November 28, 2023

Forever Racing in memory of Callum McKeon

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Appeal 1 (D2)
Kislesko and Menz
Stewards Decision – 5s and 1lp
Panel Decision- RI

The panel reviewed the evidence from both parties and concluded that there was no major apportion of blame for this incident. Kislesko is close enough to go for a move on the inside of T4 as they get a good exit off T3 and shape up the move. Viewing Menzs onboard, they have the proximity arrows on the inside so it could be said that there was a small lack of awareness of where Kislesko is, Menz turns in and contact is made, which unfortunately puts him in the wall. The panel believed this was due to turning in a fraction early when Kislesko was argued to be enough alongside to be warranted space

Appeal 2 (M)
Semm, Para and Sparks
Stewards Decision – 1lp to Semm
Panel Decision – NFA

The panel reviewed the incident and agreed to reverse this penalty to NFA as they weren’t entirely sure what Semm had done to have this penalty applied. The panel believed this was a standard Lap 1 Turn 1 incident and that a small margin of Leniency should be applied to the discussions, but in this instance, the panel believed there was nothing more Semm could do nor could they find them a major instigator in this incident

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