October 1, 2023

Forever Racing in memory of Callum McKeon


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Qualifying: short quali because of low attendance. (We had to change the time of the race because of some other race happening at the same time. That one was very boring). Turner got pole.
Race: turner was quick, gapping the DRS of the cars behind him, but then disconnected! When he rejoined his tyres were stone cold so he dropped out of contention. This left elite in P1 with Corey and ogween behind him.
Lap 8 and there was a safety car. Most drivers were on hards so couldn’t benefit from this, but Jam took a risk anyway and boxed for mediums. Would this be inspired or would this be a huge mistake?
On the restart elite kept the lead over Corey. Jam started to make his way up the field though, passing Bryan for p4. At this point, everyone on the hards made their stops for mediums. Their tyres were quite a bit fresher than jam’s but the gap was massive! They were realistically going to need the Ferrari to get a puncture.
Elite, ogween, Corey and Bryan stayed close to each other, with ogween the man chasing Elite after undercutting the Williams driver of Corey. 10 laps to go and ogween made his move on elite and set off after jam. Corey would follow suit but as the laps ticked on the gap wasn’t coming down by enough! Despite rain on the final lap making things even harder for jam, he held on and finished 1 second ahead of ogween for a victory that slightly eats into the Aston martin driver’s championship lead. A much needed result for the Ferrari man, putting him 33 point behind ogween after the final race before the traditional F1 ‘summer break’.
Also a shoutout to southerner for finishing p5 (with fastest lap) after roller bottled on the final lap. It may have been a reduced grid but that’s his highest finish in the top division of SLR.
Next up is Belgium, a track that usually gives us action. Let’s see who can make a charge towards the championship there.

Pole Lap: 01.15.250

1. WTurn3r
2. ELiTE x Riskz
3. SLR Corey
4. BRT Bryan
5. SLR Ogween77
6. SLR Ham19
7. BRT Lucaa
8. SLR Jam40
9. Jito DV
10. GGYTMagician
11. raceroller22
12. SLR Southerner
13. PaRa Quickz
14. SemmF1
15. BG BulBeast

Fastest Lap: 01.17.407 SLR Southerner

1. SLR Jam40
2. SLR Ogween77
3. SLR Corey
4. ELiTE x Riskz
5. SLR Southerner
6. raceroller22
7. WTurn3r
8. BRT Bryan (DNF)
9. GGYTMagician (DNF)
10. PaRa Quickz (DNF)
11. Jito DV (DNF)
12. BG BulBeast (DNF)
13. SemmF1 (DNF)
14. BRT Lucaa (DNF)
15. SLR Ham19 (DNF)

Division 1

kör a hungaroringin SLR Divsion One körül

A track that is known to be tricky to overtake at, and a tough track for tyres, creating a unique scenario for the drivers to keep an eye on not only the drivers around them but the tyre wear.

For qualifying it was an entertaining one with initially Leviking16 provisionally taking the pole on his first run in the 15.9 range. Overall, it would be SimbarocksONE who would take the pole position! He was 0.095 ahead of Leviking16 in the end with the Aston Martin driver not able to improve on his second run. This result will be critical to see if Levi’s gap at the top of the standings will either be increased or decreased. 3rd place on the grid was SparksYT15. An impressive qualifying from the reserve in only his second race in the league.

For the race, the battle for the lead was tight all the way through and was very uninterrupted with there only being one VSC during the race meaning the grid separation was large but it would be Leviking16 who would take home the race win at his home venue! Even a spin in the race didn’t stop him from being able to jump to the top of the podium. SimbarocksONE took home P2, a decent result with Levi not stretching his lead out too far, but not one he’ll be too happy about because it still means more work for him to beat Levi come to the end of the season. And finishing off the podium was Riggsey x. A good strategy from the Red Bull driver helped him to be able to get this result being one of only a few drivers choosing to do the 2 stop and worked very well for him to grab another well earned podium this season.

This race was an intriguing one with battles all around the field but next week off to the Ardennes Forest in Belgium for Round 14 at Spa-Francorchamps. Always a cracker of a race there and certainly one to be excited for, so until then have an awesome week and look forward to next Monday for Division 1 in SLR!

Pole Lap: 01.15.895

1. SimbarocksONE
2. LeviKing16
3. SparksYT15
4. ShutMedal
5. Evoke Replays
6. Riggsey x
7. Coupe a Benz
8. KevinGT9389
9. SLR Quattro
10. ZachIsbeast25
11. SLR Liamm

Fastest Lap: 01.17.753 SLR Quattro

1. LeviKing16
2. SimbarocksONE
3. Riggsey x
4. Evoke Replays
5. Coupe a Benz
6. SLR Liamm
7. SLR Quttro
8. SpraksYT15
9. ZachIsBeast25
10. ShutMedal
11. KevinGT9389

Division 2

After the mid season break we returned to the action at the Hungarian Grand Prix. It seems that some of the drivers must have eaten a dodgy dish of goulash as only half the grid appeared come race time.

