March 21, 2023

Forever Racing in memory of Callum McKeon

Saudi Arabia

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Round 3, is time to go to Saudi!

A track that is very quick and a joy for all (on the wheel :D), time pens are a regular occurrence due to the tight track limits and how hard the drivers have to push to get the utmost performance from the car.

Qualifying was an entertaining one with SLR Corey taking the pole position in a commanding fashion by over 4 tenths! 2nd place was WTurn3r, who continues his streak of qualifying 2nd, showing he can be in the fight for the championship this season. Rounding off the top 3 in the session was Raceroller22, who is looking to get back to the top after a tricky round last time out.

The race was a tricky one for all, a huge DRS train for most of the race, and a safety car that shuffled up the pack, but in the end, it was SLR Corey who would take the win and makes it a 3rd different winner in the 3 races so far. Really showed his pace today around this circuit and even though he lost the lead at the start, once he got the lead back though, he looked in control to take the win. 2nd place was WTurn3r who still continues his 2nd place streak in the race and the qualifying sessions are really impressive and will continue at the top of the championship. Rounding off the podium, was SLR Jam40 who takes his first podium of the season, a very quick driver who will hope to continue this form and take it to the next race.

A close race, and interesting watch for all, Jeddah always brings a race full of interest and attrition, but next week though is a completely different challenge, Imola, is a tricky track to overtake on and a very hard track to master and an enjoyable race for all. But until then hope everyone is doing well and have a great week!

Pole Lap: 01.27.180

1. SLR Corey
2. WTurn3r
3. raceroller22
4. SLR Ogween77
5. ELiTE x Riskz
7. SLR Jam40
8. Jito DV
9. SLR Ham19
10. BRT Griffiths
11. Crowdingdoor994
12. ShutMedal
13. SparksYT15
14. SimbarocksONE
15. MeRkz47
16. Riggsey
17. PaRa Quickz
18. VRA Andres

Fastest Lap: 01.29.925 SLR Corey

1. SLR Corey
2. WTurn3r
3. SLR Jam40
4. SimbarocksONE
5. SLR Ham19
6. ELiTE x Riskz
7. BRT Griffiths
8. CrowdingDoor994
9. ShutMedal
10. SLR Ogwen77
11. MeRkz47
12. Jito DV +5 sec
13. SparksYT15
14. Riggsey x
15. VRA Andres
16. PaRa Quickz (DNF)
17. raceroller22 (DNF)

Mckeon Stewards Report

Elite x Riskz vs Jito DV – Lap 1 – Spinning Another Car
Outcome: 5s Time Penalty + 2LPs to Jito DV

Division 2

Jeddah Corniche circuit is the home of Round 3 of Summit League Racing
And there are a few full time drivers missing this week, maybe pad drivers? Probably but we still go with a full grid anyway and clear weather is scheduled for both sessions so that’s a good sign as we get underway for qualifying.

After the first 8 minutes of the session only 14 cars have managed to set a valid lap time and its SLR EVVO who has set the fastest time so far with a 1:28.405 with J Lee Menz a tenth behind him in P2 and then the rest of the field covered by around a second. With just over 5 minutes left of the session SLR EVVO sets a 1:28.195 can anyone catch this man?

As we get to the business end of this qualifying session can anyone challenge SLR EVVO, or will he improve even further? J Lee Menz goes for his fast lap and loses the back end in sector 1. Hopefully he has enough fuel to go again as he might have enough time left to start another lap. Chequered flag falls for the session and SLR EVVO couldn’t improve on his lap time. But he need not to worry as J Lee Menz and SLR Liamm both peel into the pits after both invalidating and claim P2 and P3 with SLR Jack and SLR Mash sit P3 and P4 separated by .060 and Active JMC starting off his championship challenge with a 1:29.640 with puts him in P17 on the grid.

As we head around the track for the formation lap it seems most of the field has elected to start on the medium tyre with Kemence61 the only one in the top ten on the hard tyres.
So the lights are out and we are underway and everyone gets off the line cleanly as we go through turn 1. Of course Active JMC is involved in an incident with SLR Moley and there’s surely going to be damage from that as SLR Moley hits the wall and it brings the virtual safety car out before the end of sector 1. VSC ends and there’s 4 guys in the pits after lap 1 all for a new front wing which will ruin their races already.

