November 28, 2023

Forever Racing in memory of Callum McKeon


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tiempo de fiesta para SLR!

Round 6 of the SLR McKeon division takes us to Catalunya, a track ingrained into F1 folklore and ever present in the calendar, it has its charms, tricky corners to plant the power, not many places to pass around the track, it’s always one where the qualifying can make or break your race. With WTur3r further extending his lead at the top last time out would he be able to add to it or will a contender rise and give him a harder time?

For qualifying, it was a simple dry session, the ideal weather for the drivers to go out and show their pace. In the end, though it would be VRA Andres who would take the pole position, for his first pole position of the season! We’ve had a few glimpses of the speed he has and this lap is a really impressive lap to give him a good chance in chance for a first podium or maybe even win of the season for the Haas driver. 2nd place was the 2nd place merchant himself, WTurn3r. The man really has a 2nd place addiction another one this season, will he be able to battle with Andres for the win or will it be another P2? Rounding off the top 3 in the session was TMS SORA, who recently started racing and has been showing how quick he can be hopefully, his pace can translate to the race and give the top ahead a fight and see if he could even sneak his way into the championship fight, who knows?

The race, was a real rollercoaster all the way through, with rain expected towards the latter stages of the race it really played with the strategy calls during the race with some picking Mediums and even one on Softs but most on Hards, it really was a race to keep an eye on and with two Safety Cars during the race it really made the drivers mind race to make sure that they made the right strategy but at the end of it all it was TMS SORA who would take his first win of the season and the 4th different winner this season! A really impressive race from the new Ferrari driver who made the right calls when it was necessary and then kept with BRT Griffiths for the rain stage at the end and was in the right place to gain off of the penalty to Griffiths for an incident earlier on in the race demoting him to P2. BRT Griffiths would be P2, with the penalty previously stated, a result I’m sure he won’t be too happy about, due to one mistake costing him the win in the end but an incident that was decided to be his fault. But even with the penalty he was still very quick throughout and is really showing he can continue even further his charge to the top of the championship and give his Aston Martin teammate something to think about. Rounding off the podium was TV8 Ogween77, who’s really beginning to get some better results than at the start of the season, hopefully, for him, he can get more involved in the championship and put his bid in for becoming a back to back champion. Notable drives outside the top 3, would be CrowdingDoor994, who after starting P13 which is very low for him anyways, got involved in a first lap incident that really hurt his chances for a good result in the race, but he fought his way back through the field, made the right decision when it started to rain and had the pace to keep ahead of the two cars behind him to take a very solid P5 which could have been a P4 but from an incident on the first lap he picked up a 3-second penalty, but definitely still a race to look back on for the Mercedes driver.

With rain, throwing the strategy all over the place, it really was one of the better races this season with people pushing, making mistakes and others capitalising and getting good results it was a little bit of a mixed grid in the end. Next week will be at the streets of Baku, such an easy track to get wrong with the walls always close it’s one easy to pick up damage, the line is always fine between perfecting the track and getting it all wrong. Until then hope everyone has a great week!

Pole Lap: 1:16.449

1. VRA Andres
2. WTurn3r
4. BRT Griffiths
5. raceroller22
6. TV8 Ogween77
7. ELiTE x RisKz
8. SLR Jam40
9. SemmF1
10. SLR Corey
11. SLR Ham19
13. CrowdingDoor994
14. SLR Medal2533
15. SimbarocksONE
17. SparksYT15
18. MeRkz47
19. PaRa Quickz
20. Riggsey x

Fastest Lap: 1:19.999

2. BRT Griffiths +5 sec
3. TV8 Ogween77
4. WTurn3r
5. CrowdingDoor994 +3 sec
6. SLR Medal2533
7. SLR Corey
8. Riggsey x
9. ELiTE x RisKz
10. SparksYT15
11. VRA Andres
12. MeRkz47
13. SimbarocksONE
14. SLR Ham19
16. SLR Jam40
18. raceroller22
19. SemmF1 (DNF)
20. PaRa Quickz (DNF)

raceroller22 vs TV8 Ogween77 vs BRT Griffiths – Lap 22 – Spinning Another Car
Outcome: 5s Time Penalty and 1 LP to BRT Griffiths

Reason: Ogween backed out enough in time and there was adequate space left for Griffiths to move out leaving enough room for Roller to make the corner. But He didn’t thus making contact and spinning Roller.