Adrian VIII was able to take advantage and put his Alpine on pole position in Qualifying with a time of 1:16.065.

Race time. SLR Leah got a unbelievable start from 8th place on the grid as by the exit of turn 1 he was up into 3rd place. J Lee Menz also managed to get ahead of Adrian into turn 1 to take the lead of the grand prix. It was not long until we had our first retirement of the race, on approach to turn 5 SLR Jack gets all out of sorts and collects Scar B0rga. A incident that results in the Aston Martin driving crashing out of the race.

J Lee Menz and Adrian were able to build a strong lead over the rest of the field very quickly over the opening half dozen laps. Unfortunately his accustom spin at the final corner on lap 4 saw Leah drop from 3rd to the back of the pack.

SLR Lead spun again on lap 10 and unfortunately this time crashed out of the race, a incident that resulted in a safety car. The racing got back underway on lap 14.

Lap 17 the heavens opened and within a lap it had got to the stage where all drivers needed to pit for inters. Lap 24 SLR Moley lost control and had a wobble which resulted in contact with J Lee Menz. Race control deemed there was enough debris that a safety car was required.

Under the safety car the conditions continued to worsen which saw all drivers, apart from WOR AndrewF1 pit for the full wet tyre. A move that promoted him to 2nd place for the restart.

It proved to be the wrong call by Andrew as on the exit of turn 3 he simply couldn’t find the required grip. He ended up losing control and while trying to regain control of his car knocked SLR Moley onto the grass. A move which resulted in Moley being fired back onto the track and collecting ARL PReDaToRZz. The collision saw both drivers retire from the race.

There would be one final safety car on lap 31 when J Lee Menz lost control while in 3rd place and lost his front wing. Again race control deemed a safety car was needed to clear things up.

The race resumed on lap 34 providing a 2 lap shoot out for the race win. A shoot out that Adrian was able to control and leave Hungary with another race win! SLR Mash crossed the line in 2nd place but due to a time penalty dropped to P5.

This provided the Alfa Romeo team with a double podium. SLR Jack took 2nd place while SotierClock110 finished in 3rd.

Pole Lap: 01.16.065

1. Adrian VIII
2. J Lee Menz
3. Scar BOrga
4. SotierClock110
5. SLR Mash
6. SLR Moley
7. WOR AndrewF1
8. SLR Leah
9. SLR Jack
10. ARL PReDaToRZz

Fastest Lap: 01.20.184 J Lee Menz

1. Adrian VIII
2. SLR Jack
3. WOR AndrewF1
4. SLR Mash
5. SotierClock110 +5 sec
6. J Lee Menz
8. SLR Moley
9. SLR Leah
10. Scar Borga

Moley Vs Andrew – QB and 3LP to Andrew for causing a major collision.

Andrew moves across the track and hits Moley, causing a multiple car incident. After reviewing the clip we received we believe that Andrew has enough control of his car to avoid this collision and subsequent incident.

Incident 2:

Menz Vs Clock – 5s and 1LP to Clock for causing a collision.

There is room left by Menz but Clock goes in a bit too hot and understeers into the Ferrari driver, causing him to spin and pick up minor damage.

WOR AndrewF1 – Has now reached 13 LP meaning a race ban for the next race as per the LP regulations

Division 3

Pole Lap: 01.16.242

1. THATGUY691244
2. DarkStormQC
3. RRT AdamLee
4. Fat Ted24
5. SSR Halo
6. I Cxmzn I
7. SLR Xhaka
8. dRaSt1k bLazE

Fastest Lap: 01.19.524

1. THATGUY691244
2. DarkStormQC
4. dRaSt1k bLazE
5. SLR Xhaka
6. SSR Halo (DNF)
7. RRT AdamLee (DNF)
8. I Cxmzn I (DNF)
9. Fat Ted24 (DNF)

Lap 2 incident involving RRT AdamLee & SSR Halo
Outcome: 3LP to SSR Halo
Reason: Halo clearly brakes too late into T1 and hits the back of AdamLee, causing him to spin.

Warning to SSR Halo for accumulating over 6LP (currently on 8LP).

Division 4

Pole Lap: 01.17.180

1. SmitHPDanX01
2. JPPGaming96
3. richie chappell
5. Stevobrick
6. Yulghxma
7. SLR Hicklin

Fastest Lap: 01.19.685 Yulghxma

1. SmitHPDanX01 +10 sec
2. SLR Hicklin
3. richie chappell
4. JPPGaming96
5. Yulghxma
6. Stevobrick (DNF)

Incident 1: SLRTOTOWOLF and SmitHPDanX01 – Lap 1, Causing a collision
Outcome: 10 second time penalty and 3 license points to SmitHPDanX01
Reason: SmitHPDanX01 comes straight across the track and collides with SLRTOTWOLF when they are level into the next corner. SmitHPDanX01 is not on the racing line, and should have backed out rather than try and force his way onto the racing line.

Stewards note: SmitHPDanX01 has now accrued 6 license points and so receives an official warning for driving standards as per the SLR license point rules

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