March 23, 2023

Forever Racing in memory of Callum McKeon

Paul Ricard

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Mckeon report:
Quali: wet.
Race: luca dominated. Griffiths got another throttle glitch. Corey cried. Andres got his first podium. Ogween extended his championship lead.

Pole Lap: 01.43.820

1. BRT Lucaa
2. SLR Corey
3. PaRa Quickz
4. VRA Andres
5. SLR Jam40
6. WTurn3r
7. SLR Ogween77
8. BRT Bryan
9. BRT Griffiths
10. BMidzy
11. F1xDriverx2018
12. ELiTExRiskz
13. Jito DV
14. SemmF1
15. CrowdingDoor994
16. Chungusgoat1
17. raceroller22
18. SLR Southerner
19. V2 x Combat

Fastest Lap: 01.32.490 BRT Bryan

1. BRT Lucaa
2. VRA Andres
3. SLR Ogween77
4. CrowdingDoor99
5. BRT Bryan
6. Jito DV
7. PaRa Quickz
8. Raceroller22
9. ELiTE x Riskz
10. SLR Southerner
11. SLR Corey
12. BMidzy
13. V2 x Combat (DNF)
14. BRT Griffiths (DNF)
15. SLR Jam40 (DNF)
16. F1xDriverx2018 (DNF)
17. Chungusgoat1 (DNF)
18. WTurn3r (DNF)
19. SemmF1 (DNF)

Division 1

Douzième manche au Paul Ricard, France

This race is always an important one, just past the midway point of the season making drivers want to start the second half of the season in the best way possible.

Qualifying was a fascinating one as Leviking16 takes another pole position this season showing his pace and he will be a difficult man to beat. SimbarocksONE takes P2 just 0.151 slower than the Aston Martin man showing he can compete with him but can all the pieces of the puzzle fall together to let him challenge Levi and bring the fight to the Aston Martin in the Championship?

For the race and for the most part, the race was pretty mundane due to the wide nature of the track, not many walls that close to you but that doesn’t mean that there were not any DNFs as there were 2 in the form of Coupe a Benz and SparksYT15 who both were running well during the race but a few mistakes curtailed there race.

But there still was much entertainment as there was a safety car during the race on Lap 8 and with all the drivers bar one on the Hard tyre compound, it made their strategy a tricky one with the one driver on the Mediums being able to pit and not have to stop again in the race.

But the race win this race was SLR EVVO! His first win in the league for the Alpha Tauri driver and his choice to start on the Medium seemed the wrong choice but the race then ensued made it the right call and he made the strategy work well and gave him this well earned win. Leviking16 came home in P2 after pressuring EVVO for the last 10-15 laps making him work hard for his win but is a good result for the Aston Martin as he extends his lead in the championship due to SimbarocksONE finishing in P8. Rounding off the podium spots is the Haas of MeRkz47, who had an eventful race starting in P6 and had a great race gaining 3 spots to take the final spot on the podium.

This race for entertainment was not the best but some of the racing was fantastic with moves happening everywhere and some outstanding performances to gain huge points for themselves and their teams respectively. Next week we head to Hungary, a track which always keeps drivers on their toes as it’s one that good for drivers who like to drive to the limit but until then have a great week everyone!

Pole Lap: 01.30.155

1. LeviKing16
2. Simbarocksone
3. Coupe a Benz
4. Evoke Replays
5. SLR Quattro
6. KevinGT9389
7. MeRkz47
8. ShutMedal
10. SparksYT15
11. SLR Liamm
12. Riggsey x

Fastest Lap: 01.331.776 SimbarocksONE

2. LeviKing16
3. MeRkz47
4. SLR Liamm
5. Riggsey x
6. SLR Quattro
7. ShutMedal
8. SimbarocksONE
9. KevinGT9389
10. Evoke Replays
11. SparksYT15 (DNF)
12. Coupe a Benz (DNF)

Division 2

In division two this week a short qualifying awaited as a slight lack of numbers for this weeks race. SLR charlie took pole by 4 tenths of a second from Scar b0rga. Bcfc josh was 3rd joined on the second row by WOR AndrewF1.

To the race then and a brilliant start from Josh as he got the better of Scar and then active jmc as well made the move around the outside. Lap 2 saw Josh take the lead from Charlie down the back straight.
Lap 4 just as scar got himself back up in to P3 and setting the fastest lap had a spin and all that hard work had to be done again. Meanwhile out front a great battle was happening between Charlie and Josh and Charlie retook the lead.

Lap 5 saw a safety car as it looked like teammates Danny and Adrian came together which led to Adrian’s retirement. A few driver chose to pit at this stage for mediums as the rain was on the way.

Some great racing on the restart as scar again tried to make his way up the field using the soft tyres to his advantage.

The rain started to come down on lap 15 as Charlie seemed to pit at just the right time well Josh left it another lap. But did manage to come out ahead of Charlie and regain the lead.

