March 21, 2023

Forever Racing in memory of Callum McKeon


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Race 2 of the season in the SLR McKeon Division. A trip to the desert, Bahrain, is such a tricky track for all, tough on tyres, and is nonstop from start to finish. With Raceroller22 looking to build on his great start, will he be able to or will someone else take the top step off of him?

Qualifying was a simple session, with everyone setting very close times, it was BRT Gritthis taking the second pole position of the season by 0.084 seconds! The second place man was WTurn3r who continues being up there and will hope to give his teammate a tricky time to take the win off his hands. Rounding off the top 3 was SLR Ogween77 the reigning champion putting himself in a good spot to reignite his title defense after a DNF last time out.

The race was full of tight battles, DRS Trains and drivers looking to push past and prove they are quick enough, but in the end, it was BRT Gritthis who converts pole position into a race win, taking it by just 1.1 seconds! Taking second place was WTurn3r, who finishes 2nd in consecutive races, meaning he actively is the Drivers Championship leader putting him in a good spot for the next couple of races. Rounding off the podium was BMidzy, who in his first race back for some time really showed he hasn’t lost his pace from older games and should he be involved further can really challenge for more podiums and the odd win. Other notable drives would be EliLTE x RiskZ who from starting P9, brung home P5, which from the starting position, took his opportunities and got a great result to fix his annoyance for the DNF in the previous race.

A race is full of tight racing, few incidents, and Drivers pushing their hardest, even though it wasn’t a race to remember it was one where the drivers in the points feel like they worked hard for their points. Next time out is in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. A fast flowing track and one that people either hate or love but always brings amazing quali laps to watch through with the walls always so close, all the risks can pay off but one mistake can end your race. But until then have an awesome week and we will see you for Jeddah!

Pole Lap: 01.27.478

1. BRT Griffiths
2. WTurn3r
3. SLR Ogween77
4. CrowdingDoor994
5. SLR Corey
6. BMidzy
7. Crispy2001
8. SLR Jam40
9. ELiTE x Riskz
10. VRA Andres
11. SimbarocksONE
12. raceroller22
13. ShutMedal
14. Jito DV
15. SLR Ham19
16. LouisW 17
17. SemmF1
18. MeRkz47
19. Riggsey x
20. SparksYT15

Fastest Lap: 01.29.750 Jito DV

1. BRT Griffiths
2. WTurn3r
3. BMidzy
4. CrowdingDoor994
5. ELiTE x Riskz
6. SLR Corey
7. SLR Ogween77
8. SLR Jam40
9. MeRkz47
10. raceroller22
11. SLR Ham19
12. SimbarocksONE
13. VRA Andres
14. LouisW17
15. SparksYT15
16. ShutMedal
17. Jito DV
18. Riggsey x
19. Semm F1 (DNF)
20. Crispy2001 (DNF)

Shutmedal vs Multiple Cars – Lap 1 – Causing A Collision
Outcome: Racing Incident

Divison 2

Round 2 of Summit League Racings season takes us to the Bahrain International Circuit, located in the heart of the sakhir desert. SLR EVVO took the win last week in Australia. Can he pick up where he left off or will someone else peg him back and take the win?

Completely dry conditions for both qualifying and the race as expected as we start the qualifying session and after 5 minutes everybody has completed their first runs and its SLR CHARLIE who is currently P1 with a 1:28.567 which is currently 3 tenths ahead of Adrian VIII who sits in second with a 1:28.815 and for some unknown reason he retired in the pits after the 1 run. 3rd to 11th is only separated by around 3 tenths. Only 8 minutes remain in the session and Kislesko has lost the rear of his car and put it into the barrier at turn 12 which ends his session early. Coupe a Benz also loses control of his car on the exit of turn 4 and smashes into the barrier ending his session also.

The Chequered flag comes out and its Scar B0rga who takes pole position with a 1:28.286 with SLR CHARLIE only 0.076s behind him takes P2 and J Lee Menz only 0.015 behind him taking P3 and last weeks winner SLR EVVO takes P4 on the grid a Tenth behind the top 3.

As we head around the track for the formation lap Scar B0rga is the only driver in the top 10 to start on the hard tyres, while the rest of the grid have a mixture of both the medium and the hard tyres.

Lights out as we get the race underway and Scar B0rga trying to win the DHL slowest start of the line unlike SLR EVVO who gets a fantastic start and has moved up 3 places before turn 1! And surprisingly we get through the first lap without any incidents and some great battling for positions. SLR LIAMM loses control of the car at turn 2 and drops all the way from P5 down to P17, SLR Jack does the same thing and puts it into the barrier losing his whole front wing but still somehow not DNF but he returns to the pit lane retires as he has to much damage on his car to continue.
Lap 7 SLR EVVO still in the lead of the race with SLR CHARLIE right on his tail but both drivers have ran away with the race as J Lee Menz who sits in P3 is over 8 seconds behind holding up the rest of the field after fighting heavily with LSW L3G3ND44 and ZachIsBeast25.

Adriann VIII on lap 10 decides to pit already off the medium tyre and onto the hards, GoldenEggFryer and THATGUY691244 fighting for P7 and THATGUY comes out the victor for now with an excellent move around the outside. J Lee Menz also elects to pit off the medium tyre on Lap 11 now we wait to see if the rest of the field reacts. SLR EVVO decides to pit at the end of Lap 14 and disaster strikes as he puts down too much throttle and spins the car at turn 2 on the cold tyres and that mistake could be the mistake that loses him the race!

SLR CHARLIE pits straight away after the mistake from SLR EVVO and gets a 6 second gap on him after the pit stop and EVVO has it all to do now to try and get back infront which he looked comfortable for most of the race.

