March 22, 2023

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Appeals Report: Bahrain

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Appeal 1 (F2)
Southerner and Marsh
Stewards Decision – 5s and 1lp
Panel Decision – RI

The Panel reviewed evidence from all parties and concluded that this was a racing incident. The panel reviewed Southerners statement and clip and agreed that they didn’t miss their braking point into T10, but slight contact was still made. When reviewing Marsh’s clip, there was contact from the rear and needed correction, but was still facing the right way and wasn’t damaged or spun out of contention. The panel reviewed numerous variables, from the tyres both drivers were on, the contact, the resulting behaviours and the concertina effect after the restart. The panel concluded that after extensive discussion, there was no evidence to support a penalty to be applied by either driver and that a racing incident was the most appropriate outcome.

Appeal 2 (F2)
Griffiths, Corey and Jam
Stewards Decision – 10s and 2lp
Panel Decision – 10s and 2lp

The panel reviewed evidence and statements from the drivers and Stewards teams and concluded that the penalty applied by the stewards will stand as the official outcome of this incident. The panel discussed Griffiths going off at Turn 10 and believed that they should’ve waited for a safe rejoin rather than squeeze on when Jam and Corey were battling. The panel noted that the rejoin wasn’t deemed safe enough and on the rundown to Turn 11, Griffiths goes off track on the outside and this is when contact was made with Corey, spinning him round and off track. The panel concluded that the incidents of an unsafe rejoin at Turn 10 and an incident involving a driver off track at Turn 11 was warranted with the stewards original penalty in this instance.

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