March 23, 2023

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Appeals Report: Australia

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Appeal 1 (D3)
Raikkonen and Russell
Stewards Decision – NFA
Panel Decision – 5s and 2lp

The panel reviewed evidence provided by the stewards and by raikkonen and after review, the panel have applied a 5s and 2lp penalty on SLR Russell. This was due to the fact that Raikkonen was taking a slightly tighter line, albeit also still on the main racing line, and was entitled to the position at the corner. Russell doesn’t look like he goes for any sort of gap and taps the back of Raikkonen, spinning him round and taking him out of contention. The panel felt there was no opportunity for an overtake and felt that Russell should’ve been a bit more aware of the traffic

Appeal 2 (M)
Merks and Shutmedal
Stewards Decision – 5s and 2lp
Panel Decision – 5s and 2lp

The panel reviewed evidence by both parties involved and agreed with the decision made by the stewards in this incident. The panel felt that Medal carried too much speed into T3 and made contact with Merks, spinning him round. The panel felt that it was always a closing gap which led to the contact. The 5s and 2lp penalty applied by the stewards was an agreed penalty by the panel

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