Pole Lap: 01.09.332

1. SLR Corey
2. F1xDriverx2018
3. SLR Jam40
4. SLR Ogween77
5. VRA Andres
6. ELiTE x Riskz
7. SemmF1
8. raceroller22
9. SLR Stann
10. Snypz SB
11. Jito DV
12. ConnorW1537
13. V2 x Combat
14. BG Bullbeast
15. BMidzy
16. WTurn3r
17. PaRa Quickz

Fastest Lap: 01.12.054 WTurn3r

1. SLR Corey
2. SLR Ogween77
3. raceroller22
4. BMidzy
5. SLR Jam40
6. V2xCombat
7. BG Bullbeast
8. ELiTE x Riskz
9. Snypz SB
10. VRA Andres
11. F1xDriverx2018 (DNF)
12. SLR Stann (DNF)
13. WTurn3r (DNF)
14. PaRa Quickz (DNF)
15. SemmF1 (DNF)
16. Jito DV (DNF)
17. ConnorW1537 (DNF)

Division 1

Pole Lap:

1. SLR Quattro
2. SLR Liamm
3. LeviKing16
5. KevinGT9389
6. Ellis37
7. SLR Vandoorne
8. SimbarocksONE
9. ZachIsBeast25
10. MeRkz47
11. Riggsey x

Fastest Lap: 01.10.976 KevinGT9389

1. SLR Quattro
2. ZachIsbeast25
3. MeRkz47
4. SLR Laimm
5. SLR EVVO +5 sec
6. Leviking16 +10 sec
7. SimbarocksONE
8. KevinGT9389
9. Riggsey x
10. SLR Vandoorne
11. Ellis37

Leviking16 – Lap 17 – Reset To Track
Outcome: 10s + 3LPs

ZachIsBeast25 vs SLR EVVO – Lap 1 Spinning Another Car
Outcome: 5s + 2LPs to SLR EVVO

Division 2

Pole Lap: 01.18.217

1. J Lee Menz
3. LSW L3g3nd44
5. CSCMorris
6. M Mcloughlin x
7. SLR Mash
8. WOR AndrewF1
9. SLR Morgan
10. SLR Moley
11. SLR Leah
12. ARL PReDaToRZz
13. GoldenEggFryer
14. Adrian VIII
15. Active JMC
16. SotierClock110

Fastest Lap: 01.14.560 BadOtterTV

1. SLR Moley
2. BadOtterTV
4. J Lee Menz
5. CSCMorris
6. M Mcloughlin x +10 sec
8. SLR Leah
9. LSW L3g3nd44 +10 sec
10. SotierClock110
11. SLR Morgan +15 sec
12. Adrian VIII (DNF)
13. GoldenEggFryer (DNF)
14. SLR Mash (DNF)
15. Active JMC (DNF)
16. WORAndrewF1 (DNF)

Legend Vs Morgan – 10s and 2LP to Legend for spinning another car.

Morgan gets a hit from behind on the exit of turn 2, causing him to spin.

Incident 2:

Active JMC Vs Adrian – 5s and 1LP to Active JMC for causing a collision.

JMC goes unnecessarily slowly out of the hairpin, leaving Adrian with no time to react.

Incident 3:

Morgan Vs Mash – 15s and 3LP to Morgan for causing terminal damage.

Mash holds his line on the straight and is spun out by Morgan, who is veering right.

Incident 4:

Morgan Vs M McLoughlin – 10s and 2LP to M McLoughlin for causing a collision.

Morgan completed the move initially just after the line and so it is a legal overtake attempt. He then leaves sufficient room for M McLoughlin into turn 3 and the Ferrari driver tags his rear, causing him to spin and hit the wall.

