February 3, 2023

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SPA Appeals

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Appeal 1 (F2)
Corey and Medal
Stewards Decision – 10s and 2lp (Led to QB for pp infringement)
Panel Decision – NFA

The panel reviewed the evidence and concluded that when Corey and Medal were off track, Medal was taking an awkward and unrealistically tighter line back to the race track and looked to potentially be a dangerous re-entry. Corey looked for the safer entry and stayed off a bit longer and looked to rejoin at Turn 7, but hit Medal in doing so. With two differing approaches to rejoining the racetrack, the panel disagreed with the Applied Penalty and have removed this

Appeal 2 (F2)
Beast and Corey
Stewards Decision – NFA
Panel Decision – NFA

The panel reviewed evidence from both sides on this instance and argued the point of both sides. Ultimately, the panel felt that it was Beast’s responsibility to rejoin the track in a safer manner by backing off and slotting in behind than it was Corey to move over and allow Beast in alongside

Appeal 3 (F2)
Marsh and Corey
Stewards Decison – 10s and 2lp
Panel Decision – 10s and 2lp

The panel concluded this with Marsh going in too hot into T1 that led to this incident. The panel are in full agreement with the stewards reasoning and review of this incident

Appeal 4 (D2)
Menz and Charlie
Stewards Decision – 5s and 1lp
Panel Decision – NFA

The Panel reviewed the evidence and has removed the Applied Penalty. Menz was ahead when they were committed to the pitlane and before contact was made, and with this, have removed the penalty

Appeal 5 (D2)
Stewards Decision – NFA
Panel Decision – 5s and 1lp

The panel reviewed the evidence and found GEF to have initiated the contact by putting the front wing of their car into a closing gap and was found to be at fault for this incident

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