March 22, 2023

Forever Racing in memory of Callum McKeon


League Rules Conduct

  1. Communication

1.1.  Summit League Racing will not tolerate any form of online bullying, abusive behaviour, or discriminatory language on any of the league’s platforms.

1.2. This includes but is not limited to: Official SLR Discord Server/Official SLR Race Day parties/Xbox Chats/SLR Social Media/SLR Twitch Stream Chat/SLRT Esports Events.

1.3. Shouting and swearing/abusing another member of SLR during the qualifying/race day event will also not be tolerated.

1.4. Drivers found to be in breach of Communication Conduct may be issues warnings, face suspension from the Discord server, suspensions from racing (which includes Race Bans) and depending on severity may be removed from the league immediately.

1.5. Members under the age of 16 will not be permitted to join SLR.

  1. Cheating

2.1. SLR will provide fair and balanced competition – and no form of cheating will be permitted.

2.2. Anyone found to be cheating will be removed from the league immediately

2.3. Sportsmanship – We strive for healthy and fair competition. It is expected that everyone within SLR will promote good sportsmanship through fairness, respect, and graciousness (when winning or losing).

  1. League Admins

3.1 It is EXPECTED that you will respect the league Admins and follow their instructions within an SLR setting.

3.2 Any decision made by an Admin during race day is final and must be adhered to.

3.3 If you are unhappy with a decision or instruction raise this with either a Head Admin or League Owner post-race as set out in ‘Complaints 5’. 

  1. Reacting to Incidents on Track

4.1. SLR platforms are not to be used to complain about an incident on track – any complaint about an incident on track should be presented to the Stewards within the required timeframes as set out in ‘Section D’.

4.2. Over reaction and/or abuse directed to another driver involved in an incident may lead to a breach of our Communication Policy and/or the incident not being reviewed by the Stewards.

  1. Complaints

5.1. Any complaint can be presented to any league Admin/Head Admin or League Owner.

5.2. All complaints will be treated respectfully and feedback on any action or inaction will be presented back to the complainant.

5.3. If you are unsatisfied with the outcome of a complaint or how a complaint was dealt with then you can escalate this from Admin > Head Admin > League Owner.

5.4. There is no further avenue to escalate internal complaint regarding SLR beyond a League Owner.

Section B – Race Day Procedure 

  1. Race Lobbies

6.1. On Race Day there will be a minimum of 2 admins per Division and they will host or find a host for the Race Lobby and send invites to drivers.

6.2. Lobbies will open a minimum of 15 minutes before the start time of the race. This may differ between Divisions – if unsure seek advice from one of your Division Admins.

6.3. Drivers are expected to be online and to accept invite/join lobby and party invite in advance on the Race Start time.

6.4. If you do not respond to invites your seat may be given to a Reserve Driver.

6.5. Once your seat has been given to a Reserve Driver this will not be reversed.

6.6. If you are aware that you may be late then you must inform an Admin in your division prior to this time.

6.7. Races will aim to start sharply at the predetermined time with little to no exception.

  1. Race Reruns 

7.1. May be issued if: lobby has extreme lag or with multiple drivers being kicked from the lobby before the start of the race or if a driver intentionally ruins the beginning of the race.

7.2. This list in ‘7.1’ is not exhaustive and any scenario that occurs that may require a Race Rerun will be acted upon by Admins

7.3. Races may also have to be restarted if a race is started prematurely by a driver before the end of the 5-minute break.

7.4. Admins decision on these scenarios will be final.

7.5. If a lobby has to be remade after qualifying then the top 10 drivers must pick the same tyre compound they qualified on – if driver is found to have the incorrect tyres they will be black flagged from race results.

7.6. Races will not be restarted after 10 laps have been completed.

7.7. If a lobby experiences extreme lag after 10 laps then the race may be red flagged with these being finishing positions.

7.8. Division admins will discuss with drivers a suitable time for reruns, if applicable.

  1. Lagging 

8.1. Drivers with a poor connection during Qualifying and/or the early stages of the Race may be asked to leave the lobby.

8.2. Instruction to leave may come from Division Admins or by a message from Co-Commentator account – if you receive a message before/during race from the Co-Commentator account then you MUST take action.

8.3. To retire you must safely make your way to Pit Lane staying off racing line and retire once in the Pit Lane.

8.4. Failure to adhere to this instruction will result in a Black Flag from the race in any case and severe penalties beyond.

