March 23, 2023

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RAIN? IN SAUDI? Prayers for SLR Dodgy

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We stay in the middle east for round 3 of season 7 where we would be racing around the Jeddah Cheese Circuit. Qualifying is starting to get a little repetitive now with SLR Corey making it 3 out of 3 pole positions this season, this one being the most impressive, taking it by over 8 tenths of a second to SLR Jam.

The heavens would open up for the sprint making this ever-tricky track even tricker for the drivers, the front row would consist of both Hitech’s of SLR Bennett and SLR Southerner looking to kickstart their campaigns. Bennett would hold onto the lead in the opening laps but the charge of teammate SLR Southerner would prove too much for the other Hitech and now Southerner leads. EVVO was also doing a great job fighting for the podium, after an incident involving Ham, Griffiths and Jam would see him and himself sneak through battling for 3rd. This however became a 3-way battle for 3rd as Jam caught back up. EVVO in the late stages struggling for grip and hits the wall taking the Virtuosi of Corey with him and major damage for both cars. But the man keeping his cool, withstanding the pressure from Jam behind, taking victory in the sprint race it could only be SLR Southerner taking a 4th SLR F2 victory and a big 10 points to his championship tally. Jam would end P2 and EVVO rounding out the podium for a great result for him and the MP Motorsport team.
The feature we would see the return to dry racing (getting sick of these wet weather shenanigans)
With SLR Corey getting the perfect getaway from pole with Jam having a awful start from 2nd due to a glitch affecting a lot of people (cheers EA and codies) Ham would take full advantage of this and make his way through to P2, Corey however making a 2 second lead by the end of the first lap!!! Griffiths would continue slithering his way through the field as well from 15th well into the points paying positions. UKBeastAssassin would be in a good position come the pit stops aswell, up into P3 behind Ham after a great opening stint. With only 3 laps to go and Corey with a 8 second lead to Ham before stops the safety car would make an appearance and we would see SLR Corey finally make his mandatory stop. Safety car back in and 2 laps of racing, Corey nails the restart with Shutmedal and BeastAssassin all over the back of Ham, Beast had a look into T1 but was unsuccessful on Ham. But not even a safety car could ruin this mans chances of winning today, leading every single lap from start to finish and extending his championship lead to 34 points it was SLR Corey winning the feature race in sublime fashion,

Next round we return to the Algarve international in Portugal for round 4 of the championship, who is going to come out on top? Join us when we return in a fortnights time.

Blogs driver of the round: SLR Southerner – A great points hall for Southerner after taking victory in the sprint in great fashion and picking up a extra 10 points in the feature and now moving up to 3rd in the drivers’ championship, showing he can fight with the very best in SLR F2.

As you were CM x

1. SLR Corey 1.38.058
2. SLR Jam40
3. SLR Ham19
4. OwenHowell36
5. ShutMedal
6. J Lee Menz
7. SLR Dodgy
9. SLR Southerner
10. SLR Bennett3810
11. UKBeastAssassin
13. SLR Mash
15. BRT Griffiths
16. Para Quickz
17. BaggieFan1995

Sprint Race
1. SLR Southerner
2. SLR Jam40 1.53.177
4. SLR Corey
5. Para Quickz
6. SLR Bennett3810
7. ShutMedal
10. SLR Mash
11. UKBeastAssassin
12. SLR Dodgy
13. BaggieFan 1995
14. BRT Griffiths
15. SLR Ham19 15s + 3LP
16. OwenHowell36
17. J Lee Menz

BRT Griffiths vs SLR Ham19 Lap 4 – Sprint Verdict: 10 Second and 2 LP to SLR Ham19 SLR Ham19 goes for a gap that’s never available tags and spins BRT Griffiths.

SLR Corey vs SLR Ham19 Lap 4 – Sprint Verdict: 5 second and 1 LP to SLR Ham19 Unsafe rejoin to track.

SLR Corey vs SLR EVVO Lap 9 – Sprint Verdict: NFA SLR EVVO loses control of his car hitting off of the wall twice unfortunately SLR Corey is just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Feature Race
1. SLR Corey 1.39.295
2. SLR Ham19
3. BRT Griffiths
4. ShutMedal
5. SLR Southerner
6. OwenHowell36
7. SLR Mash
8. UKBeastAssassin
9. SLR Jam40
10. SLR Bennett3810
11. Para Quickz 5s + 1LP
13. BaggieFan 1995
14. J Lee Menz
15. SLR Dodgy

J Lee Menz vs SLR Jam40 Lap 1 – Feature Verdict: NFA With an onboard view provided by SLR Jam40 it is noticeable that he does have issue with throttle (revs). J Lee Menz just unfortunately goes into the back of his car off the start. Lobby issue also noted with host leaving. AI setting could have been wrong also.

SLR Dodgy vs PaRa Quickz Lap 10 – Feature Verdict: 5 Second and 1 LP to PaRa Quickz PaRa Quickz tries to switchback into a gap SLR Dodgy has already filled causing a collision.

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