March 23, 2023

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Championship protagonists come to blows in Spain

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We arrive at the circuit de Barcelona Catalunya in Spain for round 5 of season 7 where for the 4th time in 5 races this season SLR Corey would take pole position with the newest SLR F2 pole sitter close behind and Spain master SLR Darnell on his return in P3.

The sprint would see J Lee menz start on reverse grid pole with Beast and EVVO pressuring into T1, but Menz held on well. Blond also on his F2 return would show great pace, pressuring the top 3 in the opening laps later making his way into the top 3 passing EVVO. Blond would later take the lead from J Lee Menz showing his immense pace in this sprint race. Three-way battle for P4 would occur with thw top two in the championship Corey and Ham but with SLR Darnell separating the two, but Darnell making a costly mistake at turn two made this into a 2-way fight for a podium position now as they both past J Lee Menz. Heartbreak for UKBeastAssassin as he spun at the final corner in the closing laps after being in the podium places for most of the race, Blond clearing off out in front with Ham and Corey still battling for P2. Corey would keep try and trying on Ham, but the Carlin drivers defence was good enough for now, going side by side through the final chicane ( don’t try this at home) somehow not colliding but Ham remained ahead until an error at T9 on the final lap saw the virtuosi of Corey slide through. But after taking the lead no one was getting near Blond as he crosses the line to win the sprint race and Corey claiming the runners up spot and Ham narrowly missing out with that error gets P3 after an epic battle.

If you thought the action in the sprint was exhilarating well you just wait for the feature, it was a great getaway from the top 2 of Corey and Benster going side by side for the first half of the lap but Corey making a huge error at T8 spinning around and his chances of the victory over! SLR Darnell though starting on the soft tyre compared to the others on hards around him wanted to make up some goof ground in these early stages fighting with Benster for the lead and eventually taking the lead, but had he lost too much time in doing so? UKBeastAssassin also on the same strategy would find himself up to P2 now but will also have the disadvantage at the end of the race on those hards. A great opening few laps aswell from Para Quickz after starting 15th would be up to P6!! An error from Ham at T11 would see the Carlin veer off into the barriers and crucially with front wing damage but how much will this hold him back in the later stages in the race? Championship leader Corey would box early for softs after a tough race for him so far hoping that this could potentially help recover at least some points. Ham would stay out a lot longer on his softs potentially hoping for a safety car to help recover his race also but eventually Ham had to give up on that and pit for the hards. Ham vs Corey round 2 in the feature but with Corey having the tyre advantage this time round, going side by side into the chicane again and this time it would end in contact and would see Ham spin round after contact from the rear and for the first time this season the top 2 in the championship come together after a tough race for both. Griffiths would take over the lead from SLR Darnell with his strategy not paying off, Griffiths would win the feature race 3 seconds clear of Benster in P2 and Blond in P3, double podium for Blond on his F2 return.

A horrible week for the top 2 in the championship as Benster closes in on both. We head to the streets of Baku next week where even the slightest of errors could see your race end in the barriers.

Blogs driver of the round – Blond5828: A sprint race win and 3rd place in the feature for Blond is a very impressive return to SLR F2 showing great pace in both races and performing some amazing overtakes on the top drivers in the division.

As you were, CM x

1. SLR Corey 1:25.706
2. Benster2413
3. SLR Darnell
4. BRT Griffiths
5. SLR Ham19
6. Blond5828
7. SLR Southerner
9. UKBeastAssassin
10. J Lee Menz
11. Evoke Replay
12. SLR Dodgy
13. SLR Allen
14. OwenHowell36
15. Para Quickz
16. SemmF1
17. SLR Medal

Sprint race:
1. Blond5828
2. SLR Corey
3. SLR Ham19
4. Benster2413
5. BRT Griffiths
6. J Lee Menz
7. SLR Dodgy
8. Para Quickz
9. SLR Darnell 1:27.622
10. UKBeastAssassin
12. SLR Medal
13. SLR Southerner
14. SLR Allen
16. Evoke Replay DNF
17. SemmF1 DSQ


SLR Southerner vs BRT Griffiths
Lap 1 – Sprint
Verdict: Racing incident

Really unfortunate incident in a congested area. Griffiths can’t go to his right with cars alongside unfortunately leaving southerner to be out wide after giving Southerner slight contact. Really harsh lap 1 incident with how many positions he lost.

Feature race:
1. BRT Griffiths
2. Benster2413
3. Blond5828
4. SLR Darnell
5. UKBeastAssassin
6. SLR Southerner
7. Para Quickz
8. SLR Corey
9. SLR Medal
10. SLR Dodgy
12. SLR Ham19
13. OwenHowell36
14. J Lee Menz
16. Evoke Replay DNF
17. SLR Allen DNF
18. SemmF1 DSQ


Blond5828 vs Benster2413
Lap 14 – Feature
Verdict: Racing incident

In the final chicane both drivers don’t leave each other enough room from Benster into the first part of the chicane then blond in the second where contact is made after blond doesn’t leave enough room causing Blond to go into the gravel on exit. Deemed racing incident as both drivers cause this incident.

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