March 21, 2023

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Season 10 is a go! Round 1 – Australia

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Welcome to Season 10 of SLRF1! We are so excited to get underway with this milestone season, with an action packed calendar and packed grids, we can’t wait to make this one of our best seasons yet!
McKeon Division
New season, new opportunities for drivers to prove their worth. Season 10, 1st Race in the McKeon division. Australia is the first venue and it is a very fast flowing track and one that is tricky for all and can bring changing conditions, which can be a tough challenge for all that race.

For Qualifying no weather to mix things up but as it’s the first session of the new season, every driver wanted to be near the top and prove they can compete in this very competitive grid. Taking the first pole position of the year though would be SLR Corey with a 1.16.726! A time no one else could get even 0.296 tenths near, showing an impressive lap under the pressure. 2nd in the end was SLR Ogween77, an excellent place for the new Alfa Romeo to try and retain his crown. Rounding off the top 3 was WTurn3r, always has been quick and up there with the top last season, and showing it again this season let’s hope he can do much better this season and be up there in the championship. With 8 different teams in the top 9, this bodes well for the constructors being a close one all season and great races throughout.

For the race, Intermediate tyre weather really brought a different challenge for all, will they adjust for the weather or stick with a dry setup? A really entertaining race throughout a safety car earlier on and right in the middle of the transition from Wet to Dry really helped some but in the end the winner of the first race of the season was Raceroller22! From his 6th place starting position, I’m sure it was a win he was not expecting but was rapid in the wet, and once it was dry really had great race pace which helped him take the win. Second place was WTurn3r, who really had great pace all race, really made Roller fight for his win, and was unlucky himself to not take the win but bodes well for the rest of the season and I’m hoping for more luck for him. Rounding off the podium was SLR Ham19, who also must not have expected to be close to the win in the race but drove very well and kept with the top two, and 3rd for him is a great result to start the year. Other notable drives, were 4th, 5th, and 6th from ShutMedal, SparksYT15, and Riggsey x respectively. Qualifying 11th, 15th, and 14th respectively, they really kept out of the mayhem throughout the field drove very well, got rewarded for their consistency, and start off their seasons in the best possible way.

What a race to start the McKeon season, changing conditions, different strategy choices, close racing, All things that I’m so sure will continue with how unbelievably quick this grid is this season and with so many drivers wanting to prove themselves sure it will become even closer. Off to the Middle East for Bahrain next, such a technical track with its many challenges and a great place to continue the season, so until then, stay safe and have a great week everyone!

Pole Lap: 01.16.726

1. SLR Corey
2. SLR Ogween77
3. WTurn3r
4. ELiTE x Riskz
5. SLR Ham19
6. raceroller22
7. Crispy2001
8. VRA Andres
9. SimbarocksONE
10. LeviKing16
11. ShutMedal
12. Evoke Replay
13. BRT Griffiths
14.  Riggsey x
15. SparksYT15
16. CrowdingDoor994
17. Jito DV
18. DarkStormQC
19. MeRkz47
20. SemmF1


Fastest Lap: 1:18.679 – SLR Corey
1. raceroller22
2. WTurn3r
3. SLR HAM19
4. Sparksyt15
5. ShutMedal +5 sec
6. Riggsey x
7. LeviKing16
8. Jito DV
9. MeRkz47
10 SLR Corey
11 ELiTE x Riskz (DNF)
12 Crispy2001 (DNF)
13 Evoke Rpelays (DNF)
14 VRA Andres (DNF)
15 SimbarocksONE (DNF)
16 SLR Ogween77 (DNF)
17 Crowdingdoor994 (DNF)
18 SemmF1 (DNF)
19 BRT Griffiths (DNF)
20 DarkStormQC (DNF)

Lap 22 incident involving MeRkz47 & ShutMedal
Outcome: 5s + 2LP to ShutMedal
Reason: After reviewing the evidence provided, we came to the conclusion that Shutmedal stuck his nose into the inside of MeRkz47 after carrying to much speed into the corner causing MeRkz47 to spin

Because the incident was not report in the incidents channel ShutMedal gets a free appeal, due to the fact he wasnt able to submit a defence.

Division 2

Hello and welcome to season 10 of Summit League Racing with the opening race for Division 2. This season the grid is looking very competitive and these first few rounds could be key in showing which drivers will be fighting it out for the championship. For season 10 the season opener has gone classic F1. With the first race of the season being at Albert Park for the Australian Grand Prix.