Lap 3 and Kislesko gets a 5 second time penalty after a collision with SouthRaptor966 at the end of sector 1 and things get worse for SouthRaptor966 as he looks to have had a spin on the lap after which will demote him a few places down to P18. Could things get even worse for the Haas team? And it does as SLR Moley loses control and hits the wall on Lap 7 and it brings out a full safety car. Which bunches the pack right up again just as a few cars get out of the DRS train. Everyone in the top 12 used this chance to take a free pit stop and put on the hard tyres which should take them to the end of the race.

Safety car ends on Lap 11 and coming out of turn 3 Owenhowell36 gets the early overtake on SLR Liamm to take P3. but then immediately gets a 3 second time penalty for track limits.
And there’s been a major collision towards the back of the field and I’ll leave you to guess who caused that, Coupe a Benz now has no front wing and brings out another safety car.

End of lap 13 the safety car comes back in and we can get racing underway again and SLR EVVO gets a much better restart than last time but it looks like LSW L3G3ND44 has had a collision and spins which will drop him to the back of the field. SLR Mash is looking to get past SLR Liamm but can’t seem to get it done and everyone is stuck behind the SLR Liamm bus. However on the exit of the last chicane SLR Mash gets a better run and takes P4 from SLR Liamm.

SLR Jack sends it into turn 1 on Lap 16 and smashes into the side of SLR Liamm and spins which drops him to the back and now ZachIsBeast25 is now on the back of SLR Liamm wanting to get the overtake done. dRaSt1k bLazE aims to go down the inside of Active JMC but he shuts the door on him and causes a collision and causes him to lose out on 3 places now.

Oh no SLR Mash has a spin in sector 1 and that takes away any chance he had in this race dropping him to P15. What the hell has gone on here on lap 18 at the final corner there is a 6 car collision as someone brakes late and causes a domino effect. Carbon fibre ends up everywhere and 3 cars have to come into the pits for a new front wing. THATGUY691244 has had a quiet race finds himself battling Active JMC for P6 on Lap 20, LSW L3G3ND44 brings out a late safety with 5 laps left to go after crashing into the wall in sector 2. dRaSt1k bLazE elects to stay out and takes the lead of the race after everyone else pits for fresh softs. Disaster strikes for SLR EVVO as during the rush into the pits for softs he manages to lose out to J Lee Menz. So returns to the race in 3rd place.

The safety car comes into the pit lane at the end of lap 22 and Owenhowell36 is caught napping on the restart. He nearly loses a position to Kislesko before turn 1. dRaSt1k bLazE battles with J Lee Menz going into turn1 on Lap 24 but manages to hold P1 and puts J Lee Menz under pressure from SLR EVVO. It is very tight but on the last lap Menz sends it down the inside at turn 1 and gets the move done on dRaSt1k bLazE and SLR EVVO takes advantage to also sneak past. Going into the final corner J Lee Menz has the lead by the skin of his teeth with SLR EVVO right alongside him. On the sprint to the line it is EVVO that manages to sneak ahead and take the race win by less than a car’s length. dRaSt1k bLazE rounds off the podium proving that his gamble to stay out of the mediums was the right one.

SLR EVVO takes a 29 point lead in the championship going into next week where we race at Imola for Round 4 of division 2.


2. J Lee Menz
3. SLR Liamm
4. SLR Jack
5. SLR Mash
6. OwenHowell36
7. Kemence61
8. dRaSt1k bLazE
9. GoldenEggFryer
10. ZachIsBeast25
11. bl3in5121
12. SotierClock110
13. VapidCoot74
14. Coupe a Benz
15. Kislesko
16. THATGUY691244
17. Active JMC
18. LSW L3G3ND44
19. SLR Moley
20. SouthRaptor966

Fastest Lap: 01.31.333 GoldenEggFryer

2. J Lee Menz
3. dRaSt1k bLazE
4. Kislesko
5. VapidCoot74
6. OwenHowell36
7. SotierClock110
8. GoldenEggFryer
9. ZachIsBeast25
10. SLR Mash
11. SouthRaptor966
12. THATGUY691244
13. Kemence61 +10 sec
14. SLR Moley
15. SLR Liamm
16. Kemence61 +10 sec
17. SLR Jck (DNF)
18. LSW L3G3ND44 (DNF)
19. bl3in5121 (DNF)
20. Coupe a Benz (DNF)

Incident involving Active JMC and SLR Moley – Lap 1, Turn 3:
5 second penalty and 1 License Point to Active JMC for causing a collision.
JMC comes back onto the track and drifts into the line of Moley, spinning the Haas and causing damage to both cars.

