March 21, 2023

Forever Racing in memory of Callum McKeon

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

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The championship takes another turn.

Round 8 of the SLR McKeon championship and we are at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Canada. One of the trickiest circuits on the calendar with track limits being a constant worry for all drivers, the weather here is always a factor and can make track limit penalties even harder, and with the walls always close, the margin between a big crash and perfection is marginal. With the championship lead being shortened after WTurn3r not racing last time out, will he be able to get a result here and regain the ground he lost? Or will anyone be able to challenge him further?

For Qualifying, it was a normal session for all with no weather inbound, but still a struggle with getting the right lap in when it was necessary but it was TMS SORA taking his first pole position of the season! A driver who is very quick when he can attend and shows his immense pace by taking the pole position by 0.182 seconds! With him already having a win to his name this season it will be interesting to see if he can maybe get another win. 2nd place was SLR Ham19. After a few relatively poor qualifying sessions in previous races, I’m sure the Williams driver will be much happier about this starting position which puts him in one of the best spots for one of the tracks with the shortest distance from the starting position to the first corner on the calendar. Rounding off the top 3 in qualifying was WTurn3r who continues his impressive streak of qualifying in the top 3, he really has stepped up his pace to another level this season, with outstanding consistency, and with this track being more suited to Wheel drivers, with him on a pad it is an incredible lap for the Aston Martin driver looking to gain back the ground he lost last week with an issue.

The race was one full of incidents and lap 1 safety car with 3 cars out before making Turn 1 and with another safety car later on in the race it made the drivers have to make the strategy in order to make the end for some but for some making it to the end in the quickest way possible, but amidst the battles and all the strategy it was SLR Jam40 taking his first win of the season! A driver who has been showing his true pace, always up in the top end of the McKeon division pitting with 12 laps left to go and pushing with a set of Mediums to the end really was the right strategy and kept his tyres in better shape and getting a better exit out of the final corner to pip the second place in TV8 Ogween77, and take the win, a really impressive drive from the Mercedes driver and with him scoring consistent points week in week out, he may be able to fight his way up the standings and how knows this grid is so close with the power swinging from race to race. Second place was TV8 Ogween who battled valiantly with Jam for the end half of the race, holding him off until the very end but sadly it wasn’t enough to win, but this should still be a result that the Alfa Romeo who is beginning to get the results together after a tough start to the season and this should help him be able to get back to the top of the championship and begin his case to become back to back champion. 3rd place in the race was SLR Ham19, who wasn’t far off at all in the battle with the top 2 opting to pit onto the Soft tyre with 10 laps left and even with the tyre advantage he couldn’t get past. Still, a good result for the Williams driver and with him having mixed results so far this season will be more than happy with his second podium of the season and will be hoping for some more consistency and see what he can about his position in the championship. Notable drives would be from Riggsey x, who after starting from last position in the race, climbed up to P7 is a really impressive achievement, picking the right strategy when he needed to and having enough pace to be able to keep up the drivers behind and clinch this result.

A race of attrition, a difficult one for all with penalties and a result which brought a new winner this season, a race to look back on definitely for entertainment and one that posies the season up beautifully. With the championship lead of WTurn3r being extended to 18 points to TV8 Ogween77 behind, will the Aston Martin driver be able to keep the lead or will the Alfa Romeo driver begin a charge to claim the top spot? Well, Turner’s first test will be at Le Castellet, France a track where the DRS Train is very likely but with the walls being much further away then in Canada, safety cars in France are not that likely at all so if one of the drivers makes a mistake and gets damage then they have a tough tough race ahead so will be interesting to watch who will be able to come out on top there. But until then hope everyone has a great week!