We start off with a dry qualifying session, thankfully. After the first 10 minutes, Season 9 champion J Lee Menz leads the field with a time that is half a second quicker than SLR Mash in P2. Heading into the last 5 minutes of the session Menz still tops the time sheet with SLR EVVO closing the gap to just 2 tenths between the top two drivers.
As the chequered flag falls EVVO takes the top spot with a great lap at the very death. A lap that only beat Menz by .022 of a second. Then 3rd all the way down to 10th was separated by 4 tenths only which is impressive to see. With that, qualifying is over and we now head to the race!

As the cars head around the track on the formation lap, the forecast indicates there will be no rain. Everyone in the top 10 elected to start on the mediums apart from SLR Liamm who has gone for the alternate strategy of starting on a set of hard tyres, the rest of the grid also started on the hard compound.

It’s lights out and we are underway for the Australian Grand Prix. EVVO gets a fantastic launch
off the line, unlike Menz who dropped a place to Scar B0rga before the first corner. The majority of the field managed to get through the first lap without incident, unfortunately OwenHowell36 had to pit on the opening lap.

EVVO quickly pulled out a 2 second lead to second place. LSW L3G3ND44 attempts to send it down the inside of SLR Mash on lap 2 but couldn’t quite get the grip needed and ends up making contact. Spinning himself and dropping to the back of the field.

GoldenEggFryer locks up going into turn 3 and goes deep which allows Coupe a Benz and SLR Liamm to gain a position each. While attempting to overtake SLR Jack. Coupe a Benz goes deep and wide into turn 4 which allowed SLR Jack to perform a perfectly executed switchback through turn 5 and retain P8.

Lap 4 we have our first safety car as dRaSt1k bLazE bins it at turn 4. Menz takes an early gamble and pits for the hard tyres. The safety car now comes in at the end of lap 6 and EVVO will look to get a good jump on Scar B0rga. It wasn’t the finest race restart for EVVO but his strong pace still helped him build a strong gap by the end of sector 2.

We managed to get one lap of racing in before Scar B0rga brought out the second safety car of the race as he lost it on the exit of turn 2. Smashing into the wall putting the Haas driver out of the race. From this we see multiple drivers take the opportunity to pit, mostly those that started on the medium compound. However race leader EVVO decides to remain out on his old medium compound tyres.

The safety car will come in at the end of lap 10. Can EVVO get a better restart this time? And boy does he by being able to create a gap of 2.5 seconds to SLR Jack by the end of the first sector. There’s also some great battling towards the back of the field with constant position changes, unfortunately THATGUY691244 spins on the final corner of lap 12.

SLR Jack seems to be struggling pace wise but that doesn’t stop him from pulling off some great defending moves on SLR Liamm for the podium places. J Lee Menz has managed to work his way back into the equation. Not long after Menz manages to dispatch Liamm.

F1ABQW3RTYYY is the next driver to crash out in the high speed corners of 9 and 10. Yet another safety car is deployed and all but 5 drivers use this as an opportunity to pit for some fresh tyres. Through not pitting Adrian VIII finds himself in first place on 11 lap old hard tyres.

At the end of lap 16 the safety car returns to the pits and racing is underway once again. Adrian manages to catch EVVO napping on the safety car restart but unfortunately it is to no avail as on fresher tyres EVVO catches up quickly. Dispatching the Ferrari driver and regaining the lead of the grand prix.

Disaster strikes for the Alpha Tauri team as their drivers THATGUY691244 and reserve for the night OwenHowell36 collide on the exit of the final corner. Contact that caused major damage to both cars and resulted in both drivers having to pit after limping around for a full lap. Onto lap 20 and we have yet another safety car as OwenHowell36 crashes at the final corner yet again. However this time the damage is terminal.

Here we go then the final 7 laps as the safety comes into the pits. EVVO produces another excellent restart and takes off from the second place driver Adrain. With Adrian still on his old hard tyres the chances of him catching EVVO looked very slim. It was now a question of could he hold onto second place with the full field behind being on much fresher tyres.

SLR Mash gets past LegendaryDannyd to take 5th place and the aim of hunting down the battle between SLR Jack and SLR Liamm for the final podium place. Coupe a Benz has a spin at turn 3 which will drop him away from the pack for the final few laps.