Soiterclock found himself quietly as ever up in a podium position but had active jmc hot on his tail as we headed into the last 8 laps of the race. A couple of laps later jmc made the move on clock for p3. He did have some penalties to come however which could cost him at the end. Scar had now caught up and joined the fight.

A safety car with 3 laps to turned this race upside down. Josh picked up a drive through penalty. A couple drivers took the opportunity to pit for full wets. On the restart charlie made it passed scar to effectively take the win.
Scar would take P2 and Soiterclock took the final step on the podium after SLR mash despite crossing the line P2 dropped down to p5.

That’s all Folks congratulations to top 3 and those that raced and finished in tricky conditions

Pole Lap: 01.30.449

2. Scar BOrga
3. BcfcJosh1232752
4. WOR AndrewF1
5. Active JMC
6. CSCMorris
7. Adrian VIII
8. SLR Moley
9. SLR Leah
10. SotierClock110
11. legendarydannyd
12. SLR Mash

Fastest Lap: 01.34.142 Scar BOrga

2. Scar BOrga
3. SotierClock110
4. SLR Mash
5. SLR Moley
6. WOR AndrewF1
7. BcfcJosh1232752
8. Active JMC +15 sec
9. legendarydannyd (DSC)
10. CSCMorris (DNF)

11. SLR Leah (DNF)
12. Adrian VIII (DNF)

Active JMC track reset – 15s and 3LP to Active JMC for resetting to track.

Division 3

Pole Lap: 01.30.777

1. DarkStormQC
2. TIR Justhaze
3. BRT AdamLee
4. Lenbau04
5. dRaSt1k bLazE
6. SLR Allen
7. CharlieDore06
8. bl3in5121
9. ChucknRosery
10. THATGUY691244
12. Fat Ted24
13. SLR Xhaka
14. SSR Halo
15. SLR James96

Fastest Lap: 01.33.815 TIR JustHaze

1. TIR JustHaze
2. DarkStormQC
3. bl3in5121 +10 sec
4. dRaSt1k bLazE
5. RRT AdamLee +5 sec
6. CharlieDore06 +5 sec

7. SLR Allen
8. SSR Halo
9. THATGUY691244
10. Lenbau04
11. SLR Xhaka
13. Fat Ted24 (DNF)
14. ChicknRosery (DNF)
15. SLR James96 (DNF)

ncident involving Lenbau04 & THATGUY691244
Outcome: No Further Investigation
Reason: the stewards were not given enough evidence to investigate this incident properly.

Lap 14 incident involving RRT AdamLee & bl3in5121
Outcome: 10s + 2LP to bl3in5121
Reason: we have deemed bl3in5121 to be the cause of this collision after reviewing the view of the car behind this incident. We can see from this that Bl3in goes wide into this corner into Adam, causing the spin and damage.

We have also awarded RRT AdamLee a 5 second penalty and 1LP for incorrect entry to the pits, as he has already passed the entry and so has cut the track to get in after the incident.

Lap 17 incident involving RRT AdamLee & CharlieDore06
Outcome: 5s + 1LP to CharlieDore06
Reason: upon review, the stewards believe that more space should have been given to Adam considering he was on the inside and clearly alongside. Charlie does not do this and so spins Adam.

Lap 23 incident involving RRT AdamLee
Outcome: Penalty not removed
Reason: As per league rules, the stewards are not permitted to remove penalties for track limits, nor any 3 second penalty. However, the incident was still reviewed and it was believed that AdamLee did still go off the track when entering the pits.

Division 4

Pole Lap: 01.31.061

1. SmitHPDanX01
2. JPPGaming96
3. Yulgxhxma
4. Starsorphan
5. Baggiefan 1995
6. SLR Hicklin
7. I21I Maxwell
8. Stevobrick
9. Pazuzu8195

Fastest Lap: 01.33.090 SLR Hicklin

1. SmitHPDanX01
2. Pazuzu6195
3. JPPGaming96
4. Starsorphan6
5. Yulgxhxma
6. Baggiefan 1995 +15 sec
7. I21I Maxwell
8. Stevobrick
9. SLR Hicklin

Incident 1: l21l Maxwell and SLR Baggie – Lap 1, Causing a collision
Outcome: 5 Second time penalty and 2 license points to SLR Baggie
Reason: SLR Baggie misses his braking point into T1, with unfortunately cold tyres. This is the cause of the contact that spins both drivers.

Incident 2: l21l Maxwell and SLR Baggie – Lap 19, Causing a collision
Outcome: 5 Second time penalty and 2 license points to SLR Baggie
Reason: The stewards feel that SLR Baggie didn’t leave quite enough room for l21l Maxwell at the apex, and that combined with some awkward contact, pitched l21l Maxwell around.

Incident 3: SLR Hicklin and SLR Baggie – Lap 10, Causing a collision
Outcome: 5 Second time penalty and 2 license points to SLR Baggie
Reason: SLR Baggie misjudges his braking and rear ends SLR Hicklin.

Stewards note: SLR Baggie has now accrued 6 license points and so receives an official warning for driving standards as per the SLR license point rules

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