March 21, 2023

Forever Racing in memory of Callum McKeon


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Round 9 of the SLR McKeon championship and we are at Le Castellet, France, a track where strategy will make or break someone’s race, and a track prone to people getting penalties for track limits, it’s a tricky track for all but a neutral track for Pad to wheel meaning this could be a close quali and an even closer race.

Qualifying was a dry session and the times were extremely close between the top 10 and in the end, it would be WTurn3r taking pole position by the smallest margin possible, 0.001 seconds! A great lap from the championship leader and I’m sure after the lead he had dropped to 18 points, it will be a result he’ll be hoping to convert into the win and gain more of an advantage on those around him. Second place was BRT Griffiths, a result he’ll welcome but with him only being 1 thousandth away from his teammate, he’ll be ruing the missed opportunity to take the best spot on the grid but I’m sure with the championship heating up he’ll want to fight with the top guys. Rounding off the top 3 was BMidzy, a significant change of fortune for the Red Bull driver, for his sake let’s hope he can get some form back and get him back to these positions where he definitely belongs to be. With TV8 Ogween qualifying P13 but getting a 5-place grid penalty with a collision with SLR EVVO, the closest rival to Turner being 17 places away, will the championship lead extend again or be cut down by a large margin?

The race was a dry session again, and it was as you’d expect with different drivers trying different strategies to try and gain an advantage and rise places in the race with contrasting fortunes but after 27 laps of battling and racing it was WTurn3r who finally is able to break his duck of no wins in SLR and get his first win this season and give him a good foothold on the top spot for now. Second place in the race was BRT Griffiths, who did take 1st going into the first corner off the start, but Turner had enough pace to be able to hold off his teammate and for now, Griffiths will be happy after a DNF at Canada and may be able to help him get himself back into the fight. Rounding off the top 3 was BMidzy. Same top 3 as in qualifying, the first time this season, but back to Midzy, a great drive looked as if he could get ahead of Griffiths but went for an overtake into an ever closing gap and got put into a half spin. Other notable drives was TV8 Ogween77 who from starting from P18, carved his way through the field with conviction and got up to P10 by Sector 2 really showing the pace he has, and he will be an interesting watch to see if he could be the man to contest WTurn3r for the Drivers’ Championship.

A race determined by penalties and strategies, made for an interesting watch as all the drivers found themselves stuck in DRS trains for most of the race, it did make for a fascinating battle. Break week for SLR next week but after it will be off to Silverstone, the home of SLR. Another track full of close battles, DRS trains all over, and a longer pitlane making for the drivers to be more aware of the strategy, until then though hope everyone enjoys the week off and gets prepared for the race in Britain!

Pole Lap: 1:29.671

1. WTurn3r
2. BRT Griffiths
3. BMidzy
4. ELiTE x RisKz
5. CrowdingDoor994
6. SLR Jam40
7. SimbarocksONE
8. SLR Medal2533
9. SemmF1
11. SLR Ham19
12. VRA Andres
13. raceroller22
14. LouisW 17
15. PaRa Quickz
16. SparksYT15
17. MeRkz47
18. TV8 Ogween77
20. Riggsey x

Fastest Lap: 1:31.872 PaRa Quickz

1. WTurn3r
2. BRT Griffiths
3. BMidzy
4. CrowdingDoor994
5. SLR Jam40
6. TV8 Ogween77
7. SemmF1
9. SLR Medal2533
10. SLR Medal2533
11. MeRkz47
12. SimbarocksONE
13. SparksYT15
14. Riggsey x
15. VRA Andres
16. PaRa Quickz
17. SLR Ham19 (DNF)
18. raceroller22 (DNF)
20. LouisW 17(DNF)

Tv8 Ogween77 vs ETE Crowding – Qualifying – Impeding A Hotlap
Outcome: Qualifying Ban and 3 LPs to ETE Crowding

Reason: Clear lack of awareness from Crowding and goes onto the racing line as TV8 Ogween77 comes round the penultimate corner on a flying lap

Division 2

Round 7 of Summit League Racing division 2 and for the final time we are at the circuit paul ricard, as qualifying gets underway and its kiselsko who will put the first time on the board with a 1:32.195 then DRaSt1K bLazE immediately beats it with a 1:31.412.

7 minutes left and J Lee Menz sets a 1:30.915 to go top with Vapidcoot74 just behind with a 1:30.950. Coupe a Benz from out of nowhere does a 1:30.896 to take provisional pole with 3 minutes left of the session. Chequered flag falls and J Lee Menz crosses the line and sets a 1:30.865 to take the top spot but not for long as F1ABQW3RTYYY (is it raining?) Beats J Lee Menz by 0.005 tenths to snatch pole position at the end. A very close qualifying as the top 7 only separated by 0.167.

Formation lap gets underway and there’s quite a split in tyre choices with F1ABQW3RTYYY starting on the hard tyre, menz behind him starting on the mediums and then a mixture behind them. Lights are out and we are underway for the final time for the French grand prix and everyone gets a good start, LSW L3G3ND44 goes side by side with Vapidcoot74 on the exit of turn 2 and Vapidcoot74 spins after abit of wheel banging and drops him to P19.

Lap 3 and F1ABQW3RTYYY has pulled a 1.6 second gap to J Lee Menz and keeps him out of his drs which will put pressure on him as LSW L3G3ND44 looks to get past him and he does! And it’s all gone quiet with hardly any movement or battling but on lap 11 Scar Borga has decided to pit to put on the hard tyre and that might just set off a domino effect with everyone following him. Coupe a Benz is our first retirement on lap 12, but LSW L3G3ND44 has pushed on and cut down F1ABQW3RTYYY 2.2 second gap in the lead down to 5 tenths but L3G3ND44 and Adrian VIII have decided to go for the undercut, ZachIsBeast25 gets a lovely move done going down the inside of SouthRaptor966 to take P6.

