February 3, 2023

Forever Racing in memory of Callum McKeon


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Pole Lap: 01.42.323

1. SLR Ogween77
2. SLR Corey
3. SLR Jam40
4. BRT Lucaa
5. ELiTE x Riskz
6. GGYTMagician
7. VRA Andres
8. BRT Bryan
9. Jito DV
10. CrowdingDoor994
11. BRT Kiwi
12. raceroller22
13. WTurn3r
14. SemmF1
15. F1xDriver2018
16. SLR Southerner

Fastest Lap: 01.44.067 BRT Kiwi

1. SLR Ogween77
2. SLR Jam40
3. ELiTE x Riskz
4. BRT Bryan
5. CrowdingDoor996
6. GGYTMagician
7. SLR Corey
8. VRA Andres
9. raceroller22
10. SLR Southerner
11. BRT Kiwi
12. BRT Lucaa
13. F1xDriverx2018
14. WTurn3r
15. Jito DV (DNF)
16. SemmF1 (DNF)

Division 1

Pole Lap: 01.42.943

1. LeviKing16
2. Evoke Replays
3. SLR Quattro
4. SimbarocksONE
5. KevinGT9387
6. ShutMedal
7. SparksYT15
8. MeRkz47
9. Riggsey x
11. ZachIsBeast25
12. SLR Liamm
13. Coupe a benz

Fastest Lap: 01.45.437 KevinGT9389

1. LeviKing16
2. Riggsey x
3. Evoke Replays
4. SimbarocksONE
5. ShutMedal
6. SparksYT15
8. SLR Liamm
9. KevinGT9389
10. MeRkz47
11. SLR Quattro
12. ZachIsBeast25
13. Coupe a Benz

Division 2

As always when you head to Spa Francorchamps there is a strong chance of rain and division two got their fair share!
Qualifying started off on the full wets, with a transition to the intermediate tyres towards the end. So being last across the line was vital in Qualifying.
It was the birthday boy Scar B0rga who put his Aston Martin on pole. He was joined on the front row by the debutant Klslesko.

The sun was out for the race start, thankfully. Klslesko got a better launch off the line than Scar B0rga and was able to get side by side into turn one. Then on traction out of the corner was able to take the lead of the race on the run down to Raidillon and Eau Rouge. However with the slip stream Scar was able to retake the lead along the Kemmel Straight.

There was a multi car collision at Les Combes which brought out the VSC that was converted into a full safety car. There was no retirements just multiple drivers with damage which they needed to put at the end of the lap to repair.

The first few drops of rain fell on lap 8. There was contact at the end of lap 8 between the championship challengers. J Lee Menz went deep into the bust stop chicane so Charlie went for a switch back. Just for Menz to attempt a pit stop, coming across Charlie and being spun.

It was lap 10 where Raidillon claimed its accustom victim. Active JMC was the driver to lose control and end up out of the race. The incident brought out a safety car, which allowed all drivers to pit for the inters in the worsening conditions.

As the race got underway again it was still Scar B0rga and Klselsko changing alternating who held the lead lap by lap. It was shaping up to possibly be a two horse race for the win.

Onto lap 16 and we have yet another safety car as Adrian crashes out. With the conditions seeming to get worse SLR Mash takes a gamble and chucks on a set of full wet tyres, the only driver to do so.

Things for back underway for lap 19 with SLR Mash moving through the field well on those wet tyres. But at the start of sector 3 he found himself in the wall, which resulted in yet another safety car. This time multiple drivers jumped onto the full wets, which were looking like the strong tyre.

This left us with a 2 lap sprint for the race win. It was still Klslesko and Scar B0rga out in front, as it has been all race. Another debutant in F1ABQWERTYYY had been slowly working his way through the field on what seemed a very strong wet setup.

Half a lap later Qwerty was able to dance around both Scar and Klslesko with ease to take the lead of the race, at the best possible time.

Qwerty was able to hold on and win in his debut SLR grand prix. It was a debutant first and second as Klslesko was able to come home second. Scar B0rga finished third after looking strong all race.