SLR Jam40 vs CrowdingDoor994 – Lap 1 – Causing A Collision
Outcome: 3s Time Penalty + 1LP to Crowding

Reason: Crowding goes deep into turn 1 compromising his line going into turns 2+3 and in the process nudges Jam off track and causing him to go into the gravel and lose many places

TV8 Ogween77 vs BRT Griffiths – Lap 22 – Causing A Collision
Outcome: NFA

Reason: Griffiths loses the rear slightly and Ogween runs into the back of him causing wing damage. We don’t believe it was Intentional thus why NFA is being taken



Division 2

This week we are in Barcelona Spain for Round 6 of Division 2 and SLR EVVO has been moved up to the mckeon Division so that means J Lee Menz is the new championship leader!

Qualifying is underway and its a full dry session so that’s something to look forward to, and 5 minutes into the session and there’s still alot of cars sat in the pit lane, kislesko is the first driver to put a time on the board with a 1:18:455 and then SLR JACK immediately puts down a 1:17.846 and then SLR Mash does a lap just .048 slower to take P2 provisionally, but then Ellis 37 sets a new fastest with a 1:17.426 a whole 4 tenths quicker!

Into the last 5 minutes of the session and Ellis 37 has binned it and he won’t be able to improve on his lap time so can some takeaway pole position? SLR Mash sets a lap time 3 tenths quicker than his previous, with the closest time to Ellis 37. Can he be the guy to take pole position away from him?

2 minutes left of qualifying and everyone is out on track, OwenHowell36 out of nowhere sets a 1:17.375 to take provisional pole but then J Lee Menz goes just slightly quicker with a 1:17.349 to take top spot for now, dRaSt1k bLazE goes quicker and moves upto P4 with a 1:17.496 but SLR MASH crosses the line and takes his 1st pole position in Division 2 with a 1:17.267!

So formation lap underway then and it’s predicted to be a full dry session for the race, SLR Mash leading the pack after getting pole position, J Lee Menz P2 and OwenHowell36 in P3, and the lights are out and we are underway with LSW L3G3ND44 getting an almighty start going from P7 to P2 before the first corner!

F1ABQW3RTYYY and Coupe a Benz looks to have collided into turn 1 and they both look to have damage! Now J Lee Menz trying to take his position back with some great battling with LSW L3G3ND44 but that’s letting SLR Mash pull out a 1.5 second gap infront, F1ABQW3RTYYY and Coupe a Benz Collide again on Lap 2 coming up to turn 9 and it brings out the VSC.

VSC ends on lap 3 and we are back racing, SLR Mash taking advantage of the VSC and has managed to gain a 3 second lead over LSW L3G3ND44 by the end of lap 4! OwenHowell36 spins from P3 on the last corner and that now drops him to P14. And things go from bad to worse for the Alfa romeo driver as he spins again just before the last chicane. dRaSt1K bLazE tried to send it down the inside of J Lee Menz going into turn 4 and there’s some slight wheel banging and dRaSt1K bLazE nearly loses the car but manages to keep it from spinning.

Ellis 37 and Sotierclock110 go side by side going into the last chicane on Lap 8 and it looks like Ellis 37 turns in to early and smacks Sotierclock110 almost causing him to spin but does spin himself and that will ruin his race from p7 now down to P16. Sotierclock110 loses the traction and has a spin at turn 5 and that’s now dropped him out of the points to P12.

OwenHowell36 has a spin coming upto the uphill right hander and loses his whole front wing which brought out the full safety car and now everyone will come into the pits as it is the pit window anyway on lap 14 and this is good for LSW L3G3ND44 as he is now right behind SLR Mash who had a 4 second gap before it came out.

Safety car is coming in at the end of lap 16 and SLR Mash backs up the pack for the restart. Active JMC gets the jump on LSW L3G3ND44 on the restart and is in P2. Ellis 37 and Sotierclock110 have collided and that will drop them around 4 seconds behind the train. LSW L3G3ND44 takes his place back in P2 on the main straight on Lap 21, Adrian VIII drops the car coming out of thr last corner and after a good race up into the points now drops to P18.