Now F1ABQW3RTYYY pits early off the hard tyre and needs a new front wing which will drop him behind everyone that has already pitted and promotes LSW L3G3ND44 to the net lead of the race. And in the space of 1 sector J Lee Menz went from P2 to P5 after a 4 car battle for P2. FRL Kirito looks to make a move on Adrian VIII going down the inside of the ferrari but goes deep into the corner and then F1ABQW3RTYYY comes across and swipes Adrian VIII causing him to spin and demotes him to P7.

Lap 19 OwenHowell36 spins on the final corner and hitting a wall????? Loses his front wing and brings out the safety car. LSW L3G3ND44 stays out while Kirito and F1ABQW3RTYYY are the only cars that have decided to pit. Safety car comes in at the end of Lap 22 and LSW L3G3ND44 leads the way and goes early and no one gets caught out here. Kemence61 who is into P3 tries to go down the inside of J Lee Menz but couldn’t get it done, now dRaSt1k bLazE takes P3 from Kemence61 after the battle infront, Lap 27 the final lap and LSW L3G3ND44 takes the Victory with dRaSt1k bLazE P2 and Kemence61 takes the final step on the podium.

Now we are on our mid season break so we will be back in 2 weeks time for our 2nd sprint race of the season at Silverstone!

Pole Lap: 01.30.848

2. J Lee Menz
3. Coupe a Benz
4. VapidCoot74
5. LSW L3G3ND44
6. FRL Kirito
7. Adrian VIII
8. Kemence61
9. GoldenEggFRyer
10. dRaSt1k bLazE
11. Scar B0rga
12. OwenHowell36
13. ZachIsBeast25
14. SouthRaptor966
15. Kislesko
16. SLR Moley
17. bl3in5121
18. legendarydannyd
19. THATGUY691244
20. BcfcJosh123

Fastest Lap: 01.33.566 FRL Kirito

1. LSW L3G3ND44
2. dRaSt1k bLazE
3. Kemence61
4. Adrian VIII
5. J Lee Menz
6. ZachIsBeast25
7. GoldenEggFryer
8. ScarBorga
9. SouthRaptor966
10. VapidCoot74
11. SLR Moley
12. Kislesko
13. FRL Kirito
14. THATGUY691244
15. legendarydannyd +5 sec
16. OwenHowell36
18. bl3in5121
19. Coupe a Benz (DNF)
20. BcfcJosh123 (DSQ)

Incident involving Adrian VIII, FRL Kirito and F1ABQW3RTY – Lap 18, Turn 8:
Racing Incident – A slight dive from Kirito but a fair move which Adrian leaves more than enough room for. Unfortunately the Ferrari then understeers into QW3RTY at the next corner, while QW3RTY does come in with a lot of speed the move is on and the contact is initiated by Adrian under steering and missing the apex slightly. An unfortunate incident but not one where any particular driver holds most of the blame.

Incident involving Adrian VIII and THATGUY – Qualifying, Turn 15:
2 Licence Points to THATGUY – an obvious block on the entry/braking zone at T15.

Incident involving OwenHowell 36 and Legendarydannyd – Lap 6, Turn 11:
5 second penalty and 1 Licence Point to Danny for spinning another car – Danny cuts across Owen under braking at T11 sending Owen into a spin.

Incident involving J Lee Menz – Lap 11, Pit entry:
No further action – Menz makes an effort to enter the pits at the correct entry point but slightly runs wide on the outside of the white lines, we believe he made every reasonable effort to enter the pits correctly thus NFA.

Incident involving LSW L3G3ND44 – Lap 12, Pit entry:
1 Licence Point to LSW L3G3ND44 for an incorrect pit entry – L3G3ND clearly cuts the solid white line on the inside of the pit entry which sees him gain a noticeable amount of time.

Incident involving Adrian VIII – Lap 12, Pit entry:
1 Licence Point to Adrian VIII for an incorrect pit entry – Adrian clearly cuts the solid white line on the inside of the pit entry which sees him gain a noticeable amount of time.

Incident involving kemence61 – Lap 15, Pit entry:
No further action – kemence61 makes an effort to enter the pits correctly and while you are allowed to cut dotted white lines kemence61 shaves over the solid line too. However we feel as though the time gained here (if any) is so small it provided no noticeable gain and therefore no further action will be taken.

Incident involving Kislesko – Lap 16, Pit entry:
1 Licence Point to Kislesko for an incorrect pit entry – Kislesko clearly cuts the solid white line on the inside of the pit entry which sees him gain a noticeable amount of time.

Division 3

Pole Lap: 01.31.142

1. TIR Haze
2. BigBag92
3. Lenbau04
4. JPPGaming96
5. cOw3n
6. EO31Echo
7. F1 Warhead
8. ChicknRosery
9. SSR Halo
10. SmitHPDanX01
11. SLRRaikkonen
12. SLR Hicklin
13. SLR James96
14. richie chappell
15. SH4NEy
16. Stevobrick
17. Rascio Cymru

Fastest Lap: 01.33.082 JPPGaming96

1. TIR Haze
2. SSR Halo
3. richie chappell
4. SmitHPDanX01
5. BigBag92
6. Lenbau04
7. EO31Echo
8. SLR James96
9. F1 Warhead
10. cow3n
11. SLRRaikkonen
12. JPPGaming96
13. Stevobrick
14. ChicknRosery
15. Rasio Cymru (DNF)
16. SH4NEy (DNF)
17. SLR Hicklin (DNF)

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