Just over half distance and GoldenEggFryer and Kislesko made contact at Turn 4 with both cars going off track as neither driver was backing out at that point. Scar B0rga has made his mandatory pitstop off the hard tyre and onto the fresh mediums coming out in P6 only 6 seconds behind SLR EVVO could he catch and possibly get himself onto the podium?

7 Laps left of the race and SLR EVVO has managed to close the gap down to only 2 seconds Adriian VIII goes down the inside of legendarydannyd at turn 4 and get the move done but as they head down to turn 6 legendarydannyd tries to stick his nose where it shouldn’t and collides with Adrian VIII causing himself to spin and lose 2 places in the process.Pazuzu 8195 loses the car at turn 11 and then returns to the pitlane and retires the car.

Now in the business end of the race on lap 27 and SLR EVVO again! loses the car at the exit of turn 4 and spins and that now gifts SLR CHARLIE the race win but also brings Scar B0rga into the fight for P2 but SLR EVVO has enough grip still left in the tyres to start pulling away from him and there’s nothing Scar B0rga can do about it.
After 2 mistakes and a very good and clean drive from SLR CHARLIE he crossed the line to take the win here at Bahrain. SLR EVVO takes P2 and Scar B0rga takes the last step on the podium. SLR CHARLIE closes the gap on SLR EVVO in the championship as next week we head to Saudi Arabia to the Jeddah Corniche Circuit for round 3.

Pole Lap: 01.28.266

1. Scar BOrga
3. J Lee Menz
5. SLR Liamm
6. dRaSt1k bLazE
7. Adrian VIII
8. GoldenEggFRyer
9. ZachIsBeast25
10. LSW L3G3ND44
11. THATGUY691244
12. legendarydannyd
13. SLR Mash
14. Kislesko
15. Coupe a Benz
16. bl3in5121
20. SotierClock110

Fastest Lap: 01.29.549 SotierClock110

3. Scar Borga
4. ZachIsBeast25
5. LSW L3G3ND44
6. J Lee Menz
7. Adrian VIII
8. bl3in5121
9. THAGUY691244 +5 sec
10. SLR Mash
11. Kislesko
12. Coupe a Benz
13. GoldenEggFryer +5 sec
14. legendarydannyd
15. SLR Moley
16. SotierClock110
17. dRaSt1k bLazE (DNF)
18. Pazuzu8195 (DNF)
19. SLR Jack (DNF)
20. SLR Liamm (DNF)

Incident involving Adrian VIII and THATGUY – Lap 19, Turn 4:
5 second penalty and 1 License Point to THATGUY for causing a collision – It’s a very late, speculative lunge from THATGUY which results in Adrian being tagged and losing 2 places as a result.

Incident involving Adrian VIII and legendarydannyd – Lap 23, Turn 6/7:
Racing incident – Based off of the evidence received we don’t feel as though Adrian does much wrong, it’s not the best part of the track to go for a move at anyway but despite this Adrian leaves just enough room and it’s an unfortunate bit of contact.

Incident involving GoldenEggFryer and Kislesko – Lap 16, Turn 4:
5 second penalty and 1 License Point to GoldenEggFryer for squeezing a driver off the track and causing a collision – While it’s a late move from Kislesko going into the braking zone at turn 4 they remain alongside GoldenEggFryer from the moment they touched the brakes until the contact is made. The proximity arrows also remain red throughout the corner and GoldenEggFryer should have given space on the corner exit instead of drifting into the path of Kislesko causing both cars to spin.

Incident involving bl3in5121 – Qualifying:
Warning to bl3in5121 – while it is noted that the incident was accidental it was an unnecessary use of ai which caused bl3in5121 to crash into the pit wall, this could have had more serious consequences and as a result any further incident of this type will result in a penalty.

Incident involving legendarydannyd and Adrian VIII – Lap 26, Turn 6/7
Racing Incident – It’s a big lunge from legendarydannyd at a part of the track where it is difficult to go 2 wide. Adrian had no time to react and didn’t need to leave space regardless due to the distance at which danny attacks from.

Division 3

Pole Lap. 01.28.941

1. BigBag92
2. ChicknRosery
3. JPPGaming96
4. FatTed24
5. Swinners28
6. SLR Allen
7. F1 Warhead
8. I Cxmzn I
9. Starsorphan
10. HarveyQC
11. SmitHPDanX01
12. richie chappell
13. SLR Hicklin
14. SSR Halo
15. OWR Yui
16. SLR Russell
17. Baggiefan 1995
18. Stevobrick
19. HuskySaturn1943
20. Jrwim

Fastest Lap: 01.31.710 SLR Allen

1. BigBag92
2. Fat Ted24
3. ChicknRosery
4. HarveyQC
5. richie chappell
6. JPPGaming96
7. SmitHPDanX01
8. Swinners28
9. Starsorphan6
10. Baggiefan 1995
11. OWR Yui
12. SLR Hicklin
13. F1 Warhead
14. SLR Allen
15. Stevobrick
16. SLR Russell
17. I Cxmzn I
18. HuskySaturn1943
19. SSR Halo
20. Jrwim (DNF)

@SLR Russell unsafe rejoin- lap 24
Outcome: NFA

@Swinners28 vs @JPPGaming96 impeding qualifying lap
Outcome: Warning to JPPGaming96

@Swinners28 vs @SLR Allen lap 1- forcing another driver off
Outcome: NFA

@WimenLex vs @Swinners28 lap 4- moving under braking
Outcome: NFA

@ChicknRosery vs @HuskySaturn1943 impeding qualifying lap
Outcome: Quali ban for HuskySaturn1943

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