8.5. If the game glitches or desyncs then clips may be analysed by the stewards.

  1. Formation Lap 

9.1. Drivers must stay in position during formation lap.

9.2. The gap between cars must not exceed 3 seconds for a prolonged period.

9.3. If ‘9.2’ occurs, then time penalties may be given.

9.4.   Collisions during formation lap can and will be penalized.

  1. Post-Qualifying Break

10.1. There will be a 5-minute break between the end of Qualifying and the beginning of the formation lap.

10.2. Any driver who “readies up” before an admin has given the go ahead, will receive a significant penalty.

10.3. If the Admins are forced to remake the Lobby the Driver who readied up early will be placed at the back of the grid regardless of starting position and will receive a qualification ban for their next race.

10.4. A repeat of this action will forfeit your participation in the race.

  1. Parties

11.1. All drivers must join an admin party pre-race and may leave the party once qualifying begins.

  1. Streaming

12.1. All races will be streamed Live on the SLR Twitch Account – slrf1

12.2. It is not permitted for drivers to stream their own races.

12.3. Post race – the streamers will invite the podium placed drivers to the live stream for post-race interviews – this is not obligatory but if you are unable to accept then it would be appreciated if you could let the streamers know – either by message or in the stream chat.

12.4. Once you accept streamer invite you need to ‘Tick the box’ within the party menu for you to be heard.


Section C – Race Rules

  1. Race Format

13.1 Lobby settings are as follows:

  • 50% race distance
  • Full qualifying
  • Forecast accuracy – Approximate
  • Parc Ferme – On
  • Safety Car – On
  • Weather – Dynamic
  • Car damage/Car damage rate – Standard
  • Corner cutting – Strict
  • Braking assist – Off
  • DRS assist – Off
  • Pit limiter assist – Off
  • Fuel Assist – Off
  • ERS – Off
  • Low fuel mode – Hard
  • Ghosting – Off
  • Drivers may use any other assists
  • Races will be completed in order of the official F1 race calendar
  • Top 10 drivers in each race to receive points
  1. Qualifying and General Race Regulations

14.1. Retiring on track or deliberately crashing (Rage Quit) will not be tolerated in qualifying or during the race. Both will be met with an automatic penalty.

14.2. Drivers on slow or ‘cool down’ laps in qualifying must be aware of other cars around them setting ‘hot lap’ times.

14.3. Drivers must be aware of other cars during qualifying and take steps not to block another Drivers Flying Lap – doing so will result in a penalty.

14.4. A slower Driver is NOT expected to yield to a faster moving car whilst on a Flying Lap – onus is on the car behind to ensure there is enough track space before starting lap.

14.5. A Driver must always be in manual control of their car.  Resetting to track and unnecessary use of AI is not permitted.

14.6. AI mode (pausing) is only permitted for use when creating a game clip of an incident.  This mode will also occur by default if a driver lags out.

14.7. If a driver crashes after completing 95% of the race, then points may be awarded. A driver will have to prove the incident was not deliberate.

  1. In Game Penalties

15.1. At times the game will administer in-game penalties – these must be adhered to and will not be appealable post-race.  An exception to this is the in-game penalties for collisions under safety car. Video evidence and race director is required.  If the penalty has been served in the pits it will not be removed.

  1. Timing Glitches

16.1. Should a driver be affected by an incident that is deemed by stewards to be a result of a timing glitch then a penalty appeal may be considered. Drivers must provide a copy of their race director and timing sheets displayed at the end of a race to support their case.

  1. Penalty Guide & Licence Points

Minor Penalties (3-10 Seconds) (1-2 Licence Points):

  • Unsporting behaviour
  • Re-joining track unsafely
  • Cutting pit lane entry
  • Squeezing
  • Minor wing damage
  • Shortening of track during qualifying to save time
  • Excessive use of AI

Major Penalties (10+ Seconds) (3+ Licence Points)

  • Major wing damage
  • Causing a collision
  • Retiring on track
  • Resetting to track
  • Divebombing
  • Terminal damage
  • Readying up before end of five-minute break

Readying up before the end of the five-minute break between the end of qualifying and the beginning of the formation lap will result in the driver being moved to the back of the grid for the restarted lobby. This driver will also receive a qualifying ban for the next race they participate in.

Time penalties and licence points may be given to a driver if they are involved in an incident and DNF from a race. Minor incidents that would receive a penalty of under 10 seconds will be met with licence points. Major penalties of 10 seconds and above will be met with a qualifying ban for the next race the driver participates in. These rules are inclusive for F1 and F2 competitions. The above list is a guide only – stewards may factor in uniqueness and circumstance of each incident when administering penalties.

  1. Licence Points System

18.1. Licence points will be awarded due to incidents on track alongside other penalties

18.2. When a driver reaches certain licence point milestones the following will be actioned:

6pts – Official Warning issued via Race Report

9pts – Qualifying Ban

12pts – Race Ban

15pts – 2nd Race Ban and seat under review

18.3. Points reset at start of new season and total may be reduced after period of good behaviour on and off track.

18.4. It is the responsibility of the driver to request total be reduced for good behaviour on and off track – this will not be automatically reviewed.

