March 23, 2023

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A Carlin double at Portimao

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We return to Portimao after a season away from the Algrave International Circuit, Qualifying saw a rain washed one lap shootout for pole position (deepest condolences to SLR Dodgy) where it would be the championship favourites coming into this season Carlin locking out the front row with Benster taking his first SLR F2 pole with teammate SLR Ham alongside.

The sprint would see SLR Bennett start on reverse grid pole for the second week in a row, would it finally be his time to pick up that victory? Bennett would remain in the lead in the opening laps showing great pace. Multiple car crash going into the final corner would see SLR Allen, SLR Dodgy and Crispy all retire. Championship leader SLR Corey would quickly make his way towards the front of the pack now scrapping for the lead with SLR Bennett but contact going into T4 would see the Hitech of Bennett round and Corey with damage sorry Bennett 🙁 This would see SLR Ham take full advantage of this and take the lead. The fast-moving Benster would now join this 5-car battle for P2 featuring SLR Corey, Benster, UKBeastAssassin, F1ABQW3RTYY, oh and SLR Southerner (god knows who invited him, must be lost). Ham would take the victory after storming away since taking the lead, Corey and Benster would fight it all the way to the final lap but a spin for Benster would see him drop down to the back of this train with Corey holding onto P2 and UKBeastAssassin rounding out the podium.

The sprint race racked up some brilliant racing as it does normally around Portimao so let’s see how the feature race got on. Ham would get a awful getaway from 2nd losing multiple positions at the start, Benster would get the perfect one however starting on the softs but with the others bar southerner on the mediums. Benster using the most of that soft compound rubber early on pulling DRS on Southerner in the early stages. The two out fronts would now pit for the mediums with Corey continuing as long as possible on his mediums. Corey would finally pit with 5 laps to go with a 6 second gap to race leader Benster, could he do it? Corey would catch Benster a second every lap on his fresh softs, coming onto the final lap Corey just outside one second to Benster but it appeared to be one lap to less for Corey as he would finish runner up to Benster by less than half a second, a fantastic battle all weekend between these two brilliant drivers. SLR Southerner rounding out the podium again with a great result and continuing his consistent results with Ham having a tough race by his standards in P4 just behind Southerner.

A fantastic weekend for the Carlin team as they take the top points this week with both drivers taking the victory in both races. Next week we head to Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya where we’ve had some spectacular races in the past and hopefully, we’re in store for some more memorable moments next week.

Blogs driver of the round: SLR Southerner – Once again Southerner showing no matter the pressure he is under he can deliver great and consistent results and battle with the top guys in SLR F2, another great weekend for the Hitech driver.

As you were, CM x

1. Benster2413 1:38.970
2. SLR Ham19
3. SLR Southerner
4. SLR Corey
5. Para Quickz
7. J Lee Menz
8. UKBeastAssassin
10. SLR Bennett3810
11. Evoke Replay
12. SLR Dodgy
13. SLR James96
14. BaggieFan 1995
15. OwenHowell36
16. SLR Allen
17. Crispy2001

Sprint Race:
1. SLR Ham19
2. SLR Corey 1:26.610
3. UKBeastAssassin
4. SLR Southerner
6. J Lee Menz
7. Evoke Replay
9. Benster2413 10s + 2LP
10. SLR James96
11. Para Quickz
12. OwenHowell36
13. SLR Bennett3810
14. BaggieFan 1995
15. Crispy2001 DNF
16. SLR Dodgy DNF
17. SLR Allen DNF

PaRa Quickz vs Benster2413 Lap 5 – Sprint Verdict: 10 Second and 2 LP to Benster2413
Benster taps the rear right of PaRa Quickz on exit of a hairpin causing the contact to make PaRa Quickz spin round.

Feature Race:
1. Benster2413
2. SLR Corey 1:25.556
3. SLR Southerner
4. SLR Ham19
5. UKBeastAssassin
6. Para Quickz
7. J Lee Menz
8. SLR Dodgy
9. SLR Bennett3810
11. Evoke Replay
13. OwenHowell36
14. SLR James96
15. BaggieFan 1995 10s + 2LP
16. SLR Allen DNF
17. Crispy2001 DNF

Evoke Replays vs BaggieFan1995 Lap 1 – Feature Verdict: 10 Second 2 LP to BaggieFan1995.
Baggie misjudges the corner and is never going to make it without causing a collision. He hits into Evoke Replays and spins him round.

This relegates BaggieFan from last to last, could this be Baggies evo championship dreams over?????

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