We are now onto Lap 28 and LSW L3G3ND44 has managed to catch up to SLR Mash and passes him on the main straight and right after that Adrian VIII crashes the car and brings out the full safety car! The top 5 have decided to pit for fresh softs while the rest have stayed out on the old tyres, is it a dRaSt1K bLazE masterclass and a stinker from the then top 5?

Only 2 laps left of the race as we get back underway on lap 31, and it seems like it’s a dRaSt1K bLazE masterclass as he stays out infront on the start of lap 32 and the soft runners can’t get past the other guys. And Sotierclock110 sends it down the inside of LSW L3G3ND44 and causes them both to spin and collect SLR Mash as well.

What was a boring start of the race to a drama filled ending dRaSt1K bLazE who stayed out on a great strategy call wins the Spanish GP with FRL Kirito in P2 and Kemence61 in P3!

Next week we are in Azerbaijan at the Baku City Street Circuit so make sure to join us for that.

Pole Lap: 01.17.267

1. SLR Mash
2. J Lee Menz
3. OwenHowell36
4. Ellis37
5. dRaSt1k bLazE
6. SLR Jack
7. LSW L3G3ND44
8. Kemence61
9. Active JMC
10. SotierClock110
11. ZachIsBeast25
12. GoldenEggFryer
13. Coupe a Benz
14. THATGUY691244
16. FRL Kirito
17. legendarydannyd
18. Adrian VIII
19. Kislesko
20. SLR Moley

Fastest Lap: 01.19.974 Adrian VIII

1. dRaSt1k bLazE
2. FRL Kirito
3. Kemence61
4. Kislesko
5. J Lee Menz
6. ZachIsBeast25
7. SLR Jack
8. LSW L3G3ND44
9. THATGUY691244
10. legendarydannyd
11. Ellis37
12. SLR Moley
14. SLR Mash
15. SotierClock110 +10 sec
17. GoldenEggFryer
18. Coupe aBenz
19. Adrian VIII (DNF)
20. OwenHowell36 (DNF)

Incident involving SLR Marsh, SotierClock110 and LSW L3G3ND44 – Lap 32, Turn 4:
10 second penalty and 2 License Points to SotierClock110 for causing multiple collisions.
Clock spins L3G3ND in what is a slam dunk penalty, but similar to an incident in Jeddah this also caused an unavoidable collision with Marsh and thus a heavier penalty has been applied.

Incident involving Active JMC and F1ABQW3RTY – Lap 33, Turn 3:
No further action, from the evidence provided it is extremely difficult to judge whether or not there is desync and if F1ABQW3RTY is already losing control of their car before the contact with JMC is made, therefore on this occasion we don’t feel as though there is any solid evidence to satisfy any of these outcomes thus NFA.

Division 3

Pole Lap: 01.17.872

1. SSR Halo
2. TIR Hze
3. ChicknRosery
4. Lenbau04
5. richie chappell
6. SLR Hicklin
7. JPPGaming96
8. Cow3n
9. SmitHPDanX01
10. F1 Warhead
11. I21I Maxwell
12. SLR James96
13. SLRRaikkonen
14. Baggiefan1995
15. SH4NEy
16. HuskySaturn1943
17. BigBag92

Fastest Lap: 01.20.206 I21I Maxwell

1. TIR Haze
2. SSR Halo
3. richie chappell
4. ChicknRosery
5. BigBag92
6. JPPGaming96
7. SLR Hicklin
8. c0w3n
9. F1 Warhead
10. SmitHPDanX01
11. Baggiefan 1995 +3 sec
12. I21I Maxwell
13. SLR James96
14. HuskySaturn1943
15. SLRRaikkonen (DNF)
16. SH4NEy (DNF)
17. Lenbau04 (DNF)

SLRRaikkonen- Lap 23 Unsafe Rejoin.
Outcome: 1LP to SLRRaikkonen.

The stewards feel that the driver should be more careful with the re-entry to track even with the ghosting on and without it would have caused James to crash into him.

Baggiefan 1995 VS SLRRaikkonen- lap 15 spinning another car.
Outcome: 3 Seconds and 1LP to Baggiefan 1995

The stewards feel that Baggie underestimates the braking on new Hard tyres and hits Raikkonen ahead but due to Raikkonen braking early for the corner and new tyres we feel the penalty should be more lenient.

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