Pole Lap: 1:09.453

2. SLR Ham19
3. WTurn3r
4. TV8 Ogween77
5. BMidzy
6. SemmF1
7. SLR Jam40
8. SLR Medal2533
9. LouisW 17
10. raceroller22
12. SparksYT15
13. SLR Corey
14. SimbarocksONE
15. FGE Atom77
16. PaRa Quickz
17. BRT Griffiths
19. MeRkz47
20. Riggsey x

Fastest Lap: 1: 11.837

1. SLR Jam40
2. TV8 Ogween77
3. SLR Ham19
4. raceroller22
5. WTurn3r
6. PaRa Quickz
7. Riggsey x
9. SLR Corey
10. SLR Medal2533
11. SimbarocksONE
12. SparksYT15
13. SemmF1
14. BRT Griffiths(DNF)
16. LouisW 17(DNF)
17. MeRkz47 (DNF)
18. FGE Atom77 (DNF)
20. BMidzy (DNF)

Mckeon Stewards Report

WTurn3r vs PaRaQuickz – Lap 29 – Spinning Another Car
Outcome: NFA

Reason: PaRa Quickz half spun Wturn3r but PaRa Quickz slowed down afterwards and gave a reasonable gap so Wturn3r kept the position

Midzy vs RaceRoller22 – Lap 11 – Spinning Another Car
Outcome: NFA

Midzy shouldn’t have tried to brake late and go down the inside of RaceRoller22 especially when he was barely at the side of him and at one of the tightest chicanes on the calendar. He could have gotten the move done if he was just patient and waited until the start finish straight.

Division 2

Round 8 of season 10 and in Division 2 we are racing in Canada! Qualifying is a wet to dry session so who will come out on top with track evolution?

Only a few cars out on track for the first 8 minutes and people are just waiting to see when the track will dry up, FRL Kirito holds the fastest time so far with a 1:19.022 and kemence has hit the wall of the exit of turn 4 so that’s his session over. But as the track is starting to dry up F1ABQW3RTYYY and BcfcJosh123 set a 1:18.2 to take the top 2 spots at the minute, 5 minutes left in the session and the track is on the border between wet and dry now as J Lee Menz goes quickest with a 1:16.877. Into the last 2 minutes and everyone has bailed out of the pits to start for basically a one shot qualifying, FRL sets the quickest time with a 1:11.175, OwenHowell36 in P2 and Adrian VIII in p3

So here we go then quite a mixture of tyre choices for the start of the grand prix as everyone lines up on the grid waiting for the lights and FRL Kirito gets a good start of the line with the full traction and has a 1.5 second gap before turn 3, ZachIsBeast25 moves up to P2 overtaking his teammate OwenHowell36. Already an Alphatauri nearly spins at the final chicane which slows a bunch of drivers down.

As we start Lap 4 FRL Kirito extends his gap to 2 seconds, Active JMC doing JMC things and dive bombing into the hairpin and takes P12 from SLR Leah. GoldenEggFryer has a spin at turn 7 which will drop him down to P18, BcfcJosh123 spins at the final chicane and loses his front wing and now has to do a full lap without it slowing down F1ABQW3RTYYY behind him.

Adrian at turn 7 after dropping to P5 spins and now loses 10 positions from that and he’s gonna have his work cut out now to catch the pack, OwenHowell36 also spins on lap 8 coming out of the hairpin and loses hisbfront wing and brings out the safety car! FRL Kirito’s 4 second lead is now gone just like that.

So it looks like everyone has pitted apart from the 2 Williams an Alphatauri and a Mercedes who all stay on the hard tyre, Safety car comes in at the end of lap 11 and bl3in5121 catches his teammate out and gets the jump on him, J Lee Menz spins going into turn 2 and drops to P15. Kemence61 and BcfcJosh123 collide at the hairpin and both drop to the back of the field.

SLR Mash gets past THATGUY691244 who makes a mistake coming out of turn 2 and takes P3 looking to chase down dRaSt1k bLazE, Someone has crashed on lap 15 and brought out yet another safety car and for some reason both the Williams have stayed out and that awful strategy choice could cost them the race. ZachIsBeast25 who is in P3 is effectively in Net P1 due to him pitting already, and the safety car is coming in at the end of lap 17.