Incident involving SLR Jack, SLR Liamm and Zachisbeast25 – Lap 16, Turn 1:
Qualifying ban and 2 License Points for SLR Jack for causing a severe collision – Jack completely missed his braking point and causes major damage to Liam while also causing Zach to take evasive action resulting in Liam receiving a 5 second penalty and Zach 2 x 5 second penalties.
(Note this penalty is a qualifying ban due to Jack not finishing the race)

Incident involving Zachisbeast25 – Lap 16, Turn 1/2;
No further action – unfortunately while it is recognised that Zach’s movement was necessary to avoid the aforementioned incident ahead and that he received a second time penalty which is a game error, we cannot remove penalties of this kind.

Incident involving Zachisbeast25 and kemence61 – Lap 18, Turn 27:
10 second penalty and 2 License Points to kemence61 for spinning another car and causing a collision – The initial contact with Zach is worthy of a 5 second penalty but in addition to this the subsequent unavoidable collision caused as a result of this contact is reason as to why a harsher penalty has been given in these circumstances.

Incident involving Active JMC – Intentional Corner Cut, Lap 25, Turn 16/17:
5 second penalty and 1 License Point to Active JMC for leaving the track and gaining an advantage – this is an obvious attempt from JMC to gain drs to SLR Liam ahead in an attempt to overtake him and is unacceptable behaviour not up to the league’s standards.

Incident involving dRaSt1k bLazE and Coupe a benz – Lap 1, Turn 1:
No further action – the contact made is minimal and does little to alter bLazE’s line through the corner.

Incident involving dRaSt1k bLazE and Coupe a benz – Lap 11, Turn 1/2:
No further action – the contact made is minimal and does little to alter bLazE’s line through the corner.

Division 3

Pole Lap: 01.28.846

1. Swinners28
2. ChicknRosery
3. BigBag92
4. Lenbau04
5. SSR Halo
6. richie chapell
7. Fat Ted24
8. TIR Haze
9. SmitHPDanX01
10. Yuigxhxma
11. HarveyQC
12. SLR Hicklin
13. Starsorphan
14. JPPGaming96
15. Jrwin
17. SLR Xhaka
18. Stevobrick
19. F1 Warhead
20. I Cxmzn I

Fastest Lap: 01.32.218 TIR Haze

1. Swinners28
2. BigBag92 +5 sec
3. FatTed24
4. ChicknRosery
5. richie chappell
6. SSR Halo
7. Yuigxhxma
8. Lenbau04
9. TIR Haze
10. F1 Warhead
11. Starsorphan6
12. SLR Xhaka
13. JPPGaming96
15. Stevobrick
16. I Cxmzn I
17. SLR Hicklin
18. SmitHPDanX01 (DNF)
19. Jrwin (DNF)
20. HarveyQC (DNF)

@Swinners28 vs @BigBag92 leaving the track and gaining an advantage (lap 1)
Outcome: 5 seconds and 1 LP to BigBag92.

The stewards feel that BigBag goes in too deep with too much speed, almost pushes the other driver off the track, and then has to cut the track to slow the car down instead of making the corner.

@I Cxmzn I abusing track limits on multiple occasions
Outcome: 3 LP to Cxmzn and an Official Warning for exploiting track limits.

From the evidence seen from the stream, Cxmzn is seen abusing track limits many times using it to his advantage to stay ahead of other drivers and gain time for others, even though he does DNF he still gains time in an illegal way, giving us no choice but to penalise him heavily.

@HarveyOC vs @KxmiiShouko (Yuigxhxma) squeezing into a wall causing terminal damage (lap 1)
Outcome: 1 LP to HarveyOC.

Unsafe rejoin to track.

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