SLR Jack is still putting up a valiant defence to hold onto P3 in a car that is clearly struggling around this circuit. This has allowed Adrian to build himself a buffer for P2. Liamm attempts a overtake on Jack but doesn’t get it done and nearly loses the rear end on traction. This allows Mash to sneak on past and up into 4th position. Liamm also picked up a track limits penalty which will surely hinder his finishing position.

Mash now on over the back of Jack utilises DRS and makes a move around the outside on lap 28 to take P3! On the same lap Dannyd tries going around the outside of Liamm for P5 at turn 11. There is contact between the pair which results in damage for Liamm. Due to this Liamm has to pit and drops to the back of the field.

As the drivers cross the line it is indeed SLR EVVO who brings it home to take the first win of the season. Adrian VIII not too far behind managed to hold onto second place and SLR Mash rounded off the podium.

Next up we are off to the desert of Bahrain. Will EVVO be as dominant as he was in Australia or will someone else make the breakthrough and take the top spot?

Pole Lap: 01.17.647

2. J Lee Menz
3. Scar BOrga
4. dRaSt1k bLazE
6. Adrian VIII
7. SLR Liamm
8. SLR Mash
9. LSW L3G3ND44
10. GoldenEggFryer
11. ZachIsBeast25
12. Coupe a Benz
13. SLR Jack
14. legendarydannyd
15. Kislesko
16. SLR Moley
17. THATGUY691244
19. Pazuzu8195
20. OwenHowell36

Fastest Lap: 01.21.370 SLR EVVO

2. Adrian VIII
4. SLR Mash +5 sec
5. LSW L3G3ND44
6. ZachIsBeast25
7. J Lee Menz
8. SLR Jack +5 sec
9. legendarydannyd
10. Pazuzu8195
11. GoldenEggFryer
12. Kislesko
13. SLR Moley
14. THATGUY691244
15. SLR Liamm
16. Coupe a Benz
17. OwenHowell36 (DNF)
19. Scar BOrga (DNF)
20. dRaSt1k bLazE (DNF)

Incident involving SLR Jack and J Lee Menz – Lap 14, Turn 11:
5 second penalty and 1 License Point to SLR Jack for causing a collision – Menz is alongside going into the braking zone and therefore should’ve been given more space.
Also a warning to J Lee Menz for accelerating into the wall causing severe front wing damage – based off of the evidence received it appears Menz deliberately accelerates into the wall giving himself damage.

Incident involving SLR Liam and
Scar B0rga – Qualifying, Turn 13:
2 License Points to Scar B0rga due to the incident occurring in qualifying – going into turn 13 Scar B0rga is on the racing line in the braking zone causing SLR Liam to take an alternative line into the corner, drivers are reminded to be aware of cars on fast laps approaching.

Incident involving Zachisbeast25 and SLR Mash – Lap 18, Turn 13:
5 second penalty and 1 License Point to SLR Mash – based off of the evidence received Mash out-brakes himself going into turn 13 hitting Zach which subsequently causes him to spin.

Division 3

Pole Lap: 01.17.825

1. Lenbau04
2. SSR Halo
3. ChicknRosery
4. BigBag92
5. Swinners28
6. SLR Hicklin
7. Starsorphan
8. HarveyQC
9. FatTed24
10. Jrwin
11. SLR Russell
12. ICxmznI
13. SLR Xhaka
14. richie chappell
15. SLRRaikkonen
16. Baggiefan 1995
17. SLR St2oH
18. Stevobrick
19. HuskySaturn
20. SLR Allen

Fastest Lap: 01.21.088 Swinners28

1. Lenbau04
2. richie chappell
3. BigBag92
4. ICxmznI
5. Starsorphan
6. ChicknRosery
7. Swinners28
8. HarveyQC
9. Baggiefan 1995
10. SLRRaikkonen
11. HuskySaturn1943
12. SLR St2oH
13. SSR Halo
14. Jrwin
15. SLR Xhaka
16. SLR Russell +5 sec
17. SLR Hicklin (DNF)
18. SLR Allen (DNF)
19. Stevobrick (DNF)
20. Fat Ted24 (DNF)

SLRRaikkonen vs SLR Russell Lap 23-Spinning another driver Outcome: NFA

HuskySaturn1943 unsafe rejoin- lap 10 Outcome: NFA

Starsorphan6 Vs SSR Halo giving another car damage- lap 3 Outcome: NFA

SSR Halo vsrichie chappell lap 29 spinning another car Outcome: NFA

SSR Halo crashing on purpose -lap 29 Outcome: 2LP

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