FRL Kirito nearly loses it on the restart and drops a place before the turn 1 and now Vapidcoot74 is hot on his trail, LSW L3G3ND44 makes a lovely move down the inside of turn 8, SLR Leah smacks the front tyre of GoldenEggFryer coming out of the hairpin and nearly causes him to spin.

Lap 22 and both Williams have finally decide to pit but it’s to late and they will drop to the back of the grid. ZachIsBeast25 is now in the lead of the race and Vapidcoot74 in P5 spins on the exit of turn 7 on lap 23 and loses his front wing and brings out the safety car in Division 2. Everybody dives into the pits for a fresh set of tyres apart from LSW L3G3ND44 and J Lee Menz who stay out on old tyres for the last 10 laps of the race.

Safety coming in then hopefully for the final time at the end of lap 25 and LSW L3G3ND44 gets a good jump on J Lee Menz, FRL Kirito in P9 just sending it into every corner trying to claw back as many positions as he can, there’s a 3 way battle for P3 with F1ABQW3RTYYY, OwenHowell36 and Sotierclock110 with Sotierclock coming out on top, F1ABQW3RTYYY outbrakes himself and smacks into the back of OwenHowell36 and spins him knocking him to the back of the field!

Everyone is just sending it on each other as bl3in5121 and Kirito collide after trying to go side by side into turn 8 and bl3in5121 is the loser in that battle, Ellis37 crashes coming out of the hairpin and brings out the dreaded safety car and we all know what happens when a safety car comes out in the final 5 laps, divebombs everywhere and racecraft in the bin.

So here it comes the safety car comes in at the end of lap 31 and it starts FRL Kirito just pushes his way through J Lee Menz at turns 3+4 to take P2, SLR moley spins at the hairpin to drop to last place, Sotierclock110 loses traction on the exit of turn 7 and that gives SLR Mash a chance as they are side by side going into the chicane and there’s slight wheel banging and Sotierclock110 hits the rail sticking out and loses out to the mercedes, dRaSt1k bLazE misses his braking point and takes out ZachIsBeast25 at the hairpin and there’s still 2 laps to go.

FRL Kirito sends it on LSW L3G3ND44 and takes the lead of the race but with both drivers having a time pen, J Lee Menz is in the net lead with 1 lap to go, OwenHowell36 spins and crashes out at turn 5, and as the chequered flag comes down FRL Kirito takes the victory on track but J Lee Menz wins the Grand Prix with no pens, Adrian VIII clawed his way back to get P2 and SLR Mash takes the last step on the podium.

Join us next week as we head to France for our last race before the mid season break.

Pole Lap: 01.11.175

1. FRL Kirito
2. OwenHowell36
3. Adrian VIII
4. dRaSt1k bLazE
5. ZachIsBeast25
6. LSW L3G3ND44
7. Active JMC
8. bl3in5121
9. THATGUY691244
10. SLR Mash
11. SLR Moley
12. J Lee Menz
13. SLR Leah
14. SotierClock110
15. VapidCoot74
16. Ellis37
18. BcfcJosh123
19. Kemence61
20. GoldenEggFryer

Fastest Lap: 01.13.210 Adrian VIII

1. J Lee menz
2. Adrian VIII
3. SLR Mash
4. FRL Kirito
5. LSW L3G3ND44
6. VapidCoot74
7. SotierClock110
8. ZachIsBeast25
9. GoldenEggFRyer
10. SLR Moley
11. dRaSt1k bLazE +5 sec
12. BcfcJosh123 +5 sec
13. bl3in5121 +5 sec
14. THATGUY691244
15. F1ABQWERTYYYY +15 sec
16. OwenHowell36 (DNF)
17. SLR Leah (DNF)
18. Ellis37 (DNF)
19. Kemence61 (DNF)
20. Active JMC (DNF)

Incident involving OwenHowell36 and F1ABQW3RTY – Lap 27, Turn 8:
5 second penalty and 1 Licence Point to F1ABQW3RTY for spinning another car – F1ABQW3RTY misses their braking point, hits the back of Owen and spins him.