Pole Lap: 01.53.983

1. Scar BOrga
2. Kislesko
3. SotierClock110
4. legendarydannyd
5. GoldenEggFryer
6. SLR Jack
7. LSW L3g3nd44
8. J Lee Menz
9. SLR Mash
10. SLR Moley
11. Active JMC
12. Adrian VIII

Fastest Lap: 01.48.411 Scar Borga

1. Kislesko
2. Scar BOrga
3. J Lee Menz

5. SLR Moley
6. SotierClock110
7. LSW L3g3nd44
8. SLR Jack
9. legendarydannyd
10. F1ABQW3ETYYY +15 sec
11. GoldenEggFryer +5 sec
12. SLR Mash (DNF)

13. Adrian VIII (DNF)
14. Active JMC (DNF)

Incident 1:
Adrian Vs F1ABQW3RTY – 10s and 3LP to F1ABQW3RTY for causing a major collision.

Adrian is hit by the Haas driver behind the sc.

Incidents 2 & 3:
Active JMC track reset (x2) – 30s and 6LP for multiple track resets.

Incident 4:
GEF Vs F1ABQW3RTY – 5s and 1LP to F1ABQW3RTY for an illegal overtake.

Although the game doesn’t penalise this, it is against the rules to overtake another car before the start/finish line.

Incident 5:
GEF Vs Active JMC – NFA

JMC turns in when GEF is entitled to space on the inside.

Incident 6:

Legend goes wide on exit and F1ABQW3RTY is sandwiched between 2 cars and has nowhere to go.

Incident 7:
Menz Vs Charlie – 5s and 1LP to Menz for causing a collision.

Menz should not be attempting to enter the pits with a car on his outside. Considering the fact that he was fighting Charlie into the bus stop and it is clear that the red bull is on the right hand side of the track, his attempt to cut across the track to pit is dangerous.

J Lee Menz is now up to 6LP’s so needs a official warning

Active JMC has reached 12 LP meaning a race ban

Division 3

Pole Lap: 01.52.742

1. THATGUY691244
2. dRaSt1k bLazE
3. TIR Justhaze
4. RRT AdamLee
5. bl3in5121
7. ARL Tooman
8. I Cxmzn I
9. F1 Warhead
10. SSR Halo
11. Fat Ted24

Fastest Lap: 01.47.319 THATGUY691244

1. THATGUY691244
2. bl3in5121
3. TIT Justhaze
4. SSR Halo
5. RRT AdmaLee +15 sec
6. ARL Tooman
7. I Cxmzn I
8. dRaSt1k bLazE
9. F1 Warhead
11. Fat Ted24

Lap 1 incident involving dRaSt1k bLazE & RRT AdamLee
Outcome: Warning to RRT AdamLee
Reason: Adam comes across the track in an unsafe manner after having a moment – we have given a warning to Adam to remind him that he must only return to the racing line when he is up to speed with approaching drivers.

Lap 1 incident involving THATGUY691244
Outcome: No Penalty Given
Reason: we believe THATGUY did not gain enough of an advantage from the evidence provided.

Lap 2 incident involving THATGUY691244
Outcome: No Penalty Given
Reason: We cannot give a penalty in this instance unless there is proof that he was not penalised by the game for this. We are confident that in this case, the game would have given THATGUY a warning.

Lap 2 incident involving dRaSt1k bLazE & RRT AdamLee
Outcome: 5s + 1LP to RRT AdamLee
Reason: Adam clearly hits the back of blaze multiple times and forces him off the track. Drivers are reminded to react to drivers ahead of them, if they are less confident with braking, then react with them and then overtake when it is safe to do so.

Lap 7 incident involving RRT AdamLee & bl3in5121
Outcome: No Penalty Given
Reason: Bl3in5121 was clearly quicker in this incident and made the move in a safe manner – we believe the small tap on the exit after the loss of control was not enough to have lost Adam the position.

Lap 22 incident involving RRT AdamLee
Outcome: 10s + 2LP to RRT AdamLee
Reason: this is a clear reset to track.

Warning to RRT AdamLee for accumulating 6 License Points

Division 4

Pole Lap: 01.44.736

1. JPPGaming96
2. SmitHPDanX01
3. I21I Maxwell
4. Yulghxma
5. Baggiefan1995
6. richie chappell
7. Starsorphan6
8. Stevobrick
9. HuskySaturn1943
10. Pazuzu8195
11. SLR Hicklin


Fastest Lap: 01.47.284 richie chappell

1. SmitHPDanX01
2. JPPGaming96
3. I21I Maxwell
4. richie chappell
5. Pazuzu8195
6. Starsorphan
7. Yulghxma
8. Baggiefan1995
9. HuskySaturn1943
10. Stevobrick
11. SLR Hicklin

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