Division 3

Pole Lap: 01.10.757

1. bl3in5121
2. BigBag92
3. SLR Allen
5. dRaSt1k bLazE
6. TIR JustHaze
7. THATGUY691244
8. SSR Halo
9. ZH acidz
10. Fat Ted24
11. SLR Xhaka
12. RRT AdamLee
13. F1 Warhead
14. SLR Scopezz
15. DarkStormQC
16. Lenbau04

Fastest Lap: 01.13.385 SLR Scopezz

1. RRT AdamLee
2. dRaSt1k bLazE
3. TAHTGUY691244
4. DarkStormQC
5. BigBag93
6. Lenbau04
8. TIR JustHaze +5 sec
9. bl3in5121
10. SSR Halo
11. SLR Allen
12. SLR Xhaka (DNF)
13. SLR Scopezz (DNF)
14. ZH acidz (DNF)
15. Fat Ted24 (DNF)
16. F1 Warhead (DNF)

Lap 1 Incident involving SLR Xhaka, RRT AdamLee, SSR Halo & SLR Scopezz
Outcome: 2LP to SLR Scopezz
Reason: Scopezz comes out of the corner overtaking Xhaka and then not giving the room, pinching him against the wall and causing damage.

Lap 10 incident involving SLR Xhaka, RRT AdamLee, THATGUY692144 & ZH acidz
Outcome: No further investigation
Reason: this was a racing incident – Xhaka is unfortunate to have been affected by the illegal overtake, however when letting THATGUY through he is too eager to stay ahead of Adam, turning in too early and causing the spin himself.

Lap 14 incident involving SLR Xhaka & ZH acidz
Outcome: Warning to ZH acidz
Reason: It is clear that acidz has missed his braking point causing this collision, however as no damage was caused and there was no proof of any further loss from Xhaka’s POV, we have decided that only a warning is necessary.

Lap 29 incident involving SLR Xhaka & TIR JustHaze
Outcome: 5s + 2LP to TIR JustHaze
Reason: Haze follows the racing line as it moves to the left whilst Xhaka is still there, causing this collision and damage to Xhaka.

Division 4

————————- Canadian GP —– Div 4 Report ———————

This Saturday the division four crew jetted across to North America to the land of legends from the legendary Villeneuve family to present day legends such as Goatifi and Sir Lancelot.

The Canadian Grand Prix saw 12 drivers line up on the grid with the front two rows occupied by Harvey, Maxwell, Pazuzu and Adnausium.

In the end Harvey I think was happy for a few safety car restarts to give himself company as a dominant drive gave him a good win.
Pazuzu came home in 2nd, I think he’ll be happy with that as a few times he looked close to losing it on power like qualifying and it resulted in minimal damage done to his championship lead.

Richie endured a great battle with JPPGaming towards the end where the latters tyres finally gave out resulting in richie taking the final spot on the podium and JPP falling to 5th after in-game penalties applied.

Maxwell took 4th after opting for the Hards at the start and only having so much pace to claw back up to 5th and then 4th after the track limits applied to JPP.

Adnausium used a 4 stop strategy here to take home P6 with SLRTOTOWOLF taking home P7.

SLR Hicklin was the last to finish and he finished a lap down,however a tactical play saw him gain a point as he had the fastest lap by 8 tenths thus gaining him an extra point.

DNF’s were WimenLex, Starsophan, Stevobrick and DaZe FR34K.

Result: Pre-Stewarding pens – 1) Harvey 2) Pazuzu 3) richie chappell 4) Maxwell 5) JPPGaming 6) Adnausium 7) SLRTOTOWOLFF 8) + FL – SLR Hicklin


1. HarveyQC
2. I21I Maxwell
3. Pazuzu8195
4. Adnausium
6. richie chappell
7. JPPGaming
8. DaZe Fr34k
9. Stevobrick
10. Starsorphan
11. SLR Hicklin
12. WinLex

Fastest Lap: 01.13.285 SLR Hicklin

1. HarveyQC
2. Pazuzu8195
3. richie chappell
4. I21I Maxwell
5. JPPGaming96
6. Adnausium

9. WimenLex (DNF)
10. Starsorphan6 (DNF)
11. Stevobrick (DNF)
12. DaZe FR34K (DNF)

Incident 1: Starsorphan6 and SLRTOTOWOLF – Lap 16, Causing a collision
Outcome: 15 second time penalty and 4 license points to SLRTOTOWOLF
Reason: Under safety car, all cars should be travelling at speeds that allow them plenty of time to react. SLRTOTOWOLF collided with Starsorphan6 by travelling too quickly and pitching him into the wall, causing terminal damage.

Stewards note: SLRTOTOWOLF has accrued 7 license points and so receives and official warning for driving standard from the Stewards as per the SLR license point rules

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