Incident involving OwenHowell36, SLR Fryer and bl3in5121 – Lap 35, Turn 4:
No Further Action – Based off of the footage we have received, the proximity arrows remaining white and Owen’s mirrors not conclusively showing any contact from bl3in plus the contact Owen makes with Fryer and him being on half throttle application when he spins means we cannot confidently apportion blame to another driver here.

Incident Active JMC and F1ABQW3RTY – Lap 11, Safety Car Restart: 10 second penalty and 2 Licence Point to F1ABQW3RTY for causing a collision resulting in severe damage – while JMC has left a sizeable gap to the car ahead and is going somewhat slowly, it is still the responsibility of the car behind to not cause a collision to an extent, the damage caused is severe and while JMC’s actions are somewhat questionable they do not cause the incident instead it is a lack of concentration from F1ABQW3RTY.

Incident involving Zachisbeast25 and bl3in5122 – Lap 27, Turn 11:
5 second penalty and 1 Licence Point to bl3in for spinning another car – bl3in misses their braking point and hits Zach causing him to spin.

Incident involving Zachisbeast25 and drast1k blaze – Lap 33, Turn 11:
5 second penalty and 1 licence point to drast1k blaze for spinning another car – blaze out brakes himself and hits Zach causing him to spin.

Incident involving SLR Fryer – Lap 16/17: Warning to SLR Fryer for excessive use of AI – Fryer shouldn’t need to use AI for such a long period of time however it was under the Safety Car and was therefore relatively harmless. We would however like to remind drivers that this shouldn’t be done unless absolutely necessary.

Incident involving J Lee Menz and FRL Kirito – Lap 12, Turn 1:
No Further Action – The move was on and space was given, a combination of Menz turning in and Kirito carrying more speed resulted in the collision, both drivers could’ve done more to avoid a collision therefore we believe it’s a racing incident.

Incident involving kemence61 and BCFCJosh232752 – Lap 13, Turn 11: 5 second penalty and 1 Licence Point to BCFCJosh232752 for causing wing damage to another car – Josh goes for a gap that is never really there and is always going to close, he sticks his nose in and tags kemence61 causing them to hit the wall.

Division 3

Pole Lap: 01.10.949

1. Fat Ted24
2. JPPGaming96
3. SSR Halo
4. Lofty i
5. Lenbau04
6. SLR James96
7. ChicknRosery
8. SLR Hicklin
9. TIR Haze
10. Melloew.
11. SLR Xhaka
12. richie chappell
13. SmitHPDanX01
14. F1 Warhead
16. SH4NEy
17. WimenLex

Fastest Lap: 01.12.312

1. Fat Ted24
2. Lenbau04
3. JPPGaming96
4. TIR Haze
5. SSR Halo
6. SLR James96
7. Lofty i
8. richie chappell
9. SLR Hicklin
10. F1 Warhead
11. SLR Xhaka
12. SH4NEy
13. Mellow. (DNF)
14. WimenLex (DNF)
15. SLRRaikkonen (DNF)
16. SmitHPDanX01 (DNF)
17. ChicknRosery (DNF)

@ChicknRosery vs @Lenbau04 lap 2 causing another car damage
Outcome: NFA

The stewards feel that Lenbau ahead is avoiding a collision, and there is nothing that he can do but it isn’t any driver’s fault hence the NFA.

@SLR Xhaka qualifying
Outcome: 1 LP to SLR Xhaka

The stewards feel that even though he feels that this is the safest way to get out of the way, he is past the pits and shortens the track to get back to the pits, gaining an advantage.

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