision.

Active JMC brakes too late heading into turn 3 and effectively uses Danny’s car to make the corner.

Incident 2:

SLR Marsh reported for dangerous driving – NFA

With the evidence provided there is clearly no rule breach here. Whilst Marsh is going considerably slowly, he is well off the racing line and out of the way and does not affect anyones laps.

Division 3

Pole Lap: 01.40.405

1. bl3in5121
2. dRaSt1k bLazE
3. SLR Allen
4. BigBag92
5. Lenbau04
6. DarkStormQC
7. Fat Ted24
8. SSR Halo
9. ZH acidz
10. SLR Xhaka
11. RRT AdamLee
12. RapidRaskal
14. TIR JustHaze
15. SLR Scopezz
16. TAHTGUY691244

Fastest Lap: 01.42.564 RRT AdamLee

1. bl3in5121
2. Lenbau04
3. TIR JaustHaze
4. dRaSt1k bLazE
5. RRT AdamLee
6. DarkStormQC +5 SEC
7. tircodzilla +5 SEC
8. THATGUY691244 (DNF)
9. RapidRaskal (DNF)
10. SSR Halo (DNF)
11. BigBag92 (DNF)
12. Fat Ted24 (DNF)
13. ZH acidz (DNF)
14. SLR Scopezz (DNF)
15. SLR Allen (DNF)
16. SLR Xhaka (DNF)

Div 3 Stewards report

Lap 1 incident involving SLR Scopezz and TIRCODZILLA
Outcome: 5s + 2LP to TIRCODZILLA
Reason: Cod moves across to the right without knowing that Scopezz is there, pinching Scopezz into the wall and causing him to lose his wing. As it is the first lap both drivers should have been more aware, however we feel Cod is clearly at fault here.

Lap 1 incident involving Fat Ted24 & DarkstormQC
Outcome: 5s + 2LP to DarkstormQC
Reason: Darkstorm and Ted are side by side into the corner and Darkstorm brakes very late, leaving Ted no space and putting him into the wall, despite him still being alongside.

Lap 26 incident involving RRT AdamLee & dRaSt1k bLazE
Outcome: 5 second penalty stands, no additional penalty applied
Reason: Adam loses the car and puts on the brakes to avoid slamming into the wall, however by doing this he causes a big collision with dRaSt1k bLazE. Because of this, we believe the 5 second penalty is justified.

Lap 26 incident involving TIR JustHaze & DarkstormQC
Outcome: 3s + 1LP to DarkstormQC
Reason: weaving on the final straight to block the slipstream is an incredibly unsportsmanlike act, especially as we believe that if Haze had the slipstream she would have finished ahead of DarkstormQC.

DarkstormQC to serve a quali ban next race after accumulating 9LP




Division 4

Baku shoots and it need not miss with another chaotic grand prix around the streets for Azerbaijan for the division four field.
13 drivers lined up and only 8 made the finishes as several crashes and 4 safety cars made their appearances. This was a race down to staying out of trouble and knowing when to pit and when to stay out.

The biggest gamble that paid off just was by Pazuzu who took home the win with a massive gamble to stay out on old hards and pray he had a buffer to ensure he took home the win.

Harvey in 2nd clawed and clawed that gap down but in the end one second was what separated both men.

Hicklin had an eventful night driving like a man possessed with many battles which saw him take P3 with richie chappell recovering from a DSQ in qualifying due to letting cars by to take p4.

The Haas crew got their money’s worth from Stevobrick who took home P5, but truthfully a lot of very thought out stops rewarded Stevo with a great finish.

JPPGaming and Starsophan I think had an issue near the end, but both were rewarded with p6 and p7 respectively and good points.

SLRTOTOWOLF was mere laps away from a podium after showing great pace all weekend, but alas it was not to be with a few laps to go as he ended up DNFing, the game showed him classified with +3laps so whether he gets the points for p8 is down to the points givers.

Unrealsalmon on his return showed great pace but ended up DNFing and he was joined by Adnasium, DaZe FR34K,Maxwell and Cameron.

Classification from game pre-steward penalties 1. Pazuzu 2. Harvey 3. Hicklin 4. Richie chappell 5. Stevobrick 6. JPPGaming 7. Starshophan 8. SLRTOTOWOLF +3 laps due to DNF

Fastest lap was recorded by Harvey and this was on the final lap.

Pole Lap: 01.41.575

1. Pazuzu8195
2. UnrealSalmon590
3. SLR Hicklin
5. Adnausium
6. I21I Maxwell
7. Strasorphan
8. Stevobrick
9. DaZe Fr34k
10. I Cxmzn I
11. JPPGaming96
12. HarveyQC
13. richie chappell

Fastest Lap: 01.43.927 HarveyQC

1. Pazuzu9195
2. HarveyQC
3. richie chappell
4. SLR Hicklin +5 sec
5. Stevobrick
6. JPPGaming96
7. Strasorphan
9. UnrealSalmon590 (DNF)
10. Adnausium (DNF)
11. DaZe FR34K (DNF)
12. I21I Maxwell (DNF)
13. I Cxmzn I (DNF)

Incident 1) l21l Maxwell and SLR Hicklin – Lap 5, Divebombing
Outcome: No further action
Reason: Stewards believed that SLR Hicklin was close enough to make a move and was significantly alongside at the apex

Incident 2: richie chappell and SLR Hicklin – Lap 25, Causing a collision
Outcome: 5 second time penalty and 2 license points to SLR Hicklin
Reason: Stewards believe richie chappell left racing room, but was still collided with.

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