  1. Points

19.1. Points are awarded as mirrored by the Professional Formula 1 Championship

1st 25pts 2nd 18 pts 3rd 15pts 4th 12pts 5th 10pts 6th 8pts 7th 6pts 8th 4pts 9th 2pts 10th 1 pt

19.2. 1 point is awarded to the holder of the fastest lap – driver must finish in top 10 for this to be valid.

19.3. A reserve Driver will earn Championship points.  These will not show in active leaderboards until the Driver becomes a Full Time Driver and is awarded a seat – at this point all accrued Driver points will be tallied and implemented on the leaderboard.

19.4. A reserve driver can score Constructors points when racing in a full lobby.

19.5. If a Driver moves Divisions during the Season, they will NOT take accrued points with them – they will start in new Division with zero points. 


Section D – Stewarding 

  1. Reporting an Incident

20.1. If you wish to report an incident you must notify and present your evidence/video clips to delegated Stewards in your division – preferred option is an Xbox Game Clip and first person POV.  Incidents will be judged solely on the strength of the evidence presented.

20.2. Incidents must be submitted within 24 hours of the lobby starting – beyond this time incidents WILL NOT be reviewed by Stewards.

20.3. If you are involved in an accident that you feel is not your fault then we advise you to clip the incident and send this in also as this may form your defence.

20.4. If you are unsure how to record clips via Xbox or other platforms ask an Admin and they will direct you. 

  1. Stewards and Stewarding

21.1. Stewards will meet to discuss the weekend’s races and allocate penalties.

21.2. Stewards will strictly not be allowed to make comment or discuss any incident that has occurred in their division.

21.3. Stewards can only rule on incidents initially reported. Once reported, stewards can look through a range of evidence (not necessarily sent in) to support their decision.

  1. Race Reports

22.1. Race reports including assigned penalties will be published on the website
during the week.

22.2. Drivers will be notified of Race Report publication on the Discord Server.

  1. Appeals

23.1 All appeals should be sent to the Head of Appeals by 6pm UK time on Wednesdays.

23.2. Each appeal must include a statement explaining why the driver feels the stewards have made a wrong decision, what they believe the penalty should/shouldn’t be whilst also providing as much evidence as possible (clips/screenshots).

23.3. Each driver will have 3 appeal tokens per season. Each unsuccessful appeal consumes a token.

SECTION E – League Structure – driver movement

  1. League Structure

24.1 Summit League Racing is a 4-tier set up for Formula 1 racing as follows:

Mckeon Division

Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

24.2 Summit League Racing also has an F2 Division

  1. Division Placement

25.1. Upon joining SLR you will be tested for speed and racecraft – these tests will then determine a Drivers starting Division.

25.2. Promotion – The winner of the Drivers’ Championship will be automatically moved up a division at the end of the season and take one step closer to the Summit of SLR.

25.3. Driver movement – There may be times out-with a Promotion scenario that a driver may move Divisions.  As much as testing is used to determine a Drivers most competitive Division it is not an infallible process.

25.4. You will be placed in the division that is your most competitive for the benefit of the League and competition.

25.5. At the start of the season, we allow for 5/6 races for a driver to be moved if it is clear they are too fast or slow for their current division. League Owners and Admins decision on this is final and unappealable.

25.6. Joining during season – out with the initial 5 race period new drivers will also be afforded 5 races where they can be moved to a more suitable Division.

25.7. Out with these timescales Driver movement can still occur but only with the agreement of both the Driver and the Admins of the involved Divisions.

25.8. Non – attendance can lead you to losing your Full-Time seat – attendance issues may lead you to losing your Full-Time seat.

  1. Championship Winners

26.1. The winners of the joint Constructors Championship will be given the option to pick any car they want for next season. If they don’t want to pick a car, they will be included in the driver draw as usual.

26.2. Those who aren’t part of the winning team in the joint constructors will be placed in a driver draw live streamed on twitch. They will be allocated a team for the next season by random.

26.3. After you are allocated a team you will be locked into it for the reminder of the season – unless you move Divisions mid-season – at which point you will be allocated the next available car.

  1. Miscellaneous

27.1. The League Owners reserve the right to amend or change League Rules at any time.

27.2. These rules are not exhaustive, and Admins and Stewards reserve the right to administer penalties for unique incidents or conduct.


The League Owners and Admins take no responsibility for the conduct/comments or actions of any singular person or group associated with the League.

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